Best Motorcycle Helmets For City Riding 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Cities have a lot of traffic, and there are a lot of risks for accidents. If you love driving your motorcycle at a fast speed inside the city, then there are high chances of you getting into an accident. It is essential to get a motorcycle helmet that can protect you even in the busiest of the street. Heavy traffic in cities can be overwhelming, and sometimes you get into an accident because of someone else’s mistake. Even if you are a careful rider, someone else might get you in trouble, so it is essential to get a functional helmet. We will take a look at the three of the Best Motorcycle Helmets For City Riding. Let’s get into it.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For City Riding (Comparison)

Motorcycle HelmetWeight 
Bell Pit Boss2.3 lbs

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Bell Broozer4.74 lbs

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ScorpionExo Covert4.6 lbs

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Bell Pit Boss

Bell Pit Boss

Looks can be majorly deceiving, and Bell’s Pit Boss open face helmet is the perfect example of that. It doesn’t look like a helmet with extensive features, but in reality, it is equipped with all the power to protect you from any accidents. If you doubt the quality of the helmet, you can test it by scratching the helmet. The scratch-free surface wouldn’t damage the helmet no matter how much you try to scratch it. It is lightweight and is made with an innovative design that features and can be the perfect helmet for you if you are looking to ride your motorcycle in the busy city streets. It comes equipped with a powerful sun shield that can help to protect you from the sun rays. It also comes with a removable neck curtain that can protect you well during the winter season. The neck curtain is removable and can be removed in the hot weather when you need more airflow. The speaker pockets can allow you to enhance the audio. Once you put the helmet on, you will be sure to rule the busy city roads like a king.

TriMatrix Composite Shell

It comes with a durable and sturdy shell that can help you to keep the helmet protected for years. It is made with a high-quality shell and can provide you with an extended-lasting helmet. You don’t have to invest money in re-buying a new helmet because it can last for indefinite years. It can protect from all kinds of weather conditions and can allow you to enjoy the best motorcycle riding time.

Internal Sunshade

The helmet comes with an internal sunshade that can protect you from the sun rays. It can prevent the sun rays from attacking you when you are wearing the helmet. You don’t have to worry about experiencing dehydration during the summer season. The internal shade can also protect you during the winter season.

Removable Neck Curtain

The helmet comes with a neck curtain that can protect you from the cold and freezing weather. Some countries have an extreme winter season. The helmet can be perfect during the winter season and can provide you with the best protection to keep you from the cold weather and snow falling. The best part is that the neck curtain is removable and can be removed easily during the winter.

5 Year Warranty

Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet comes with a 5-year warranty. No brand offers a guarantee for such long years. The company provides you with excellent customer support service, and you can talk to the customer service officer if you have any issues with your helmet. You can get your helmet fixed for five years and don’t have to pay for that.

Comfortable FitTop Ventilation Is Not That Strong
LightweightChin Strap Can Be Short For Some People
Pin Lock Visor That Can Prevent The Fogging




Bell Broozer

Bell Broozer

If you are looking for a high end and high-quality helmet, then Bell Broozer Helmet can be a good buy for you. You can ride peacefully in the busy streets of the city without worrying about any possible accidents. It can help you to be relieved when you drive your motorcycle. When you have a relaxed mind, it becomes easy for you to concentrate on the traffic. The build of the helmet is durable and sturdy and can help you to use it for many years to come. The helmet can give you a super clear view and can help you to take on an adventure city tour. There is a lot of good praise about the helmet and are recommending it to other motorcycle riders. Bell Broozer Helmet can be the best pick for you if you are looking for complete security and incredible comfort. The price tag is nothing to worry about because it comes at an affordable price. You don’t have to invest a lot of money and still would be able to enjoy a high-quality helmet. This is a fantastic budget-friendly helmet and looks and feels great. It also comes with some of the best features that can allow you to enjoy riding your motorcycle and have a great city tour. You can reach your workplace and then back at your home without having to worry about getting injured because the helmet will protect your head in the best way possible.

