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(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Skiing is a great winter activity, but you can still struggle to transport your skis with you when you want to reach the mountain without the best roof cargo box for skis. Instead of trying to crowd them with your family into the car, which can be cramped and risky, it is a safer option to buy a roof box that allows you to store skis, keep them safe on the trip, and will not cause them to take up a lot of space with you inside your vehicle.

It is essential to choose the right roof cargo box for your needs so that you can get the most out of it during the winter.

If you are making your first purchase, selecting the best ski and snowboard racks for cars is not easy. All the options in the market that are available may even overwhelm you. But all you need to remember is that we can mount them on the same rack, the sort of car you want to mount them on, and the number of skis or boards you want to bring. Therefore it is essential to first look at the compatibility and choose the choices that best suit your preferences. We have listed some of the Best Roof Box For Skis for your consideration below.

Best Roof Box For Skis (Comparison)

Roof BoxVolume 
Thule Pulse11 cu ft

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Goplus SU-522114 cu ft

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Thule Force XT11 cu ft

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Thule Pulse

Thule Pulse

For decades, Thule has been at the forefront of creativity in the outdoors segment. Here’s a roundup of their best cargo for the ski roof. Thule has been on the front line of the outdoor invention for decades. Here is a roundup of their best load for the ski roof.

Structure & Features

Thule Pulse cargo box, economical and aerodynamic, carries skis, snowboards, small baggage, or other equipment. In most garages or parking systems, it is low profile and compact enough to fit. The package offers tool-free installation on your roof rack with exact grip mounting hardware. For quick installation, the hand knobs tighten clamps around your crossbars, repositioning the mounting hardware along the rubber line tracks to accommodate smaller vehicles. The two load straps included work to secure the gear with built-in anchor points on tight grip hardware. The single side opening lid facilitates safe loading and unloading on the passenger side. The oversized safe lock ensures proper opening and closure of the case. Only when the box is closed and secured can the key be removed.

The roof box is made of ABS plastic and is resistant to harsh UV rays, impacts, and temperature. Its outside measurements are 88.5” inches in length by 12.5” inches in height by 25.5” inches in width. The interior measures are 82.75” inches in length and 23.5” inches in width, and 10.5” inches in height. Now that we have gone through some characteristics and requirements show you how to mount them. Set the rooftop box well on our crossbars with another set of helping hands, ensuring that the package is perpendicular to the crossbars to ensure a good match. Now, slide it well through the rubber stripping on the box’s underside using the hand knobs with the clamps, which will allow the claws to wrap around the crossbars. If we have all four of them in place, two of them in the front of the box, two of them in the back of the box, we can tighten the knobs and lock the box to the car. The vehicle was able to load our cargo once the box was packed. Well, open the box using the included key lock, set our shipment into the top compartment of the roof using the two straps, and tie our cargo down. Tighten the belts so that they are covered and that it does not harm them. Now take the lid down, close it shut, and secure it well using the close assist harness. Go ahead now and show you what it looks like to drive down the road.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Low ProfileLimited Versatility
Easy Install & Uninstall



Goplus SU-5221

Goplus SU-5221

Outdoor adventures often need you to bring all kinds of gear and clothing. You’ll also find that the trunk of your vehicle can’t accommodate all the cargo. That’s when you need to equip your car with the Goplus Cargo Box-Waterproof Rooftop Cargo-Carrier Heavy Duty

Storage Box

This item was among the top best in carrying out a report on Freight box vehicle reviews. When you consider its excellent architecture and features, the Goplus cargo carrier with a star rating of 4.6 deserves it. The Goplus, designed and built with a flexible, streamlined, and aerodynamic construction, reduces drag and wind noise.

It’s designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable with PC and ABS content. It has bottom stiffeners for additional rigidity. The super latch keeps the entire box securely, making sure it’s secured. By the neat design and the built-up, the mounting process and access are both made simple. This cargo box provides a cozy way for you and your family or friends to hold all your gear.

Main Characteristics & Benefits

Perfect For Your Road Trip

To tackle any road trip, this cargo box for sale has all the best qualities. With it, you can transport your cargo to the beach, park, sports field, or any other location. It has an aerodynamic and streamlined nature that works well to minimize drag and noise. It is ideal for a wide variety of cars, including SUVs, trucks, buses, etc.

Sufficient Capacity Of Load

The cargo box was designed with a vast loading capacity for cargo. It features 14 cubic feet of loading space. That’s enough room for all of your essentials to bring.

