Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Upholstery 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Upholstery is a thick material used in the furniture like an armchair, sofas, seat covers, etc. If you are planning to take up an upholstery project, it is essential to get a sewing machine. The material used in upholstery is thick, so you need a high-quality sewing machine if you are looking to take up such tasks. If you are a professional or a beginner taking up upholstery projects can be challenging, and you need proper tools. An industrial sewing machine is the most important machine that you need to get if you are going to take up an upholstery project. There are so many sewing machines in the market that choosing the one that suits your needs can be overwhelming. To save you from all the trouble, we have searched for the Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Upholstery.

Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Upholstery (Comparison)

Industrial Sewing MachineMax Speed (SPM) 
Consew P1206RB3000

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Yamata FY53181350

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JUKI DDL-81004500

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Consew P1206RB

Consew P1206RB

The Consew P1206RB sewing machine is the perfect choice for people who wish to sew upholstery materials. The sewing machine has many powerful features and can allow you to sew thick materials of upholstery. The brand is known to manufacture some of the best sewing machines, and this model from Consew is no exception. The machine can sew light to thick materials easily and wouldn’t disappoint you with its performance. It is easy to use and can be perfect for beginners interested in dealing with upholstery materials. It is versatile and is capable of dealing with a variety of projects. The thick and multi-layered materials are easy to sew with this powerful sewing machine. The bobbin of this sewing machine has an extra capacity that can allow you to deal with large scale projects. It comes with an adjustable servo material that has an adjustable speed. You will have full control over the machine once you start your sewing projects. The stitching speed of this machine is fast, and you can make endless stitches per minute. This is one of the best sewing machines if you want to complete your sewing tasks quickly. The stitch length of the sewing machine is also adjustable that helps you to sew accurately and precisely. The machine comes with an automatic lubrication system that makes it easy for you to work for hours. The machine would not become rusty and would not cause any issues because it is well lubricated.


The Consew sewing machine is easy to use, and you will get great results after using it. The sewing projects can be finished quickly, and you will be able to move on to the next projects. The sewing speed of this machine is brilliant, and the machine will help you complete your upholstery projects at lightning speed. If you don’t have prior experience of working with a sewing machine before, then the Consew sewing machine will make sewing easy for you. There are many machines for industrial use, but they are not as fast as the Consew sewing machine.

Easy To Use

The Consew sewing machine is easy to use. If you are a beginner and haven’t used a sewing machine before, then this one is for you. If you follow the instructional manual carefully, you will be able to use it on the first day it arrives at your workshop. The manual is easy to understand because it is written for people who are not native speakers of Asia. Consew is a brand with high sales in Asia, so the manual is written in easy to understand English.


The Consew sewing machine is dependable and can help you to complete your upholstery projects with comfort. The sewing machine would be an asset in your workshop and will be a useful sewing machine. The sewing machine is perfect for home use because it is easy to use. It will be a perfect fit if you want to take care of your upholstery projects. It can handle all kinds of materials and can help you to create upholstery for your furniture.

Adjustable Reverse SettingTable Drawer Is Of Bad Quality
Simple To Adjust & Install
Advanced Sewing Mechanism




Yamata FY5318

Yamata FY5318

The Yamata FY5318 sewing machine is the perfect sewing machine if you want to make upholstery for your home furniture. It is best for domestic use and will help you complete your sewing projects efficiently. The machine comes packed with some of the best features that you can find in a sewing machine. The features of this sewing machine are noteworthy, and they also come at an affordable price. It is a wonderful sewing machine, and you must buy it if you are looking to take care of upholstery projects. The design of this sewing machine is functional, and it will allow you to complete your projects successfully. This is a capable sewing machine and can help you to make accurate stitches. It is one of the best sewing machines for upholstery projects that will be available within the budget. This is the best upholstery sewing machine and can help you to sew the upholstery for your home furniture. It comes with a lubricating mechanism that makes this machine durable for a long time. You don’t need to get the machine serviced again and again as it has an automatic lubricating feature. It provides you with an ample sewing space, and you can place the upholstery materials easily. The sewing machine might be challenging to set up when it arrives, but if you read the manual carefully, you would be able to understand how to use it. The sewing machine is sturdy and has ample working space. It also comes with an assortment of accessories and will help you complete your upholstery with comfort. If you are looking for a sewing machine with high-quality features that are perfect for upholstery, then the Yamata sewing machine is a perfect buy for you.


