Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

A motorcycle helmet is an essential item for all the people who ride on the motorcycle every day. If you are going to replace your old helmet or are looking to buy a new helmet, this guide would be helpful. Some excellent brands can help you to give you maximum protection when you are riding your motorcycle. If you have a tight budget and are looking for one of the Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300, then we will introduce you to the top 3 motorcycle helmets from some of the best brands and have useful features.

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 (Comparison)

Motorcycle HelmetWeight 
Bell Revolver Evo5.5 lbs

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Biltwell Lane Splitter5 lbs

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TORC T-14.69 lbs

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Bell Revolver Evo

Bell Revolver Evo

If you are looking for a full-face helmet that can give you maximum protection, then Bell Revolver Evo can be the best option for you. It has a great fit and comes with a good ventilation system. Customers have revealed that this helmet can provide the riders with the best comfort and can give you a comfortable ride. It is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and can be useful for you to travel for long miles. You can breathe well while wearing this helmet and it can perfect to wear in humid weather. It has a great fitting and can be easily removed when you feel the need to. The cheek pads are washable and removable and can help you to wash them when it is full of sweat. The removal of the helmet is easy, and you can reach your destination at a quick rate. The helmet is made using the best new technology and can help you to get a comfortable ride on your motorcycle. The helmet is made with a modern style and can make you look great as you travel around the city while wearing it. If you are looking for a motorcycle helmet with a functional design and looks stylish and modern, then Bell Revolver Evo modular is perfect for you.

Tinted Shield

The shield of the helmet is tinted, and it can allow you to get prevention from harmful UV rays. The optical tinted shade is made with durable material, and it can protect you from getting any injuries. The shield system can be released quickly and can allow you to remove the shield easily.

Washable Interior Lining

The interior lining of the helmet is made from a material that can absorb the moisture. The inner lining can also be removed and washed. It becomes easy for you to wash away the sweat from the interior lining, and your helmet feels fresh and brand new.

Sun Visor

It comes equipped with a sun visor that can allow you to protect yourself from the sun rays. It can provide you with the best shade on a sunny day when the weather is scorching hot. Sunlight can hamper the motorcycle driver’s vision and can disturb you from riding the bike in the correct direction. The sun visor can help to prevent your eyesight from getting troubled while you drive your motorcycle.

Impressive Helmet

Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet is one for the most impressive looking motorcycle helmets that are available in the market under $300. It comes in a great design and is a class apart from all the other helmets available in a similar price range. The exterior of the helmet is stylish, and it can make you look great when you are riding your motorcycle.


The Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet is made from durable material. Even though the material is sturdy, it doesn’t make the helmet heavy. It is lightweight and doesn’t put any extra pressure on your head. It can also be removed and put on quickly because of its lightweight feature.

Ventilation Channels Make The Helmet BreathableExtra Cheek Pads Aren’t Available With The Helmet
Sun Visor Is UV Protected
Perfect For Fast Speeds



Biltwell Lane Splitter

Biltwell Lane Splitter

The Biltwell brand is famous for making high quality and expensive helmets. Lane Splitter has a design that will turn heads while you are driving on the road. It comes with some of the best features that can provide you with the best comfort and protection. Users of this helmet have claimed that the helmet can deliver an excellent airflow and can help you to ride motorcycles for long miles. The helmet has gained immense popularity for having a stylish design and comfort. The helmet looks great and can also provide you with a good grip on your head. The pads are made with genuine leather, which has helped increase the durability of the helmet. You wouldn’t have any problem to wash it because the interior lining is washable. The interiors of the helmet can be cleaned naturally, and you can use any regular washing soap to wash the interiors of the helmet. The helmet comes at a cheap price and can be a budget-friendly option for you. It also comes with some of the best and hi-tech features and can allow you to get the best comfort and protection. If you are looking to get a helmet that is high quality and can provide you with the best protection, then this budget-friendly helmet can be an excellent option for you.

Face Shield

The face shield of the helmet is made with durable materials and can help you to stay protected from sun rays and UV raysThe face shield is scratch-resistant and can help you to keep the helmet safely. It wouldn’t develop a scratch and even if you use it for years. The face shield has a quick release and can be put down quickly with a one-click button.