Removable Chin Bar

Many motorcycle riders feel stuffed and exhausted with the chin bar of the motorcycle. The best part about Bell Broozer Helmet is that it comes with a removable chin bar that can be removed easily without any problems. It can allow you to breathe comfortably and can also make you less exhausted in the summer season. The chin bar can be removed with a single click button and can allow you to remove the chin bar in a few seconds easily.

Anti-scratch Surface

The anti-scratch surface on the helmet can help you to maintain the beauty and quality of the helmet for a long time. It can withstand any weather conditions and can support the durability for your helmet for many years to come.

DOT Approved

The motorcycle helmet is DOT approved and can meet the requirement of all the safety standards quickly. If you are concerned about the standard safety and are worried that the helmet might not protect you, then Bell Broozer Helmet can be perfect for you. The DOT passes it, and the certification assures you that you will be protected when you are driving on the busy city roads.

Budget FriendlyInner Pads Of This Helmet Are Mesh
Brilliant Face ShieldCan Be Problematic For People That Wear Glasses
Good Ventilation System




ScorpionExo Covert

ScorpionExo Covert

The ScorpionExo Covert helmet provides ultimate safety to the bikers and is available in Matte and Black color. It is abundant in size and offers a proper ventilation system for the biker to breathe even in the intense weather conditions. The best thing about the ventilation is that it can be customized according to the bike rider’s requirement. The adjustable sun visor is easy to set up, and it will provide a perfect fit. The level of humidity will not be felt when you are driving in the intense summers. The tinted shade on the front will give a lot of comfort to your eyes. There will be no noise coming out from the exhaust, and you can have a pleasurable ride. The microbial linings inside will not only give a perfect fit but also protect your neck and head. The liner can detect pressure, and heat is released at regular intervals. It will settle the cruise desires of a professional rider or even for a beginner. The face mask, which comes as an additional accessory, will create the magic when you have it. The helmet looks elegant and modern at the same time. You will often see people having a look at it when you are driving with it. A perfect option for both males and females and you won’t regret buying this helmet. Make your riding experience a lot more fun and entertainment with this ScorpionExo helmet.


The Scorpion cover helmet is manufactured using the best quality materials. It can cater to your comfort and safety needs, and the polycarbonate shell is one feature that beats all the other elements. The innovative fabric lining inside will keep you away from the heat. It is an excellent choice for both males and females and is a recommended choice for everyone. Kwikwick, used for the helmet, is a unique material that you won’t see in other helmets.

All Round Protection

Most of the helmets, whether they are full-faced or half-faced, don’t provide full protection sometimes. When you have this helmet, you can make yourself feel at ease that you are given the best of protection. If you are driving under the intense sun, you will like to have a shield that can cover your eyesight. The tinted visor has a maximum capacity to protect the rider from the fog. The chin strap is easy to adjust, and you can remove it for cleaning and washing.


There’s no doubt that the design of this helmet is versatile, and although it is a three-quarter open helmet, it will appear like a full-sized helmet. You can add comfort sleeves because there are no problematic magnets to deal with. It makes your riding experience a lot easier. Your riding experience will be free of any noise or distortions. There is a bag inside the helmet where you can place your belongings if you are going for an adventurous ride.

Riding Ease

The front mask of this helmet is manufactured using quality and durable materials. The best thing is that you can clean and wash it any way you want. The front mask is attached with magnets, and they boast of power-packed protection for the head. The ear flaps are another innovative feature, and they can be removed any time you like.


A three-year warranty is also given to the bike riders if all the power-packed features are not enough. The warranty will cover the full product, and if any part is faulty, it can be repaired. The significant advantage is that you can even return the helmet within these three years if you think it is not very accurate.

Durable HelmetNoise Control Could’ve Been Better
Suitable For Both Males & FemalesVentilation System Needs Improvement
Three Year Warranty




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