Tips & Tricks For Sewing With Denim

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2020)

Denim happens to be one of the most versatile fabrics and is seen in almost every wardrobe. Working on denim can be challenging as you have to know the complete tips and tricks for sewing. You have to make sure that a proper needle is placed inside the sewing machine, and if it breaks down, things will become difficult. The excellent quality thread that you use for sewing denim and make your work easy. In this buying guide, we will discuss tips and tricks for sewing with denim.

Don’t Skip Pre-wash

If you pre-wash the fabric, especially when working with the denim, it will make it soft and easy to work on. Even if you wash more than once and dry it out, that will also be a suitable option. You don’t have to worry about the jeans shrinking once you have washed it already.

Use Sharp Tools

Denim is a thick fabric, and you need to cut it with a sharp tool. You can use a pair of scissors, a new blade which will make the cutting pattern quite easy. It would help if you also upgraded more durable pins on the rotator cutter to make sewing smooth and fast. The fabric should be cut in a single layer instead.


Denim is available in a variety of colors and designs, and you have to mark it with a contrasting color, so it becomes easy to sew the denim. Interfacing is another good option for denim as it will stretch and move with the fabric. You can customize it according to your requirements.


After completing the necessary steps, it’s about time you start sewing the denim. You can construct the garment with a polyester thread. If the user wants to do topstitching, they can stitch to upholstery. You can also make use of a topstitching thread.


For sewing denim, you need to have thick needles. 90/14 needles are required for light and medium denim, while 100/16 needle length is required for heavyweight types of denim. You need to start cutting the denim from the grains and puncture different layers of heavy fabrics.

Use A Longer Stitch Length

The stitch length needs to be a little full when you are handling denim. As the fabric is sturdy and increases the length of the stitch should be about 3mm. The user has to press the denim; the stitches will not come out neat and smooth. If you can’t put a lot of pressure on your try using a clapper as it will, you exert pressure without putting in any effort.

Sturdy Closures

The user has to make sure that the sturdy closures are handled well. The heavy-duty snaps, jeans button, and heavy metal zippers can pair well with different types of denim. If you are stitching light denim shirt, you can choose to go for standard closures. You have to take care of personal details like facing or crosswire if it becomes necessary.



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