Best Roof Box For Subaru Outback 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

If you love the way your Subaru Outback manages longer journeys, but are not satisfied with the storage space you and your family have, then it might be time to consider buying a cargo box for the roof.

You won’t ever have to think about whether or not your family would feel cramped while you are on the road when you buy the Best Roof Box For Subaru Outback to suit your needs. With this extra storage room, you can carry all of the essential equipment or things you want to have with you and make sure no one feels cramped or awkward.

Here is a couple of most favorite Subaru Outback Roof Cargo Boxes:

Best Roof Box For Subaru Outback (Comparison)

Roof BoxVolume 
JEGS 9009710 Cubic Ft.

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JEGS 9009818 Cubic Ft.

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Thule Sidekick8 Cubic Ft.

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JEGS 90097

JEGS 90097

JEGS 90097 cargo box helps make your ride more pleasant and convenient because you don’t need to reduce your necessities due to the lack of enough room in your vehicle. The best cargo box’s essential attributes are quality construction, aerodynamics, size and weight, ease of use, and reliability. All of these aspects will be met by the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier.

Quality Assurance

This JEGS cargo box is made by one of the market’s most reliable producers of cargo carriers. It is undoubtedly one of the best quality cargo boxes available out there on the rooftop. This device is made of high-quality and durable plastics that can bear the test of time. This cargo box for sale also comes with a vast interior that helps you comfortably and efficiently hold all your necessities.

The Architecture & Aerodynamics Of Cargo

You can easily travel on the road thanks to its aerodynamic nature because no escalated wind drag might slow down your car. Once you press the gas pedal on the lane, the aerodynamic design that reaches up to four inches comprehensive enables this cargo box to travel perfectly well.

Size & Weight

It’s lightweight and easy to install this JEGS cargo carrier. As it comes with excellent overall quality and reliability, it is the best cargo box on the market. For approximately 110 pounds of cargo weight, it can be a great addition. As this unit is small and lightweight, the entire surface of the roof of your car will not be consumed, and you will be able to set it up yourself. Also, its small size implies that it does not take too much storage space if it is not in operation.

This product weighs just 25 pounds. It makes mounting and unmounting easy.

Simplicity Of Use

This device features a self-standing lid when it comes to practicality and comes with an integrated lock system with keys. Any adventurous person who needs a safe place to store their things on a road trip makes it a practical solution.

The round-square shape makes it possible to fit well in any vehicle with this best rooftop cargo box. It implies that it is compatible, in fact, with any truck or automobile. That is to say, this device is compatible with any vehicle, SUV, van, and sedan of any kind.

The impressive 18 cubic feet of space ensures that all members of your family have enough room to keep their things. It allows your vehicle to free up more space.


The standard of the overall design is excellent. You can be assured that whatever you put in this cargo box on the rooftop will remain secure and in its rightful place. The overall construction would also ensure the much-needed longevity and protection against harsh weather conditions. That way, not only will your belongings stay clean and dry, but the sun’s harmful UV rays will not damage your things as well.

Also, this device is considered by many people to be the perfect companion during road trips and family vacations. You can conveniently pack all your most essential items and much extra stuff that you need on a road trip.

Highlighting Features

  • Easy access and installation
  • The robust construction and high quality
  • Rainproof and immune to UV conditions
  • Comfortable, aerodynamic design
  • The impressive storage capacity of 10 cubic feet
  • High protection with an embedded lock system
  • Right quality products made from plastic

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Lasting ConstructionNot The Best Looking Roof Box
Extended Architecture For Improved Space For Freight
Easy To Pack & Unpack



JEGS 90098

JEGS 90098

Room For Storage

The additional storage space that it provides is this JEGS 90098 rooftop cargo carrier. As well as the things you plan to take with you on your most frequent journeys, you will need to consider your vehicle model, so you can be sure to get the necessary storage space capacity without impacting your vehicle’s functionality.

