Best Embroidery Machines For Logos 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

If you want to decorate your clothes or other embroidery projects with logos, you must get embroidery machines. The clothes and other items with logos will look pretty and will help market your items. But how do you embroider customized logos on them? It would be best to have a high-quality embroidery machine for logos that have ultimate features for logo printing.

However, which is the Best Embroidery Machines For Logos? You can read this ultimate guide and get the best embroidery machines for creating logos.

Best Embroidery Machines For Logos (Comparison)

Embroidery MachineBuilt-in Design 
Brother PE800138Check Price
bernette 79500Check Price
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP170Check Price


Brother PE800

Brother PE800

Brother PE800 is powerful equipment that will help you create beautiful embroidery items. If you are a professional and have to take care of some large scale embroidery projects, Brother PE800 is the best embroidery machine for you. If you are not satisfied with the current embroidery machine that you are using, then it is time to get a new embroidery machine. The Brother PE800 will help you create dazzling embroidery designs, and it is an excellent option to create logos. The embroidery machine is easy to use and can help you to create your embroidery projects for years to come. It is durable and can help you to work efficiently and create various embroidery projects. The Brother PE800 is perfect for a beginner because it is easy to use. The embroidery machine comes with a 5” x 7” embroidery field and is suitable for large embroidery projects. It comes with a wide range of features and can allow you to create a wide range of embroidery items with logos.

Built-In Designs

The Brother PE800 is a high-quality embroidery machine and allows you to choose from the built-in embroidery designs. The designs can also be imported from compatible sources using a USB. The machine comes with 138 built-in designs that can allow you to choose from the designs and create the ones you dream of.


The logo creation would require you to use an embroidery machine that offers excellent font styles. The Brother PE800 comes with 10 frame designs and the 11 built-in fonts. These fonts will allow you to print logos in English, Japanese and other languages. The designs also come with floral and quilt patterns, and the font also offers frame shapes and 14 border styles. These border styles can create beautiful logos that you wish you print on your embroidery items.


The Brother PE800 is a quality embroidery machine and is engineered with powerful features like design editing features. This will provide the flexibility that will allow the design to rotate and mirror image your designs. You can increase and decrease the size of the design and edit it the way you want. The edited designs are visible on the color LCD touch display and will allow you to create logos with stitching.

Easy To Use

The PE800 is easy to use, and the thread installed in the embroidery machine comes with a numbered threading diagram printed on the machine. The machine also comes with an automatic needle threader and will help you to save time. This feature will also help to reduce stress and push the thread in the eye of the needle.


This Brother PE800 comes with an embroidery machine and includes the step-by-step tutorials that can be seen on the LCD touchscreen display. The topics of the manual are detailed and include the process of the threading. It also allows you to know how to embroider the arm, and also covers many more topics. The Brother PE800 is perfect for embroiders who are dealing with small embroidery projects. The machine is fast, versatile, and will last with you for years to come.

Bilingual User ManualThe Formatted Designs Are Hard To Convert
25 Year Limited WarrantyThe Touch Screen Is Not Large
Comes With Various Accessories



bernette 79

bernette 79

The bernette 79 embroidery machine is a top-quality embroidery machine and comes with powerful features that can help you create logos. It is the top of the line model and offers high-quality services. It helps you create the embroidery projects of your dreams and offer services that will help you cater to your needs. The embroidery machine comes with two-in-one features, and the machine combines a wide range of sewing functions that your embroidery projects might need. The b79 embroidery machine offers a wide range of embroidery perks and comes with some of the best features. The b79 is perfect for homemade and commercial projects and helps you create unique and exclusive handmade dresses. If you are a startup business and you want to run a homemade embroidery business, then this embroidery machine is the perfect option. You can create delicately embroidered flower embellishments and can also create logos. The operation of this embroidery machine is easy and functional and can make things easy for you. The Bernette 79 is the perfect machine and will allow you to work efficiently and create high quality and beautiful logos on your embroidery machine.

Easy To Use

The Bernette 79 is a powerful embroidery machine and is simple to use. It will help you become the artist you have always wanted to become in no time because it offers us ease. The machine is affordable and is a reasonably priced embroidery machine. The computerized embroidery machine is perfect for commercial and residential use. It’s easy to use and offers various functions and helps you create designs with logos.

Touch Screen

The Bernette 79 comes with a 5-inch color touchscreen and is easy to navigate. The machine offers easy navigation and comes with powerful, user-friendly features. The embroidery machine also comes with multi-function knobs that allows you for quick operation.


