Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Leather 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you are a hobbyist or a professional, and love sewing, buying a high-quality sewing machine is a good option. The sewing leather projects are complex and hard to deal with and to handle such projects, you must get a high quality industrial sewing machine. Sewing machines for leather have a higher price tag but also have high-quality features as compared to regular sewing machines. Here are the three of the Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Leather.

Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Leather (Comparison)

Industrial Sewing MachineMax Speed (SPM) 
JUKI DDL-87005500

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Consew P1206RB3000

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Yamata FY03032000

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JUKI DDL-8700 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine is an excellent option for people who have to deal with complex sewing projects. It can be challenging to deal with sewing projects that involve leather, so it is essential to get a high-quality sewing machine. JUKI’s sewing machine model comes with great features that will help you deal with complex sewing projects. JUKI is a world-class brand that is known to manufacture high-quality sewing machines. The sewing machine is made with high-quality materials, and the manufacturers have used the latest technology to make this model one of the best in the market. The sewing machine has reduced vibration and doesn’t make a lot of noise. The sewing machine allows you to perform a comfortable operation and help you deal with leather sewing projects. The sewing motor of this machine helps you to complete your tasks quickly. It is ideal for home use and can also be suitable for professionals who have to deal with large scale sewing projects. The model comes with a lot of accessories and has all the power that you will need to deal with sewing leather projects. It comes with all the necessary components that you need to sew various projects. It is easy to install, and even if you are a beginner, you can assemble the machine quickly. The high-quality sewing machine comes with powerful features that can beat any industrial level sewing machines available in the market. If you are a professional and want to create clothes in bulk, this model is the perfect fit.


JUKI is a Japanese brand that has built some of the best sewing machines in the market. This model is an industrial level machine that helps you to create clothes using leather. This is a single needle lock-stitch sewing machine and a high-quality sewing machine that can help you create leather apparel that will stand out in the market. You can create leather jackets and leather pants that will be easy to make using this sewing machine.


JUKI DDL-8700-Servo Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine is powerful and allows you to complete your leather projects. The machine is high powered and deals with your leather projects quickly. The sewing machine is lightweight and can deal with soft and hard materials. The machine is powerful and can help you to create fantastic leather clothes.


The industrial sewing machine comes with a high-quality motor and stands out in the market because it is powerful. The sewing machine’s motor doesn’t create noise and is a quiet machine compared to other sewing machines. It comes with changing speed options and can help you to use the sewing machine with comfort and ease.


The sewing machine has time-saving features and allows you to complete your sewing projects with ease. The automatic needle threader of the machine helps you to thread any leather projects. The needle is easy to put in the needle’s eye and complete your projects without much hassle.

Customer Support

JUKI is known to provide the best customer support and comes with an excellent user manual. The manual has easy to understand instructions. There are many online videos on the JUKI website that further explain the instructions mentioned in the instructional menu. The company can also be contacted through call or email. They reply instantly and are always there to sort out your issues.

Low NoiseHeavy
High Quality StructureLED Light Isn't Too Bright
Simple Setup



Consew P1206RB

Consew P1206RB

The Consew P1206RB high-performance sewing machine has a well-built structure and offers durability. The machine comes with tons of built-in features and is known to be one of the best in the market. The sewing machine by Consew can help you complete your sewing leather projects and help you take care of your leather sewing projects in the best way. The machine can deal with heavy-duty work and will bring your vision into reality. It is the perfect choice for a beginner who wishes to try their hand at leather sewing projects. The built-in stitches help you to deal with your leather projects efficiently at home. You can now create leather pants and jackets at home, and the results will be on the professional level. A Consew sewing machine is an excellent option for all the people who want to start a new business. It can also be suitable for people who work for a clothing company and often deal with sewing projects. It comes with a built-in thread cutter that can automatically cut the thread when you are completing your sewing projects. You don’t have to look for scissors every time you are dealing with a leather sewing project. It can help you to deal with heavy-duty fabrics and helps you to create high-quality leather clothing. If you don’t want to invest money in buying a new sewing machine often, then the Consew sewing machine is the best option for you.


The Consew sewing machine is versatile and can deal with a variety of projects. The machine is perfect if you want to create furniture upholstery. It can also handle leather projects well as it can sew through the hardest of fabrics. The canvas work can also be done with ease if you own the Consew sewing machine. It is perfect for home use and can help you to create beautiful leather clothing at home. It can sew all kinds of lightweight and heavy materials and can also deal with laminated products.


