Best Motorcycle Helmets For Cruisers 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Motorcycle helmets are of different types, and some great brands sell some of the best helmets for protecting you during your rides. Helmets that are mainly for cruisers should be lightweight so that they don’t make you uncomfortable. It is ideal to invest in a helmet because it can provide you with the necessary protection that you need. There are some great helmets for cruisers that can provide the best ventilation and comes with perfect inner lining materials. We will take a look at 3 of the Best Motorcycle Helmets For Cruisers that can prove to be the best helmets for protecting you.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For Cruisers (Comparison)

Motorcycle HelmetWeight 
LS2 Helmets Rebellion3.59 lbs

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Bell Qualifier4.85 lbs

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Bell Pit Boss2.3 lbs

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LS2 Helmets Rebellion

LS2 Helmets Rebellion

There is nothing that can make you think twice about buying LS2 Helmets Rebellion because it comes packed with some of the best features. The helmet is made with durable materials and can help you to use the helmet for years. It can also allow you to fully have control over the safety when you are riding on your motorcycle. The helmet is made with some of the best materials and can provide you with the best comfort. The durable shell can enable you to disperse energy and can help you to get ventilation when your face is covered with the helmet. The helmet reduces the turbulence and prevents you from any danger or threat when you are travelling on your motorcycle. It comes with some of the best features that can allow you to exhaust the hot air and cool down when you are riding. The cheek pads are washable and can help you to use them all over again fresh and clean. The face shield feature can help you to shield yourself from the UV rays and can prevent you from getting dehydrated. The helmet is versatile and is perfect for cruising and fast rides. The design of the helmet is sleek and modern and can help you to ride in style. The helmet boasts off its safety, design and versatile features and can help you to enjoy the best time of your life.

Structure & Style

The helmet has an oval design and is suitable for all face types. It is a bit narrow from the sides and can be difficult for people who have a round head. The helmet comes in a variety of sizes and can allow you to buy it in size that can fit your head. The pads on the inside can help to provide comfort in your head.


The helmet only weighs 3 pounds and is exceptionally lightweight. The rider would not feel any pressure on the head even though he is riding on rough terrain. The lightweight feature can also help you to enjoy your riding time with the best of comfort.

Vintage Style

It has a vintage style, and the background is black with multi-color stripes. The helmet has been styled as in a vintage style, and you look stylish and classy when you are riding the motorcycle. Most people are very style and fashion conscious these days and want to buy everything fashionable and bright. This helmet would be able to fulfill all your demands and would make you look great when you are riding it.

Flow Through Ventilation

The helmet offers excellent flow and ventilation and can make you less exhausted when you are riding in the hot weather. It has the best ventilation features and can allow you to ride for a long time. The ventilation can enable you to ride swiftly, even in the hottest weather conditions.

Hypoallergenic Interior

The hypoallergenic fabric is used in the making of the helmet, and it can help provide you with the best comfort. It also plays a significant role in absorbing the moisture and removing the sweat off your head when you are riding in a hot weather condition. It is anti-bacterial and can allow you to stay away from germs and bacteria and prevents the germs from growing from inside the helmet. It is also removable and can be washed with any detergent.

Sleek DesignBlind Spot Visibility Is Not Perfect
Free Flow Ventilation SystemNoise Level Reduction Could Have Been Better
Budget Friendly



Bell Qualifier

Bell Qualifier

The most essential feature in a Full face helmet is the ventilation. Full face helmets can sometimes be suffocating and can be troublesome to wear during the summer season. The Bell Qualifier is a perfect helmet that can provide the best kind of ventilation for you during your rides. It boosts the airflow and keeps the helmet cool even during the hottest of weather conditions. The efficient ventilation features allow you to tour around the city with great comfort. Cruising with the helmet on your motorcycle has never been this fun and exciting before. The face shield is vast as compared to other helmets and can make it easy for you to prevent your face from the sun. The helmet is fog resistant and doesn’t let any fog or different kind of dirt get stuck on the helmet. You can quickly lower the sun shield by pressing a button and can also easily remove it in a few seconds. The inner liner of the helmet comes packed with a lot of features and can enable you to enjoy extra convenience. The neck roll is also removable and can allow you to remove it when it is required. If you are looking for a quality helmet that can help you enjoy the best comfort, then Bell Qualifier can be the best motorcycle helmet for you.


