Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machines For Home Use 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Embroidery business is a great way to earn money, and many homemakers take up embroidery projects to earn pocket money at home. Some women also like to create embroidery items as a hobby. A multi-needle embroidery machine can be the best option if you are looking to take care of your embroidery projects. If you are looking for a suitable embroidery machine for home business, this guide might help you. In this guide, we will recommend the Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machines For Home Use. After reading this guide, you will not make a mistake about buying the right embroidery machine for you.

Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machines For Home Use (Comparison)

Embroidery MachineMax Embroidery Area 
Janome MB-4S9.4” x 7.9”

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Janome MB-79.4” x 7.9”

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SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Sergern/a

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Janome MB-4S

Janome MB-4S

The Janome MB-4S is a high-quality embroidery machine and can handle complex embroidery projects. The machine comes with a hefty price tag but is worthy of your money as it has powerful features to deal with all kinds of commercial and home embroidery projects. It is perfect for beginners, and if you are a hobbyist, then this sewing machine is the best choice for you. It is also perfect for people who are intermediate sewing practitioners. It comes with a wide range of capacities and is beginner and user friendly. It will provide you with all the embroidery solutions as it comes with four needles. It is the best choice for you even if you don’t have plenty of experience and are not that skilled at sewing.

This is the perfect choice for home users as this machine is specifically designed for home use. It comes with four needles, which is usually a feature and trait available in industrial models. It also comes with endless industrial-like characteristics that makes this machine one of the best create professional embroidery projects at home. The machine is equipped with modern features and makes this model the most technologically advanced. Janome has made this model for home users and provides possibilities that other models cannot imitate. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this embroidery machine.

Four Needles

The embroidery machine comes with four needles, which makes this machine unique and perfect for home use. It allows you to use the four colored threads simultaneously, and the best part is that you don’t have to interrupt your work. This is a multi-needle embroidery machine and will give you the choice and possibility to create visually appealing and colorful embroidery projects. It can allow you to complete the embroidery projects in a short period, which is an extraordinary feature.

Built-in Embroidery Designs

The embroidery machine comes with 50 built-in embroidery designs that will allow you to commence the embroidery projects quickly. It will allow you to work without worrying about the issue that all your embroidery projects will look the same. If you are not satisfied with the design, you can use the computer, edit and modify the applied design, and create your design from scratch. You have to transfer the file using a USB stick and then plug it in the embroidery machine.


This embroidery machine makes threading a straightforward task. You have to follow the color-coded printed paths using the thread and don’t have to go out of the way to thread your fabric. The embroidery machine is automatic and can help you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

Remote Computer Screen

The remote computer screen will allow you to manage different settings, and the LCD screen that this machine possesses helps you to control the machine conveniently. The LCD screen will not allow you to check the design’s visual image, but you can change the settings.

Monogramming Fonts

The monogramming fonts allow you to apply your initials and make your embroidery projects personalized and customized. You can make your projects personalized, and the customers will acknowledge that you are the mastermind behind the project.

Maximum Embroidery Size

This model of embroidery machine by Janome is perfect for all home users, and we suggest every home user buy the machine because of the maximum embroidery size that it offers. It allows you to cover a large area and use a much larger area to make your embroidery projects memorable.

Gives You Editing ControlPresser Foot Cannot Be Lifted
LED Light



Janome MB-7

Janome MB-7

The Janome MB-7 embroidery machine is small and compact but is nothing less than high quality and high-end embroidery machines. The portable embroidery machine by Janome is easy to store and is perfect for home use. If you have a small space and want to use a machine creating small scale embroidery projects, then the MB-7 is the ideal choice for you. When it is stored at your home, the machine will not take up any space. When the embroidery machine is taken out, it is easy to carry because of its lightweight. The body of the machine is not large, but it comes with a large embroidering area. The large working space will allow you to work efficiently and complete your embroidery projects. The machine comes with a wide range of inbuilt embroidery designs and built-in stitches. The designs will give you many choices to choose the best one and create innovative and impressive embroidery items. The embroidery machine has everything that you need to satisfy the basic needs of the home embroidery business.

Computerized Embroidery Machine

The machine is automatic and computerized, which makes it perfect for beginners. With the help of this feature, you can customize the embroidery design directly from your computer screen. It will also allow you to reorganize patterns and customize the patterns according to your requirements.

Extra Large Sewing Space

The embroidery machine comes with an arm length, and it is located at the right of the needle. It helps you sew large fabrics, such as quilts, and create extraordinary and unique embroidery items.