The Material Of Highest Quality

The Goplus carrier has some of the most delicate ABS and PC fabrics of the highest quality. It features round and square factory bars to make it safer. It is a strong and durable item that effectively protects your valuables from exposure to components. It has a capacity of 165 lbs for loading.

Secure & Robust Construction

Its secure and durable design is why this product has been chosen as the best rooftop cargo box. The metal lid comes with stiffening at the rim, making the carrier safer and more secure. In all weather conditions, this freight carrier is deliberately built to withstand continuous and substantial use. To keep your valuables safe, it also has a double lock design.

The Quick Handling

To be able to mount it quickly, the cargo carrier features four fast connecting anchors. It has super latch safety, making sure that the lid stays firmly on the base of the box, making all your equipment secured. The box has a double-sided opening that makes it easy to reach from either side of the car.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Minimum Wind NoiseThin Top
Easy Installation



Thule Force XT

Thule Force XT

Aerodynamic Special Design

When they buy rooftop cargo boxes, people often experience noise issues. If a freight box has not been correctly built, it will end up making a lot of noise as you drive down the lane. It will become a little bit of a nuisance when the wind reaches the box. On long journeys, this can be extremely irritating.

When you purchase the Thule Force XT Cargo Package, you won’t need to think about that. It was produced with a specific AeroNose style. This is a pointed nose design that allows the cargo box to cut through the air and reduces wind noise. For anybody who needs to have the most relaxing drive possible, this is excellent.

Thule Force XT cargo box’s configuration also helps you increase the trunk and the hatch’s clearance. It has a rear-angled base configuration that makes it easy to clear the hatch or trunk. This is going to be extremely relevant for certain vehicles. If you’re concerned about the clearance of the trunk or hatch at all, then you’ll want to look into this box of freight.

Overall Great Capability

This cargo box’s total storage capacity is also awe-inspiring. Several individuals use this cargo box to carry camping equipment, sports equipment, and luggage. Depending on the size, it can accommodate as many as eight pairs of skis or six snowboards. It’s very spacious and will make it much easier to bring your stuff.

There are more giant cargo boxes on the market, but for most people, this one is going to be sufficient. It suits a lot of things and will be great for holding a lot of items. If you need even more power, then you’re probably going to have to spend a lot more money. This cargo box is very well priced and allows you access to a vast amount of storage space, making it an excellent choice for most individuals.

Simple Installation

You will quite quickly be able to make use of this mounting system. It is programmed to click when the optimum hold has been reached. This makes it so that you can put it on top of your car. It is one of the fastest cargo boxes that can be placed on top of your vehicle.

Trunk & Hatch Clearance Maximizes

It’s also got excellent compatibility. Compatible with most factory roof racks is the Thule force XT Cargo Box. It will also fit with plenty of aftermarket shelves. You will also be able to mount this, allowing you great flexibility on both square and round crossbars.

Dual-Side Comfort Openings

This cargo box’s overall comfort is tough to ignore. It also has dual-side openings so that from either side, you can access your things. This is going to make both loading and unloading your belongings as easy as possible. You will quickly get your equipment out of the freight box and be ready to be on your way.

It would make a big difference to be able to have multiple opportunities. It makes it so that many people can reach the contents of the cargo box at once. Thanks to the design philosophy that is on show here, unloading is considerably quicker. At first glance, this may not seem to be a big deal, but it helps out in the long run.

Good Mechanism For Locking

The locking mechanism is perfect overall as well. This cargo box makes use of an extremely easy to use the external lock-assist knob. It also has a safety feature built-in that only allows you to take the key out when your box has been entirely locked. It avoids needless injuries and works out very well.

The lock is solid enough to keep individuals out of your cargo box as well. Currently, this is relevant for when you want to stop on a ride at a hotel. As he or she sleeps, no one needs to feel as though their possessions are in danger. This cargo box has a firm lock on which you can rely so that you can comfortably rest.

Overall Strong Stability

This unit’s stability is solid, too. When driving down the lane, it feels safe and will be the right choice for long trips and short excursions. Even at high speeds, the Thule force XT Cargo Box retains its stability. The aerodynamic design helps with this and, when you’re on track, you won’t have to think about the safety of your gear.

To be very durable, too, you can rely on this cargo box. It is very robust and can withstand everyday use. If you prepare all the time to use this cargo box, you’re not going to be disappointed. After you have had it for a long time, it should work just as well since it made it to last. Only remember to take care of it properly, and you’ll probably never run into any issues.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Double Hinge SystemNone That We Could Find
Matte Finish
Easy Install & Uninstall




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