Best Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Motorcycles riders are the ones that are exposed to the heat the most. When the weather is hot, and the sun is out, it can be difficult for the riders to ride the motorcycle. The whole body of the rider is exposed to the heat, and that is why they often feel dehydrated. Dehydration can be dangerous for a person, so it is essential to wear a helmet during the hot weather. Governments of various countries have banned motorcycle riders from driving without a helmet. A helmet is the most important precaution that a rider must take when he is riding in the sun. The helmet can protect you from the heat effectively and can also keep you safe in case of an accident. Below we look at the three of the Best Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather. Do check them out.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather (Comparison)

Motorcycle HelmetWeight 

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LS2 OF5692.95 lbs

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HJC RPHA 70 ST5.79 lbs

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HJC IS-MAX II SOLID makes it to the top of our list because it can provide you with the best protection from the sun. The design of the helmet is modern and is compatible with Bluetooth. It can make it easy for you to connect to your phone wirelessly and answer calls while you are driving. The helmet has a battery of 20 plus hours that can help you to connect to your Smartphone and your friends. The helmet comes with a speaker that can let you hear the GPS directions via the speakers. You can go in the right directions and will never get late for work. It also allows you to stay safe and protected and prevents you from getting into an accident. The best part about this helmet is that it is lightweight and has a good grip. The lightweight features help to relax your muscles because your shoulders don’t feel any pressure. It is also easy and comfortable to carry and wear. When you are driving, it becomes difficult for you to move your head around quickly if the helmet is too heavy. Some people have also complained of their neck getting stiff because of the heaviness of the helmet. HJC 980-575 is lightweight and can help you to get a comfortable ride.

Dual Visor

The helmet comes protected with a dual visor and can help you to stay protected from the rays of the sun. The heat rays that come from the sun can be harsh and can make you feel hydrated, but this helmet can keep you protected from scorching heat and sun.


The helmet is lightweight and is comfortable to wear and take off. When you are driving, you don’t feel that there is a heavy item around your face and neck. This can help you to turn your head around quickly. You can use it with comfort and convenience, and your rides will be carefree and enjoyable.

Great Fit

The helmet has a superior fit, and it doesn’t slip or move when you are driving. The helmets that are not fixed with your face can make things difficult for you when you are driving. You can also get into an accident if the helmet falls off from your face. The inappropriate fixing of the helmet can even cover your eyes and can disturb you to look ahead as you drive your motorcycle.

Easy To Use

The helmet comes with a comfortable single button that can release the face shield and chin bar. In this busy and modern world, we don’t have time to waste, and it can be tiresome to remove the helmet that doesn’t come with a single button.

Integrated Sun Shield

The helmet is designed with an integrated sun shield that can help to protect you from the sun rays. The sun shield is adjustable and can be removed easily when you don’t need it. Multiple options of sun shields are available, and you can choose the one that you like the most

Ventilation System

The ventilation system in the helmet can help you to stay protected from the scorching heat. The airflow is perfect and doesn’t let you feel exhausted when you are wearing the helmet. The ventilation system can also help you to cool down the heat that is coming from the sun rays.

LightweightYou Have To Buy A Quick Helmet Release Separately
AdjustableDoesn’t Have A Slot For Glasses
Sun Shield Can Protect You From The Sun Rays




LS2 OF569

LS2 OF569

The LS2 OF569 helmet is perfect for people who don’t want to put pressure on the head and shoulders. The helmet can provide the best safety solution for you and can help you to reach your destination safely. The design of the helmet is more open as compared to other helmets. It can help to provide you with excellent ventilation and airflow. The air passes through the helmet quickly and can help you to stay fresh and hydrated while you travel on your motorcycle. The helmet has an interior that can help you to disperse the heat and can help you manage your sweat easily. The helmet can provide you with complete protection from the AV rays and can keep you protected during the hot season. It can be the perfect sunscreen for you, and you don’t have to invest your money in buying a sunscreen for you. If you are looking for convenience and comfort, then it is ideal that you get the brands helmet for you. There is the padding on the sides of the helmet that can help you to absorb the sweat from the sides of the face. The comfortable dryness can help you to comfortably drive your motorbike without having to use your hands to absorb the sweat.


