Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Denim 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Denim is a popular material, but it can be hard to work with. The material is hard to sew, and you need a high-quality sewing machine to complete your tasks related to denim material. If you have denim jeans, you might have repaired some wear and tear of your denim jeans. It is essential to get the right tools to work with denim material, and the essential tool is the sewing machine. A regular sewing machine may not be able to deal with the denim material, so it is essential to choose the right industrial sewing machine for your denim sewing projects. Let’s take a look at three of the Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Denim.

Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Denim (Comparison)

Industrial Sewing MachineMax Speed (SPM) 
JUKI MO-6714S7000

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Yamata FY53181350

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JUKI DDL-8700-H5500

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If you are looking for a high-quality industrial level sewing machine that can help you sew denim material with comfort, then JUKI MO-6714S Industrial 4-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine is a great option. The high-quality machine comes with industrial-grade features and is a machine used by many professionals. All of us have a pair of denim jeans, and we know how hard and thick the material is. It can be hard to sew jeans or denim jackets if your sewing machine is not of high quality. The denim material sewing projects can be demanding, and they require you to choose the best sewing machine that is capable of dealing with your challenging projects. Juki’s model of the sewing machine would not disappoint you even though you are dealing with a thick denim material. The frame of the sewing machine is made with metal cast iron. It is built to last and will last for many years to come. If you want to invest in a high-quality machine, then this model of the sewing machine by JUKI is an excellent option. It is maintenance-free and wouldn’t cause you any trouble while working on large scale projects using denim material. Many professionals prefer JUKI sewing machines because the machines are of high quality and also offer versatility. You can enforce any stitches, and the machine will help you deal with various kinds of materials. The hard to make stitches can be complicated for you if you have a terrible quality sewing machine. The machine comes with many accessories that can help you make the operation of the sewing machine smooth. The following features of JUKI MO-6714S Industrial 4-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine are commendable and would be beneficial for you if dealing with denim sewing projects.


The sewing machine comes with a servo motor that is of high quality. The operation of the motor is quiet, and it uses less energy compared to other industrial sewing machines in the market. The motor also has an adjustable speed that can help you to adjust the speed according to your needs. It comes with a switch that can help the motor to change it into a reverse position. The motor can also set the stitch speeds, and they change accordingly during the operation. The machine starts to operate at the speed that you have chosen, and your work is completed with efficiency.

Dual Thread Tension Controls

The JUKI MO-6714S Industrial 4-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine comes with a unique dual thread tension control that can easily help you set and adjusts the tension on the thread. The operation becomes fast and quick, and it becomes possible for you to complete your tasks in a better manner. The tension release system of the sewing machine is controlled because it comes with this unique feature.

Adjustable Feed

There is an internal adjustment system built in this sewing machine that is situated on the surface of the machine externally. The setting and features help you control the fabric that you are working, and you can also control the feed dogs and feed ratio settings. The machine has a fantastic blinding speed that helps you to make stitches on your denim cloth.

Backlatch Function

The sewing machine comes with a tension release feature, but it can be shut down if you need to shut it for specific projects. The overlock stitching projects can be dealt with quickly, and the denim projects are easy to handle because of this feature. The back latch function feature will help you to work on your projects consistently.

Easy To UseOnly Specific Needles Can Be Used With This Model
High-speed Serging



Yamata FY5318

Yamata FY5318

If you are looking for a sewing machine that can help you deal with your denim sewing projects, then Yamata FY5318 is a must-try for you. The brand is reliable and has manufactured various sewing machines that are of high quality and offer the best features. The sewing machine comes with various useful features that can easily sew your denim cloth items. Denim material is widely used, and many brands produce jeans and other items using the denim material. This Yamata model of the sewing machine is an industrial level sewing machine that makes it possible for the professionals to get the desired results. The sewing machine is easy to use and can also be suitable for people who have just tried sewing. The sewing machine comes with a large working area and can help the user to place the denim material and sew it with comfort. It is also perfect for home use, so if you want to fix your denim jeans on your own, the Yamata sewing machine is a good option. It comes with an easy to understand manual, and once you are used to the sewing machine, the sewing projects that you take up are quickly completed. It is a great beginner level machine and can also be a perfect fit for professionals who are working at a big company or brand.