The model of the sewing machine by Consew has a sturdy construction. It is durable and maintenance-free and wouldn’t cause you many hassles when you are using it during leather projects. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking to design leather clothing. The sewing machine’s interior and exterior are made with aluminum, and it is durable to stay with you for a long time.

Speed & Motor

The model comes with a great speed as it has a high-quality motor. If you are shopping for a sewing machine that deals with leather, this option is a great choice. Leather is a thick fabric, and it can take time to make leather clothes. The sewing machine should have a good motor to help you complete your leather tasks.


The machine comes with a variety of accessories that can help you to complete your operations quickly. It comes with a dust bag, and a high quality LED light that can help you to finish your projects with comfort. The powerful accessories will help you to suit all your sewing needs.

VersatileInitial Setup Is Difficult
Durable Construction
Stitch Selector Dial




Yamata FY0303

Yamata FY0303

Yamata FY0303 Industrial sewing machine is equipped with table Servo Motor. You will need to assemble it as it comes with a complete set. The high torque and clutchless electronic variable speed motor are easy to replace and adjust according to your requirements. It is an excellent choice for sewing, and you can handle working on car and boat seats too. The industrial sewing machine is so powerful you can work on general upholstery and most of the leather articles. The belts, canvas, tents, awnings, handbags, and many other essential accessories and sportswear are easy to handle. Many industries can’t survive without an industrial sewing machine. The machine’s design is sturdy as it is made with quality aluminum and is built for serious mileage. The machine can easily manage 2000 stitches per minute, which is quite fast and reliable. The motor is potent and delivers a high level of Watts for smooth operation. You can adjust the needle and bobbin according to your projects and the single button on the top is easy to push. The button sewing foot is a useful feature on this industrial sewing machine, and you can turn it on and off to make a different type of stitches.

Walking Foot

Yamata Leather Canvas industrial sewing machine has a walking foot, which is easily adjustable. The table and server motor is another useful feature which can make the process of sewing quite easy. The design of the machine is long-lasting as durable aluminum is used on the top.

Assembly Required

The industrial sewing machine requires assembly as it comes with a complete set. All the accessories are unassembled, but it will take only an hour to complete the process. There is an additional accessory package that comes along the machine, and a screwdriver allows easy assembling.

Suitable For Various Projects

The industrial sewing machine is mostly used for industrial purposes, but you can also use it at home if you are used to heavy-duty handling machines. Many industries are making use of this handy machine as sewing boats and car seats. You can also sew belts, canvas, tents, and awnings with it. You can sew simple garments at home by making fast and precise sewing stitches along.

Sewing Speed

The sewing machine is powered packed with many features and specifications. The sewing speed is fast enough to handle general upholstery and leather articles. It can make 2,000 stitches in one minute, which is very fast, smooth, and accurate.


Yamata sewing machine can handle both forward and reverse stitches in less than a minute. The maximum length of stitching is 9mm, and the needle bar stroke is 36.5mm wide. The handbags, outdoor wear, and camping goods can be stitched using this machine.

Presser’s Foot

You can lift the presser foot by your hand which is 5.5mm and by knee which is 15mm in length. You can easily make a vertical and horizontal movement with the needle by either adjusting or moving the presser foot. This feature is suitable for beginners or people who are working with this machine at home.

Leather & Canvas

Most of the people believe that sewing leather and canvas requires a lot of effort. A heavy-duty industrial sewing machine like Yamata is suitable for handling such materials. The leather becomes thick due to tanning, but it won’t be a problem when you have this machine. You can also sew ten layers of canvas or eight layers of Dacron in one hour.

Zigzag Stitches

The sewing machine can make Zigzag stitches that are used for making sails for boats. The sailcloth can be made using Dacron. The needles which come attached to the machine will not puncture even if the material is very thick.

Balance Wheel

Yamata comes equipped with a balance wheel, which is more significant than a standard flywheel and consists of a lot of power. You can sew very fast, and the balance wheel at the bottom will keep moving in different directions. It is moderate in weight, and you can place it anywhere you want. The zipper foot, which is attached to the side, is also a great feature.

Adjustable Length & Width Of The StitchDoesn't Offer Many Patterns Of Stitching
Good Walking Foot
High Presser Foot Is Easy To Adjust



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