The helmet is made with a protective shell that can be perfect for you when you get into an unfortunate accident. The interior of the helmet is also removable and can be washed correctly to make it a new one. It is perfect for all those people who tend to get sweaty more often. The lightweight feature can help you to carry the helmet without any issues even during the fastest rides.


It comes with a photochromatic visor that can change the shade depending on the light and shadow. You don’t have to buy a spate visor for day and night because all of it comes packed in a single helmet. The transparent shield can help you to prevent the fog inside and outside of the helmet. Fog formation is a common problem that most motorcycle riders experience when they are riding their motorcycle.

Noise Control

The helmet comes packed with a padded wind collar that enables the helmet to prevent the loud noises of traffic and sound of the outside. The riders can drive quickly and don’t have to get disturbed by the loud noises that come from the road. In this way, the rider can ride the motorcycle without any disturbances and can reach the destination safely. You can easily avoid the stressful environment and can drive in a peaceful setting that is less noisy.

Five Year WarrantyPadding Can Make You A Bit Uncomfortable
Speaker Pockets
Anti Fogging Feature




Bell Pit Boss

Bell Pit Boss

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that looks can be deceiving. When you take a first glance at Pit Boss, it will undoubtedly look like every other helmet in the market. It can be perfect for cruisers, riders and even for those people who are riding a bike for the first time. The best thing is that it will provide ultimate protection to your skull. You have to scratch the surface you will find out the set is high quality. It is light in weight, and the speed dial fit system is top-notch. No matter what the weather condition is, the removable neck feature will allow safety to your neck. The convenient speak pockets will not only enhance the audio quality, but you can also connect your microphone in it. The composite shell is made with TRI-Matrix technology, and the fit can be customized according to your requirement. There are optional lenses available and can be replaced too. The internal sunshade is easy to adjust and will protect you from the sunlight. The weight is less than 1000 grams, and the microfiber and antibacterial facility will clean the air and will help you breathe easier. It is one of the best Motorcycle helmets for cruisers and can be purchased with low rates.

Perfect Fit

Pit boss open-face motorcycle helmet looks refreshing as it features in different colours and size options. Solid Matte black seems elegant and provides the perfect fit on your head. It is suitable for the cruisers, and the adventures you are planning to have will be fulfilled with perfection. Speed dial fit system will prevent lift or slippage. Due to this system, the helmet will provide a perfect fit and can be customized according to your requirements.


The versatility of the Pit boss starts up with the manufacturing of the shell in a perfect way. It is made with polycarbonate, which is of high quality. The light and comfortable helmet have an excellent ventilation system. You can keep yourself fresh during summers and can protect yourself from the heat of the sunlight. The helmet is eyeglasses friendly, and you can wear any while driving. Most of the cruisers love to wear eyeglasses, and when there is a sturdy helmet, the dirt and other particles won’t cover it.

Protection System Technology

One of the best things about this helmet is that it features a protection system technology. It will provide your head with perfect protection and skull will be saved. When the motorbike riders wear a helmet and keep them away from the accident, it will be the best option. The helmet has been made with well-researched technology which will promote safety at every step. There is a fog-resistant feature which won’t let the fog cover up the helmet, and you can drive quickly even in the night. There are no proper vents, but the unique ventilation system makes it easy for the rider to breathe and ride in comfort.

Removable Visor

The Pit boss Motorcycle helmet has a removable visor which proves to be a useful choice for street riding. The pair of dirt goggles can be worn, which you can flip up and down according to your riding requirements. Visor can be changed according to the weather condition too. If there is strong sunlight, it will protect you from the sun. If there is a rainfall, the helmet can keep you safe. The face shield is a little fuller than other options, and the rider will get visibility in a much broader way and you can reach the destination safely.

Inner Liner

Quality interior liner feature provides unending benefits while the additional accessories such as cheek pad, removable neck roll for different climatic conditions. The inner liner has anti-bacterial padding, which will save you from harmful particles. You can wash the cheek pad and removable neck with soap and warm water. If you want to maintain the helmet for long time use, you should take good care of it.

Fog Resistant Vision Protection System Is Of Good QualityPadding Inside Makes The Ride Uncomfortable Sometimes
Lightweight & Easy To HandleNo Proper Vents Which Should Have Been A Part Of This Helmet
Budget Friendly




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