Design Styles

When choosing a rooftop cargo carrier, a storage room may be the first thing to consider, but this does not mean you need to compromise aesthetics. JEGS rooftop cargo carrier design can also help maintain fuel efficiency with proper aerodynamics to avoid excessive drag and particularly when you need to travel at high speeds for a long time. In addition to ensuring that your vehicle will have the look you want. Longer and deeper rooftop freight carriers tend to be more ergonomic in general.


It is simple enough to set up the JEGS rooftop cargo carrier on top, and you spend a short period on setup and disassembly if necessary. Pages that are too difficult to install will take up time to enjoy on your trip instead. The design should also be quick enough to handle whatever equipment you have on hand, so you don’t have to buy additional tools or devices separately.

Features Of Protection

During your ride, the rooftop cargo carrier will be the storage area for your things. As such, even when you have reached your destination, you need to ensure that your items will remain safe while you are on the road, mainly when your vehicle does not stay in your sight all the time. This JEGS Rooftop has Safety features such as a secure locking system that can prevent evil characters who wants to access the things inside from quickly popping open the carrier. These security features will reassure you that your items will be kept secure when you are on the road.

Size & Weight

This JEGS cargo carrier is lightweight and straightforward to install. It is the best cargo box on the market as it comes with excellent overall efficiency and reliability. It can be a perfect addition for only 100 pounds of cargo weight. Because this machine is compact and lightweight, it will not occupy your car’s entire roof surface, and you will be able to set it up yourself. Furthermore, its small size means that it does not need too much storage space if it is not in service.

This item weighs a mere 35 pounds. This enables fast mounting and unmounting.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Durable DesignA Little Difficult To Mount
Impressive Aerodynamic Performance
UV Protection




Thule Sidekick

Thule Sidekick

Security & Access

From the passenger side, the Thule Sidekick rooftop box opens as it were. You might place it unbalanced, making stacking and emptying it less demanding. Besides, it would leave space on the rooftop for other items, such as skis or bicycles. There are two locks on the top, but there is no focal bolt, so they should operate exclusively. The locks attach the case itself to the vehicle crossbars and also protect substances.

Quick To Install

Your unique openings on the off chance that you need various divisions are elementary, but it shouldn’t be necessary, and I would not suggest it. If you think about doing this, first make sure it won’t trade off protection. The Sidekick U-jolt’s mounting structure is straightforward but not as snappy and detailed as the structures on later payload box versions, requiring just a handle switch. It must be mounted before they can launch the Thule Sidekick 682 Roof Box on any car.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Budget FriendlyNo Central Locking Process
Fast Installation




What do I need for the roof box to be mounted?

Your Outback, most likely, came with side rails. But, to put your roof box on, you’ll need roof rack cross bars too. Thankfully, this category has plenty of affordable choices.

Roof boxes are rather costly. Are there alternatives?

We agree with you that an investment that costs a coin is undoubtedly a roof box. It will be more natural to build a rigid shell system to cover gear, but you can consider a cargo bag if you want anything more affordable. Cargo bags are mainly storage solutions that are waterproof that you tie down to your roof. And they are incredibly cheap. The downside is, compared to a standard roof box, they move a little bit. But for under a hundred bucks, you can have several choices.

Things to take into consideration when picking your Roof Box

There are many great roof boxes on the market, which can make the hunt for a new roof cargo box feel a little overwhelming for your Subaru Outback. By considering: You should make sure that you select the right package for your needs:

  • Facility to attach the box
  • How to get access to your content
  • The box’s size
  • How safe is a package
  • The durability of content for boxes
  • Protection of the system for locking
  • Room for storage
  • Where do you store the roof box if you don’t need it?
  • If it’s waterproof
  • The box’s aerodynamics
  • If the lid is built to remain open easily,

A cargo carrier can provide you with a designated space on your car’s roof where you can put the things you need for your ride. When you carry many items that do not fit into your vehicle’s cabin, then Rooftop cargo carriers are necessary, so it will no such struggle to choose the essential things you need to leave behind during your trips. By considering these attributes, you will find it easier than ever to pick the right box for you and you will not have to worry about making the wrong choice for your family.



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