Best Roof Box For Audi Q5 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

In this world of luxury cars where buying luxurious cars is a hobby so, the same way their accessories are very expensive but besides the price value of these cars and there accessories it is more hard to find the parts of these cars and vehicles where Amazon provides you with the best quality parts of these luxury cars and you can buy the best roof box for your Audi Q5 available on the market today.

Best Roof Box For Audi Q5 (Comparison)

Roof BoxVolume 
Thule Motion XT22 Cubic Feet

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Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8092BK12 Cubic Feet

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SportRack Vista XL SR701818 Cubic Feet

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Thule Motion XT

Thule Motion XT


Thule Motion XT rooftop cargo carrier has the best looking body to install on the top of the roof of your Audi Q5 it comes in shiny blackish colur and glossy titan colour with outcalss quality plastic and weighing 55 pounds.


This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier provides you with 16 cubic feet of extra space. It is designed such a way that it has efficiency of optimal space, perfect vehicle fitment , and aerodynamics. When this Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is totally secured so, the quick mount system gives a sound of “click”. It has height of 18 inch crossbar.

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier can be open from both sides of the car for relax and comfortable opening. It has very soft and easy gripping handles with best supporting lid lifters. It has a single key system where the lid automatically locks the rooftop cargo carrier and signs a secure closure of the roof box. It has the load capacity and can absorb the load upto 165 pounds and the weight it itself is 55 pounds. It externally sizes 91.5 x 37.5 x 18 inches whereas internally it has dimensions of 84.5 x 33 x 16 inches.

Lock System

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier has the best locking and secure system for your cargo. It has a slide lock system with different locking and opening functions. It automatically locks your rooftop cargo carrier and “clicks” the sound when the box is locked securely.

No Collision

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is very easy to access and besides this it also does not collides with the trunk door while opening or closing the trunk because it is designed in such a forward position that it has zero chances of colliding with your car trunk.

Two Way Opening

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is very freindly and easy to open which can be open from both sides of the vehicles as it has two way opening system secondly it has a very soft handle to grip with lids and lifters.

Easy To Use

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is very easy to use as it has a key connected “quick mount” system which by clicking once it can be locked or opened easily.


This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier system is available in two classy colours

  • Glossy black
  • Glossy titan

Secondly this roof box cargo carrier is available in three different sizes that are

  • Aerodynamics fits in L
  • XL size
  • XXL to fit in wide vehicles

Why Buy This Product?

This Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is the best roof top cargo carrier that you should buy for your vehicle becasue it has various sizes, colours, outrageous style, easy opening, and has the best security system.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Easy To OpenNone That We Could Find
Good Security System
Dual Side Opening




Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8092BK

Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8092BK

Auto Dynasty ADPTZTL8092BK pair of aluminium roof rail cross bars and waterproof cargo box has the best outlook with box having glossy black coulur and bars with silver colour of stainless steel. This whole package is expensive to buy but it is worth the price.


These aluminium cross bars have the best constructed ABS plastic mounting brackets. This water proof cargo box is a heavy duty ABS constructed box to carry your things on a long journey. This aluminium roof rail has the capacity of 12 cu ft with dimensions of 68” L × 31″ W×16” H. It opens from 14.75 inches wide in order to store heavy and bulky items. This aluminium roof rail box opens from the side and remains open until you close it.

Why Buy This Product?

Remember this aluminium roof rail cross bars and roof box is an after market part that is not provided by the brand or company of your car but is a self bought vehicle part installed for more space. This roof box with cross bars is a very light weight and is built up of very high quality materials like solid plastic and stainless aluminium material. It gives you an option besides your trunk to store heavy and bulky items on top of the roof of your vehicle. It has a very secure locking system.


  • This roof box system has 2 aluminium cross bars up on which the luggage carrier box is installed.
  • It also has 4 ABS plastic mounting brackets
  • It also includes heavy duty carrying box made of quality plastic and other quality material.
  • It comes with a one key system to lock and unlock your box.
  • It has a Beautiful mounting hardware.


This aluminium roof rail cross bars and roof box is very easy to use as it comes only with a single key system to lock and unlock, plus it has the side opening and closing system, and more important of all is that it has the best mounting security system due to which you can securely travel with you luggage.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Heavy Luggage Carrying CapacityNone That We Could Find



SportRack Vista XL SR7018

SportRack Vista XL SR7018

SportRack Vista XL SR7018 is the best rear opening cargo box for the roof top luggage carrying box it fits a sport rack in square, round, and other shapes. It is a tool less roof top box luggage carrier easy to install and remove. It has a very easy opening for easy approach to the box to put in and out your luggage with a key system. The construction of this vista XL roof top box is ABS construction which is durable and also ultraviolet UV resistant and easy to wash and clean with the soap and water. It has the dimensions of 63 x 38 x 19 inches, which has the maximum of capacity of absorbing 100 lbs of weight.

About The Company

It is a vista XL rear opening roof top system which is manufactured by car parts making company named THULE. It comes in the brand of sports rack having a model number of SR7018 which weighs 28 lbs with manufacturer part number of SR7018.

Why Buy This Product?

Well! There are many certain reasons to buy this vista XL sports rack roof top box like it is made of the best quality, beautiful black colour, easy opening, best security system, lighter in weight, but besides all these good qualities there is also the customer review rating of this very product on Amazon which is 4.6 out of 5 star rating with 994 ratings which can be one of the aspects to look around while buying this product.


This sports rear opening rack roof box for luggage carrying has a limited lifetime warranty which is only for the first owner who buys this roof box from sportsrack brand but once he or she sells this to someone else so the warranty of this sports rack is over and further it cannot be replaced with other roof boxes.

Easy Installation

This sports rack vista XL roof top luggage carrying box is very easy to install and more importantly it is a tool free product to install on your car’s roof top. You have to install this box into the cross bars by using U-bolts. Once it has settled in its position so, the U-bolt is inserted below and also around the bars and also into the interior of the box. Further the threads of the U-Bolt attaches with the hardware.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

LightweightSometimes Water Gets Into It
UV Resistant
Mounting System For Quick On & Off




Cleaning Your Roof Box

It’s more than likely that your roof box will get very dirty and would require you to clean it every now and then whether you go on expeditions regularly or not. Cleaning your roof box can be the easiest thing you do all day or it can be the toughest task of your day depending on how you do it. Cleaning your roof box the proper way will make this cleaning job easy for you. So what are the few ways you can follow to clean your roof box efficiently.

Wiping It

If you are planning on wiping down the dust off your roof box then make sure you use proper products to do so. Your roof box is an investment and you wouldn’t want your roof box to be scratched when wiping off the dust. So the best product to use when wiping the dust off is a micro fiber cloth which will not scratch your roof box when wiping the dust off.


Next in line when cleaning your roof box is to rinse it when needed. There is a chance that you’d go on an expedition which will result in your roof box to get muddy or rainy weather doing it’s magic, making the roof box look dirty as much as possible. In this case you will have to rinse your roof box for proper cleaning.

You’ll have to start off by rinsing the mud off the roof box and apply soap product to clean it. When you’re done with soap product you’ll have to rinse it again and wipe it with micro fiber cloth.


Once you clean/rinse your roof box you’ll need to dry it as well otherwise any residue of water will leave a stain or worse it can damage any layering you have been using inside your roof box. So make sure to dry your roof box for a while before storing it in a dry place.



We have listed some of the best roof boxes in this publication for you to select. We hope you will find useful information in this publication that will allow you to make a better decision in your roof box selection journey.



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