Ventilation System

The helmet comes with an excellent ventilation system that can help you to drive the motorcycle for long hours, even in the hot weather. It is breathable and can help you to breathe easily when you are riding your motorcycle. The ventilation system is adjustable and is suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Adjustable Front Bents

This helmet comes with multiple adjustable front bents that can help you to provide extra comfort. It can also allow you to have the right amount of airflow inside the helmet. The fresh airflow can enable you to ride the motorcycle even in the hottest weather conditions.

ABS Outer Shell

The ABS outer shell is made with a scratch-free durable material and doesn’t let the helmet get damaged. The outer shell is hand-painted and looks great and stylish.

Superior Grip

The helmet has a superior grip and is best suitable for riders who like to travel at a fast speed. It is also great for motorcycle racers and can enable the rider to ride at the most rapid pace without getting the helmet move from its position.

Great FittingHelmet Can Be A Bit Noisy During Riding
Visually Appealing Design
Sun Visors Are Clear & Tinted






TORC T-1 Motorcycle Helmet features an elegant design. It comes out in color forms like black and Gloss which gives ultimate protection to the head. It has got an excellent fit while the security and ventilation are top-notch. The product is comfortable, and many customers have shared their good experiences in the reviews. It will work well in hot and cold weather and won’t make you feel suffocated. Even if it’s humid outside, it will still provide comfort, and you can breathe easily. Whenever the helmet is used for the first time, you may find it hard to carry, but after one or two uses, it will be perfect. The padding inside makes the helmet very soft from the inside, and once you wear, it won’t move upside down. The cheek pads are removable, breathable, and easy to wash. If you get into an unfortunate accident or an emergency, the emergency release system will keep your neck posture in control. It will give excellent support to your head and skull even if you fall from a distance. There are tabs under the neck, which will help you remove them quickly. The fog-free technology and anti-scratch coating is very high quality, and it will allow a pleasant and smooth riding experience to the biker. It has been getting good reviews from people and is suitable for both males and females.

ABS Outer Shell

The ABS outer shell is manufactured with a hand paint finish. The injection molding technology makes the shell durable from the inside and outside. The best thing is that the shell is so light in weight that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing something. It has been getting great reviews from people and become one of the top-selling brands.

Inner Shell

TORC Unisex-Adult T10525 Retro motorcycle helmet has a sturdy inner shell which is made of polystyrene. The exciting part is that this helmet is suitable for both males and females and has become very popular over the past few years. The adventurous bikers are making the most of these features. There are different color options available for the inner lining of the helmet. The size of the helmet is light, and it is easy to carry and hold on the head.

Cell Foam Padding

The cell foam padding inside the helmet is manufactured using excellent quality fabric. It is hand-sewn and can be removed whenever you like. Washing it won’t take much time either. The hinged face shield will protect your face from rain, windfall, and harmful rays from the sun.

Audio Pockets

You can easily connect the audio pockets with Bluetooth, and the connectivity will be smooth. It won’t create any noise while you are driving the bike if you are on an adventurous trip you can use these facilities. You can give an urgent call to your friend and talk to them with the audio pockets.


As far as ventilation is concerned, this helmet will again deliver the best of performance. The chin-mounted airflow will keep you fresh even in intense summers. The ventilation system has a proper open and closing operation. The tinted option on the ventilation system has a sun shield that will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. The features are easy to use, and the best part is that the helmet looks attractive and stylish.

No Wind Noise

There is no wind noise that you will get when you wear this helmet for your unique journey. If you want to have communication with your friends while you are driving, it will deliver the best of the result. The speakers have the best sound quality, and the audio is free of vibration.


The brand of this helmet is famous for offering helmets which have an excellent and quality design. It has a vintage as well as a modern feel, and whoever will look at it will be delighted. The chin strap will provide maximum comfort and safety. It comes out in a variety of colors like black, gloss, and metallic. The excellent airflow feature will not give you any discomfort while driving.

Ventilation Is Good & Airflow Is Free Of Any ObstructionsCan Tend To Be Loud At Times
Lightweight & Easy To CarryAverage Sound Quality Of The Speakers
Speakers Connectivity With Bluetooth




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