The Yamata sewing machine helps you to sew through thick materials. You can create great-looking upholstery for your furniture. The sewing machine will provide you with a perfect working environment that will help you to finish your projects comfortably. It doesn’t create a lot of noise and also has reduced vibration. It can sew heavy materials, and it can help you to sew your sewing projects smoothly.


The sewing machine is easy to operate and comes with the best features that are suitable for beginners. If you are starting an upholstery business and are going to take upholstery projects often, then the Yamata sewing machine is the best option for you. The sewing machine’s productivity is excellent and will help you complete your tasks at a fast rate. The sewing machine will help you to produce attractive and beautiful upholstery items.

Industrial Grade

The Yamata is an industrial-grade sewing machine that is suitable for upholstery projects. It comes with great speed, and you can make stitches easily. It has so many features that can make it possible for you to complete the industrial-level projects. The advanced noise decreasing technology can help you to work in a quiet place. The machine doesn’t create much noise when operating it, and you don’t disturb anyone else while working.

Ample Working SpaceInitially Settings Are Hard To Get Used To
Extra Bobbins & Needles
Impressive Speed





JUKI DDL-8100 Industrial sewing machine is equipped with servo Motor, a table cut, and a lamp. The sewing machine will demonstrate outstanding a lot of responsiveness to different materials that will be sewn by the user. The design of the machine is made in such a way which will reduce vibration and noise too. The user can avail of upgraded reliability and durability at the same time. It is manufactured using CAD technology, which makes it sturdy and durable, and the best thing is that you can get 3D images with it. The machine arm and the needle is sufficient, allowing the handling of thick materials quickly and easily. The head of the machine is light and provides a very comfortable working environment. The stitches will come out neat when there is no distraction from the vibration. You can make straight, vertical, and horizontal stitches with it. Juki DDL is one of the best industrial sewing machines for upholstery, and it can handle other materials like leather, canvas, window materials, and much more. You can invest the machine’s mechanism and adjust it according to your project’s requirements and can produce beautiful seams. The quality of your work will be brilliant and consistent, and the price is moderate as well.

Assembly Requirement

The user has to take note that the machine doesn’t come assembled. The sewing machine table is sturdy, and the energy saver delivers 550 watts. The DC server motor will provide smooth and quiet running. It will take half an hour to complete the assembling process.

Response To Materials

Juki DDL-8100 Industrial sewing machine is equipped with a powerful DC server motor. The mechanism will demonstrate an outstanding response to materials no matter how long, thick, or thin they are. You can handle upholstery, and materials like canvas and leather are sewn quite efficiently.


Most of the sewing machines create a lot of vibration when they operate. The Juki sewing machine doesn’t create any noise, and vibration will also be reduced. You will get upgraded reliability, and the machine happens to be very durable too. You can move the presser foot and make plenty of stitches in a short time.

Machine Head

The machine head comes packed with many accessories, and the bobbin winder thread comes with a stand, which is easy to move. There is a proper manual that will let the user know the instructions for oil. If you are oiling the machine frequently, it will work smoothly.

Single Needle Lockstitch

The industrial machine has a single needle lockstitch, and there is no walking foot available inside. You can make 4500 stitches per minute, which is identical to the previous models of this machine. The single needle lockstitch is 13mm in length, and you can make a maximum of 6 stitches per inch.

Sewing Speed

The sewing speed of the industrial sewing machine has 9-18 maximum needles, and the maximum length of the stitches is 5500 SPM. You can move the presser foot by hand, which is 5mm wide while you can make use of your knees. The needle bar stroke has got 30.7 mm

Rotatory Hook

The sewing machine has a rotatory hook, and the auto lubricating system is easy to handle. You can put some oils inside and make reverse and forward stitches in one go. It will not exert your hand much, and you can handle a variety of materials quite efficiently.

DC Server Motor

The DC server Motor comes with a machine table and the motor is electronic and consists of ¾ HP, 1 phase. It will deliver 110 V and 0 – 3300 RPM, which is quite fast. There are many other accessories like drawer, belt, tool, led lamp, and an instruction manual. The motor may require professional assembly, while the user can manage other parts.

Easy To Operate

The sewing machine is easy to operate, and it will function well to give you accuracy. If you are running a business and planning to sew various materials, it can handle it all very well. All these things make this machine one of the best ones out there.

Simple & Easy To OperateMay Not Be The Best Choice For Beginners
Automatic Needle Threader
Well Made & Budget Friendly



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