Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2020)

Embroidery is an art of stitching that helps you create plenty of designs on clothes, fabrics, and garments. Traditionally it was done by hands, but now the machines have made things easy for the users. Nowadays, the embroidery work is mechanized, and this is why a multi-needle embroidery machine is a good option. Some embroidery designs incorporate fancy metal pieces and colorful threads that looks real. Even though these machines are perfect for handling embroidery tasks, maintenance issues, and troubleshooting have been problems. In this buying guide, we will discuss all the methods with which you can maintain the machine well.

Bobbin Tension

Finding the bobbin tension is one of the most challenging tasks for commercial and home users. It has to be adjusted visually, but many people think that it shouldn’t be touched. Some people change different brands because they think something is wrong with the bobbin. The best thing will be to read the manual and adjust the bobbin according to different threads or needle. The troubleshooting can be handled if you understand the working of the machine with the help of the manuals.

Thread Problems

The problems regarding thread may create fear in the mind of a beginner. However, the machine’s threading tension system is easy to understand, but you should know the proper way to start it. The most common issue with the thread is the bobbin, as it has to be adjusted on the top at a certain height. If you don’t fit it well, the fabric may tear, and the needles can deflect. You have to understand that keeping the bobbin moderate will be useful because it will be a troubleshooting issue if it is too tight or too loose.

Maintain The Machine With Oil

Maintaining the multi-thread machine is relatively easy as you have to oil it frequently. You have to make sure that every part of the machine gets proper lubrication to run smoothly. The best way is to clean the dust off, or else it will hinder the working. Ideally, you should maintain the cleaning schedule, and the results will be perfect.

Avoid Direct Sunlight & Heat

The first thing you can do to keep your machine protected is to place it well on a stable worktable. Make sure that the machine doesn’t bounce or vibrate much as it will affect the durability. The excessive heat can be bad for the multi-thread machine as there is LCD equipped inside. It may damage the screen and cause issues for the user.

Cover Your Machine

If you cover the machine well, it can protect different parts very well. The pet hair can cause issues with the machine as they get stuck inside. It is also a little challenging to avoid insects if the machine is not covered. They can eat the machine’s non-metal side, and you will have to invest money for repairs too. It will be a wise decision to get the machine serviced every 12 months, and that is if you are not overusing the machine.



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