The Embroidery machine comes with high-end embroidery modules that have three hoops. The embroidery hoop detection is easy with this feature and allows you fast operation. The modules will allow you to create logos and promote your brand in the best way possible.

Needle Threader

The Bernette 79 comes with a semi-automatic needle threader. The threader automatically threads on the fabric and can help to create your logo fast and quick. It also comes with a dual-feed for fast and quick operation.

Extensive Sewing Area

The embroidery machine comes with 500 stitches that can allow you to create high-quality logos. The stitches make the logo creating easy for you. The machine offers endless possibilities for creating your logos because it comes with a stitched designer. The stitch designer offers several stitches and offers a wide range of options for logo designing. The embroidery machine comes with an extensive sewing and embroidery area that will allow you to take care of large scale embroidery projects. The large area will help you spread the fabrics on the machine and work efficiently on the machine.

Foot Control

The foot control on the embroidery machine is a must if you want to create high quality and impressive looking logos. The embroidery machine comes with a programmable foot control that also offers a back-kick function.

5-inch Color Touch ScreenUser Manual Is Vague
Multifunction KnobsSlow Startup Time
Semi-automatic Needle Threader




Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP is a beautiful embroidery machine that is packed with the most powerful features. The arm space’s length is 11 inches (280mm) wide and is an ideal choice for quilts, bridal dresses, and more significant home furnishing projects. The stitching and sewing quality of the machine is top-notch, and there is a built-in AcuFeed system for the handling of fabrics in a precise way. The needle plate is easy to change, and it will enhance the straight stitch performance. Feel assured that this machine offers a spectacular quality of stitches and a variety of designs. The stitches’ width is 9mm, and there are bright white lights that offer the user to see the designs without any shadows. The five bright white lights are a perfect choice even when the electricity breaks down. You can do the stitching quite quickly, and you can see the designs with your own eyes with the help of a large LCD screen. There is also a keypad that will help you choose various built-in designs. You can get to choose among the 200 built-in stitches that include a lot of alphabets and numbers. There are seven different styles of automatic buttonholes, and you can adjust the needle in different directions. The users can memorize a combination of these and save them for the use of the future too. The patterns have a standard length of about five times to continue with the stitching and sewing precise.

Special Features

The unique features of the Janome embroidery machine are plenty, and it is also equipped with many accessories. The needle thread, speed controller, and other features will set the maximum speed, and the stop/start button is easy to operate. It is your choice to use the foot control or not, but feel assured that the patterns of embroidery will be perfect. The needle up and down button will program the needle to give a proper finish to the up and down position for embroidery. It is a perfect choice for pivoting on each of the corners. It also has a lock stitch button that will ensure that each of the stitch patterns is locked off in the end. The automatic thread cutter will help trim the threads.

Built-in Stitches

There are about 170 built-in stitches that are upto 9 mm wide, and it also includes three alphabets and ten one-step buttonholes. The individual and combination stitch editing will be high quality, and it moves smoothly into thick and thin fabrics. The last stitch recall capability is also strong, while the sewing speed is 1,000 spm. The sewing area is large and 11 inches wide and will be useful in turning the thread from left to right. The knee lift is adjustable, and the extra high presser foot lifts will make stitching, embroidery, and sewing comfortable. You can monogram a sweater or create a pretty hat for your loved ones.


The embroidery machine is versatile and can handle plenty of commercial and other homely projects. You can stitch purses, bags, and t-shirts; however, handling big projects like bridal dresses will also be comfortable. There are excellent embroidery features, and the price is quite affordable too. The LCD touch screen is bright, and you can check the quality of the designs before starting the final project. Multi-hoop options can select a suitable hoop for making logos and designs. You can stitch plenty of embroidery formats and logos on the hats to make them look pretty and give them away as gifts. The machine is built to work well with most of the embroidery formats and useful for industry professionals.

USB Connectivity

The machine offers USB or computer connectivity, which means you can import the designs and store them inside the USB. You can also upgrade the machine with this system, and at the same time, monogramming that is a vital part of logo design, you can make use of the diverse alphabets. It will help you portray different designs and various meanings through your embroidery. There are many built-in fonts, and you can equip the monogramming foot into it quite easily. Most of the industrial brands stitch the logo on the hats and decorate them in innovative ways.

Automatic Thread CutterMay Not Be Suitable For Beginners
LED Light
Large Embroidery Area



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