Beginner Friendly

People who have little or no sewing experience can use this machine easily. It is not difficult to learn using it as it comes with so many needles. If you have no experience using an embroidery machine before then, this multi-needle embroidery machine is the best choice for you.


The embroidery machine is perfect for people who are looking to deal with large scale home embroidery business. The Janome MB-7 is an excellent choice for people who spend at least 50 percent of the day in the embroidery room as it can go on and on and would not create any issues after prolonged use.


The MB-7 helps the users to customize and resize the fabrics and designs. It can also help you rotate and flip the embroidery designs and re-edit the designs the way you want. You can also combine and duplicate designs and create unique projects.


The embroidery machine comes with 50 inbuilt embroidery designs and 10 monogramming fonts. It offers maximum embroidery space of 9.4” x 7.9” and comes with multiple embroidery hoops. The machines are compatible with JEF, JEF+, and embroidery formats.

Professional ResultsOpen Bobbin Is Challenging To Get Used To
2 & 3 Letters Monogramming Function
Auto Return Post Thread




SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger

SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger

The SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger embroidery machine is packed with powerful features. It has a 2-3-4-5 stitch capability that offers a wide selection of stitching options. The best thing is that the machine can handle personal and professional projects successfully. It can save your time, effort, and money, and you can sew seams, seam finishing, and trim excess allowance. The three steps in 1 make it easy for the user to sew different designs with many conveniences. The stitching options are creative, and the combination of fabrics will expand your project’s creativity and uniqueness. The machine can sew 1,300 stitches per minute, and the trimming and overcastting are unique too. All the projects will be completed in no time, and you won’t have any fear of missing the deadline. The rolls are easy to hem, and the decorative Flatlock will add a brilliant finishing touch to the garments. All these features are suitable for home décor projects too. The cutting width is easy to adjust, and stitch length control also makes stitching and sewing very smooth. The self-adjusting tension system and color-coded threading will enhance the beauty of different fabrics. It allows the user to have creative freedom, and the machine is easy to set up too.


Singer Professional Serger machine comes backed with versatility and functionality. The 2-3-4-5 stitch capability provides plenty of sewing options, no matter how big or small the project. There are many power-packed features like adjustable cutting width, stitch length control, and an automatic threading system. You can adjust the thread according to your requirement, and it will not give much strain to your eyes. The 5-thread Serger comes packed with many accessories and offers a comfortable and clean set up. You shouldn’t pull or push the fabric when you are doing the stitching as the needles may deflect and cause breakage.

Sewing Speed

The embroidery machine has a fast sewing speed, and it can easily make 1,300 stitches in one minute. All the projects you are handling can be sewing quickly. No matter how thick or thin the fabric is, the thread can pass through smoothly. The wide variety of stitching options will be helpful for the users. You can sew sweaters and bed sheets at home, choosing the colors of your choice. A comfortable pillow can also be made, and you can have a peaceful sleep at night. If you are a beginner, you can make use of the manual that is comprehensive and make your projects a success.

Built-in Rolled Hems

The machine is equipped with another powerful feature that is 4-built in rolled hems. You have to convert the machine into rolled hems mode, and it is relatively easy. Moving the stitch finger with the lever’s help won’t be difficult, and you can position the hems according to your requirement. There is a limited 90-day warranty given on some of the accessories of the machine. The belts, rings, bulbs are other attachments that can be replaced during this time.

Self-adjusting Tension

The machine has a self-adjusting tension system, and you can start turning the dial if you are stuck. Once you select the chart, the tension settings for a particular stitch will be automatically adjusted. You can sew seams, hems, decorative edges, while rolled hems and cover hems are also easy to deal with. It can deliver around 0.5 amps, and the speed of stitching is fast. The machine works using the power of 110V, and it ensures proper stitching. The best thing is that the tension system will be regulated at various intervals and keep the threading smooth.


Singer professional Serger machine offers a 2-year warranty for motors, light assembly, wiring switches, speed control, and other electronic components. There is another 25-year warranty given for the sewing machine head. The machine’s weight is only 23.55 pounds, and there is a particular light bulb equipped inside. It will help you look at the stitches and designs before making the final decision. The multi-needle machine will help you make pillows, bags, and other exciting gifts for your loved ones. If you are not fond of shopping in the market, you can make many handmade gifts at home and make everyone delighted.

Built-in HemsNo LCD Touch Screen
Sturdy MachineNot Suitable For Beginner Embroiders



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