The helmet has a very lightweight and can help you to keep the heavy pressure off from your shoulders and head. It can also be easy for you to remove the helmet when you are in a hurry. It can also provide you with perfect airflow when the weather is too hot and can protect you from the heat.

Bluetooth Capabilities

The helmet has a Bluetooth feature that can allow you to connect to your devices easily. Stay connected with your friends and family even when you are riding your motorcycle.

Moisture Absorbing Padding

When you are driving your motorcycle in the heat and sun, sweat comes falling off your face all the time. This helmet comes with a moisture absorbing padding that can help to wipe your sweat from your face. The surface of your face can get sweaty when you are riding the bike, and this padding can help you to absorb the sweat even if you are driving for long hours.

Air Vents

The helmet comes with air vents that can help you to disperse the heat and enjoy the fresh airflow to cool down your heat. You will feel fresh while you take a ride on your bike. Covering long distances in the summer season wouldn’t be a problem for you anymore because the moisture-absorbing padding can absorb your sweat and help you to stay calm.

ComfortableDoesn’t Come With A Chin Bar
Comfort Liner Is Removable & Washable





HJC RPHA 70 ST Motorcycle helmet is one of the best helmets in the market. It is large in size and design looks elegant due to many color options available. The helmet features silver, flat and titanium and is constructed with all these quality materials. It will give you ultimate protection, and you will feel comfortable while wearing it. Many people don’t like the heavyweight helmets on the head as they find it difficult to carry. There is a front mask on the helmet which will protect you against the dust particles. Due to intense weather conditions, the helmet can work well for your safety. When it comes to road safety rules, there are strict restrictions on people to wear a helmet. When you attach the front mask with a well-built headgear, it looks solid, sturdy and elegant. The durable shell of this helmet is not only light in weight but restricts the massive impacts. The best thing is that you can change the front mask of the helmet according to the weather conditions. If the weather is hot or cold, there is a dual visor which saves your eyes from the direct sunlight. It will fulfill the requirements of a professional rider and someone who is interested in touring only.


The shell of HJC RPHA 70 Motorcycle helmet is made of LG polycarbonate, and the best thing is that it will protect you from massive impacts. It is one of the most durable materials which are used to manufacture a helmet. The rear comfort sleeve on the top makes it a solid helmet when compared to other products in the market. You can have a stress free ride and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Dual Visor

If we talk about the best feature of this helmet, it has a dual visor. It can be changed according to the condition of the weather. The tinted visor will block the sun rays from getting into your eyes. The dark smoke visor can come handy in the night time. It comes packed with a clear visor which will make your driving easy.

Dual Density EPS

The dual-density EPS of this helmet is also manufactured with perfection. It is correctly installed inside the helmet and gives excellent comfort and grip while you are wearing it. The ventilation system is perfectly tuned as it allows you to breathe smoothly. The faceguard is soft, and there are vents which won’t close when you are wearing the helmet. The airflow vents out in intense summers so you don’t feel suffocated.

Anti- Microbial Fabric

The specially formed anti-microbial fabric provides a perfect lining inside the helmet. It will keep the driver cool in summers. The helmet is packed with so many powerful features. It covers your full face rather than covering only half of it. The lining of the helmet can be cleaned with soap or even pure fabric.


When you are wearing the helmet, it will provide you with unlimited safety. The weight of this product is 5.79 pounds. The best thing is that the design will give you stable and comfortable riding experience. UV protection feature is top-notch, and the clear visor will make driving easy. If you are a fan of bike riding it will give you a good quality experience. It is suitable for both males and females. The helmet is decent in price, which is why many people are purchasing it.

Foam Seals

A foam seal is another beautiful feature of this helmet. You can place these sturdy seals around your head or ears. Many people believe that it is a lot quieter than other helmets because of these seals. You can listen to your favorite music while turning your favorite song on during driving. The quality hearing experience will be provided to you even though you are riding on a busy road. The airflow is smooth, which means you can breathe air inside, which is free of any dust or other harmful particles. It provides a perfect overall fit but remains a little lose at the lower side, making it easy to carry.

Elegant & Stylish LookComplaints Of Bottom Visor Being Distracting
Quick Release Buckle Provides Adjustability To The Rider
Visor Adjustments Can Be Changed According To Weather Conditions




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