The Yamata sewing machine comes with a powerful servo motor. It can handle all kinds of materials, including denim, and quickly let you sew denim items. The sewing machine model can sew various layers of denim and help you create masterpiece items using the denim material. It is lightweight but a high-performance and heavy-duty sewing machines that can help you deal with your denim sewing projects without any hassles.

Ease Of Use

The Yamata sewing machine is easy to work with because it comes with so many fantastic features. There are various built-in stitches in the sewing machine, and you can choose the stitch that suits your needs. There is also a dial available for tension control that will let you handle the pressure that the machine gets into while you are operating it. The machine will let you enjoy professional results, and your craftsmanship will be enhanced by using this sewing machine.


The Yamata model of this sewing machine comes with many accessories that are useful while you operate the sewing machine. The accessories include needles, bobbins, stitching feet, and many other accessories to serve your needs. The machine has a knee lift feature that can help you to put both your hands on the machine.

Durable Cast Aluminum ConstructionPressure Tension Regulators Have Issues
High Stitching SpeedNeedles Break At High Speed
Adjustable Foot Presser Pressure





JUKI DDL-8700-H sewing machine will get your sewing job done very quickly. It can make at least 5500 stitches per minute, and the arm space is 11 inches large. The best thing is that it can allow you to work even with big quilts. Each stitch’s length is 5mm, which helps the user a lot of freedom when they are doing their work. The Juki machine has all the powerful features, but one of the best features is six stitches per inch, and that will help you complete a close job. There is a unique needle lockstitch mechanism, and you can work on leather, denim, and create many other beautiful garments. The machine makes use of the full lubrication system, and it will maintain the machine for long term use. You have to keep in mind that there are no assembly instructions given for the user, and if you know the assembly purpose yourself only, then you should try it. The Juki brand’s best quality is that they always create eco-friendly products, and this sewing machine has the same features. The machine will help the user complete their sewing projects quickly, and it will remain durable and efficient throughout.

Great Quality

The Juki DDL sewing machine is made of quality materials and is a heavy-duty sewing machine. It is powered packed with all the features the user will require. You will not have any problem with stitching heavy fabrics like leather or denim. It is an eco-friendly product and will save the environment where ever you have placed it.


The maximum sewing speed is 5500 stitches per minute, while the length of each stitch is 5mm. There are needles available inside the package, which is in size range of 9-24. The needle DB X 1 is a versatile needle and helps you deal with commercial projects.

Assembly Required

The user has to make sure that they know how to assemble the machine as it comes unassembled. It is a straight stitch sewing machine that can handle heavy and light fabrics quite well. The accessories are packed in three separate boxes, and it will be better if you call an expert for assembly.


The design of the sewing machine looks elegant while the frame and body are made of aluminum. It has been designed in such a way that it can handle every big and small project. You can make plenty of stitches in one go without taking much effort.

Built-in Stitches

The Juki machine has 16 built-in stitches, and you can get the job done with high-quality results. The stitch length is adjustable zigzag width dials will allow customization an easy process. You can have durable stitching on different types of fabrics.

Additional Features

The 3-piece feed dog system will provide you with a smooth feed, especially with piles of fabrics and quilts. There are various accessories like a pack of needles, bobbins, soft cover, and a hard case. There are four different types of stitching feet, and they all will provide a lot of versatility.


The weight of the machine is not very light, and this is why it may not become easily portable. The practicality is excellent, and it is functional as well. If it fits well in your budget, it will be a good option. You can create forward, reverse, zigzag, and other decorative stitches per minute.


The sewing machine is suitable for beginners as well as professionals, and there are particular features for every type of user. The six adjustable sewing feet will serve a great purpose to handle heavy fabrics. The decorative stitches look exemplary.


The sewing machine has a built-in carry handle while the free arm for sleeves and a metal needle plate will give free smooth feed and free motion. Three different types of needles are used on different fabrics. The zippers, blind stitch, and buttonholes are other great features to handle many tasks.


There is a compartment in the faceplate which offers a storage capacity. It also contains a quick guide that you can use for making different stitches. The spool bin is already attached inside, and you can adjust it in different directions as well.

Gliding Foot Is DifferentThere Can Be Issues With Tension
Easy To Operate



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