Best Motorcycle Helmets For Rain 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Buying the best motorcycle helmet that can help you to drive comfortably in the rain can be tough and challenging. There are so many helmet brands in the market, and it can be difficult for you to judge which one is the most suitable one for you. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and there are times when you have some urgent work, and you must ride your motorcycle while raining. In those times, a helmet that can give you complete protection from the rain is the most beneficial. We will help you pick the best ones in the market. Read our full review of 3 best motorcycle helmets for rain.

Best Motorcycle Helmets For Rain (Comparison)

Motorcycle HelmetWeight 
TORC T-14.54 lbs Check Price
ScorpionExo Covert Solid3.97 lbs Check Price
Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout4.85 lbs Check Price




The TORC T-1 is a helmet with a retro style and comes with some of the most modern features. It has a lot of safety features that can help you ride your motorcycle with great comfort. It has an exceptional fit and can provide you with the best support. The helmet is retro style so you should buy one size smaller than the size you usually buy. If you buy a large helmet size for you, then you must get a medium size. TORC T-1 comes from the biggest helmet makers in China and provides you with an exceptional quality helmet. The helmet has excellent styling and gives you high functionality. It comes with different size options, and you can pick the one that suits you the most. It can be an excellent buy for people who have large heads because this helmet would be able to fit even the most massive heads. It comes with a lot of merits and is one of the best helmets available in the market to ride your motorcycle in the rain. The helmet has fiberglass protection and makes the helmet lightweight. The helmet is an excellent choice for tropical climates and can protect you well.

A Great Fit

The TORC helmet is a comfortable fit and can allow you to ride your motorcycle in comfort as it has a good grip and fit. If you have a round and ample head and can’t find any helmet according to your head size, then TORC T-1 can be the best one for you.


The TORC T-1 is lightweight as compared to other helmets in the market. It feels comfortable on your head and doesn’t put any pressure on you when you are riding your motorcycle.

Safety Standard

The helmet is not only great for tropical climates but is also great if you are looking for safety features in a helmet. The padding is generous, and the thick foam lining can offer your head the best protection if you get into a crash. The best part is that the helmet doesn’t compromise on the comfort and convenience for providing more safety.

Ventilation System

The adjustable ventilation system can give you the option to adjust the helmet when it is heavily raining. This can help you to prevent the rain from getting inside your helmet. The ventilation system also keeps the helmet cool and breathable, and you don’t feel exhausted while riding your motorcycle.

Global Appeal

The helmet has a global appeal and can be perfect for riders from all over the world. It can be ideal for riding during rainy weather and can also be perfect for wearing in the hot weather. It has a great balance of safety and comfort and can make your journey enjoyable and relaxing.

DurableMay Get Hot If You Use It For Prolonged Hours In The Warm Season
Cheek Pads Can Be Molded & Are ComfortableLacks Design Choices
Scratch Resistant & Has A UV Resistant Shield




ScorpionExo Covert Solid

ScorpionExo Covert Solid

The ScorpionExo Covert Solid has a great design and can be suitable for all those people who have a good fashion sense. This will help you to impress people when you are driving around the town wearing it. There are different design options available in this helmet, and it is very functional as well. It comes with some of the most significant safety features and can be great for riding and cruising around the city. The helmet is made with ABS shell, and the construction is durable and can also provide you with excellent protection. You can ride your motorcycle comfortably on a bumpy road and still feel assured that you will stay protected and safe. The bugs that are hitting your helmet can’t harm you because of the sturdy construction of it. The outer shell of the helmet is durable and isn’t scratchy. It comes with some great additional accessories that make it one of the top helmets in the market right now. It is a safety motorcycle helmet that can be perfect for protecting you during tropical weathers. The interior padding of the helmet can absorb moisture and kill any bacteria and germs.

Perfect For Trail & Rainy Roads

The helmet comes with some of the best hybrid features that can help you to ride comfortably on the trail and rainy roads. It can provide you with security, and your head stays protected even though you are driving fast. It provides you with optimal comfort and convenience and can be the best high-end helmet during the rain.


The helmet comes equipped with an excellent ventilation system and provides you with fresh air and ventilation. You can enjoy the refreshing air while you ride on your bike. The air supply is steady and can help you to possess an exhilarating ride. It can wick away the moisture and can help you to look fresh and clean even during the hottest of weather conditions.

One Touch Shield

The helmet comes with a one-touch shield that can help you to put a shield on your face with a one-touch button. It can help you to prevent your face from the rain droplets that are dropped on your face. You can drive for miles, even in the heaviest of rains and still stay protected and dry.


The helmet comes with some of the best features and is still available at an affordable price. It is budget-friendly and can fit the budget of people from any financial status. If you are looking for an option that has great features and still available at an average price, then this helmet is the perfect buy for you.

Padding Is Removable & WashableShield Is A Bit Hard To Use
Comfortable To Wear
Excellent For Use During The Winter Season




Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet is large in size and oval in shape which looks elegant. The matte black design on the top looks neat. It won’t scratch any matter you use it for a long time. The shell is constructed using polycarbonate while the interior is fully padded. The cheek pads are colored so you can easily remove or wash them. The inside cushion of the helmet is made with anti-bacterial material which means it is safe. You won’t get into an accident if you have this durable helmet with you. The wind collar is a beautiful feature as it would stop the wind from the front and back. Your journey will be noise-free even when you are driving the bike in windy weather. You can protect your head from an injury, and your neck will remain firm without bringing any pressure. When you are wearing this helmet, it won’t feel heavy even though it is significant. The oval shapes give comfort to the rider, and the cover on the front can withstand any pressure. Bell Qualifier helmet is super safe, comfortable and convenient for the user. It has got everything a bike rider will require. You don’t have to think twice before purchasing this helmet.

Two Shields

Bell Qualifier Helmets features two well-constructed shields. There is one shield inside while there is another one on the front side of the box. The shields are constructed with polycarbonate, which is an eco-friendly material. The firm cushions on the inside are soft and give comfort to the rider.

Communication Ready

The helmet has a communication ready system. There is a communication port attached inside while the Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom system are also good. The integrated speaker pockets are another useful feature. If you want a proper accommodation of Bluetooth, they are sold separately. These features usually are not available in other helmets.

Flow Ventilation

The well-constructed helmet has velocity flow ventilation. You can adjust the flow according to your requirement so your journey will remain to be comfortable. The circulation of air will keep you fresh during summers. The top shell of the helmet helps you breathe without any difficultly. The anti-fog feature means your helmet won’t become foggy even when you are driving in a rainy season. The disperse impact feature is valuable in case of a crash. You can listen to your favorite music while driving as you won’t have any fear of getting into trouble.


Bell Qualifier helmet is a high-quality helmet. The head-protecting gear is durable and sage at the same time. It is an economical choice, but the safety features bring a lot of advantage. The helmet comes with a five-year warranty which is also a useful thing for the riders.

Head Protection

The helmet is simple and easy to wear. It is an excellent choice for bike riders or people who are into road trip adventures. The chin and forehead vent will protect your face while the upper shield will keep your head safe. If you fall, you can feel assured that your head or skull won’t get injured, which happens commonly with bike riders. While wearing the helmet, don’t let the strap get too tight so you can move it any way you like. There is the severe structural support for the head, and if you are a serious rider, you will like this feature the most.

No Discomfort To Your HeadBluetooth Connectivity May Not Work Well With iPhone
Good Ventilation SystemMay Not Be A Good Choice If You Like To Wear Glasses
Doesn’t Fog Up In Rainy Weather




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