Best Skid Steer Tires For Asphalt 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Skid steering vehicles depend heavily on the quality of tires. If the skid steer doesn’t have high-quality tires, the operations that you do with the skid steer might not be that effective. The skid steer tires can take care of medium to heavy-duty tasks easily.

Skid steer tires have to undergo massive duty operation, and they have to move on hard and soft surfaces like Asphalt. This is why your skid steer requires you to buy the best and specialized skid steer tires.

The price range of skid steer tires can vary depending on various factors. If you buy tires that are too cheap, then they might get worn out quickly. The high-quality tires that are a bit expensive will save your money in the long run. Let’s check out the Best Skid Steer Tires For Asphalt.

Best Skid Steer Tires For Asphalt (Comparison)

Skid Steer TirePly Rating 
Summit 12-16Bn/a

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Libra Trailer Parts SKS110

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Road Crew RW AIOT-2714

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Summit 12-16B

Summit 12-16B

Summit is very famous for manufacturing the best and high-quality brand new tires for your skid steer. Summit 12-16B tires are made with high-quality materials and can be easily mounted on a wide range of vehicles, including the skid steer. The new Summit Flat Proof 12 X 16.5 Skid Steer Tires can perform heavy-duty tasks. They have become very popular with skid steer tires dealers because of their reliable and trustworthy construction and great performing features. The skid steer tires have a deep tread design, and Summit flat tires will prevent any form of cutting or gauging. The tires don’t get worn out and can last for many years to come. They don’t need much maintenance as they have sturdy construction. The tires by Summit are known for durability and will allow the tire to give maximum performance with the highest efficiency. Summit is a reliable brand and this new model of skid steer tires are on the buying list of every professional.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Summit heavy-duty skid steer tires are made with a 10-ply heavy-duty rim guard to provide the highest protection to your tires. Besides that, the tread pattern offers a high durability rate and also promotes maximum performance. The tires are super stable and can move smoothly while the skid steer is on the landscape. The sidewall that is designed on the Summit wheels promotes damage protection.

Industrial Grade Tires

The Summit Flat Proof 12 X 16.5 Skid Steer Tires are industrial grade tires and are suitable for working well in all seasons. The tires are manufactured for all kinds of industrial operations and can help you manage heavy-duty tasks. The tires can be used to take care of a wide range of industrial applications.

Suitable For Tough Conditions

This tire by Summit ensures traction in all kinds of weather conditions. The tires have all tire season features and are equipped with an aggressive lug pattern. The lug pattern ensures that you can perform well in the winters. The tires can also run smoothly in wet and dry weather and have the perfect grip for any surface. The wheel stays in constant road contact and thus helps the skid steer to move smoothly on the surface.


The Summit tires have an increased road contact that will allow the skid steer to perform to its maximum ability. The lug design of the tires is responsible for helping in keeping contact with the surface of the road. This feature improves stability when you are driving the skid steer. The steering responsiveness also improves with the help of the tires.


The Summit tires are equipped with a reinforced sidewall which functions to the maximum. The shape of the tire is optimized and can prevent the tire from being deformed. The pressure of the load affects the skid steer while driving, and the resistance of the tire’s resistance can help make the skid steer move more freely. The skid steer tires help give a safe performance and prevent wear, tear, and puncture.

Suitable For All WeathersThin Tread Bar
Resistant To Damage
Sidewall Protection



Libra Trailer Parts SKS1

Libra Trailer Parts SKS1

Libra Trailer Parts SKS1 Heavy Duty 10-16.5/10PR SKS1 Skid Steer Tire is industrial grade tires that are engineered to perform in severe conditions. The tires allow you to take care of demanding tasks and fit well on all kinds of skid steer vehicles. The skid steer tires are well designed with an open shoulder design that can help you to mount it conveniently on any skid steer. The tires can run on surfaces like Asphalt and can run on any surface or landscape. The skid steer tires are perfect for abrasive surfaces and can allow you to complete a wide range of tasks. The skid steer tires come with a high-quality rim guard that protects the tires. The tires are made with heavy-duty materials and can work well in all kinds of severe weather conditions. If you are going to start a construction project and have to deal with material like Asphalt, then Super Guider heavy-duty industrial tires are the best option for you.


The extra tread depth of 23/32 inches on the tread allows the tire to provide close to a 70 percent increase in the depth. The tires have high-quality construction, and as compared to other skid steer loader tire brands, it is more stable and high performing. The tread attached to the tires increases the lifespan and will help the tire work for many years to come.


The tires are designed with thick sidewalls, and they are the perfect buff bar. This provides the best protection to the tire and makes the tire durable. The ultra guard design of the tire proves to increase the durability of the tire. The tire has a large angle and a unique structure. The non-directional center tread design helps the tire to perform well on materials like Asphalt.

High Standard

The Super Guider tires are high standard tires and give long-lasting performance. The tires can take care of demanding tasks. The main features of the skid tires are that they include the heavy-duty sidewalls and steel reinforcement. The rim guard protection of the tires allows the tires to outperform your expectations. The tires can be useful in carrying out multiple applications.


The Super Guider tire is one of the most versatile skid street R-4 tires that you will ever find. The tire has the lowest cost per hour in the measurement of skid steer tire measurements. This measure is due to the supreme thread design and the rim shield protector. The tire has wear-resistant compound features that can help the tires give an outclass performance.


The tires are engineered and designed with a resistant premium rubber that helps to increase the tread life. This feature will also help you to enjoy an exceptional puncture resistance on hazardous terrains and Asphalt surfaces. The tires are designed with a reliable center and will enable you to enjoy a high performance on rough and hard surfaces.

Design For Better TractionDifficult To Mount
Abrasion Resistance



Road Crew RW AIOT-27

Road Crew RW AIOT-27

Road Crew RW AIOT-27 Skid Steer Loader Tire is one of the best tires manufactured by the makers. The best thing about this tire is that it is compatible with many brands, and the operation is quite smooth too. It is a suitable choice for forestry, construction, mining, and agriculture. The tire can offer a variety of off-road purposes because they are durable. Skid steer loader tire has a shallow tread depth while there is a small rim guard with a sidewall. The heavy-duty sidewall will protect the tire from getting a puncture or tear away. Moreover, it will be saved from an abrasion, which is why the life span of the tires usually decreases. The dual tapered step lug will increase the tire’s life span and improve the tread wear. The under tread is deeper enough to protect the tire from penetration while increasing the puncture resistance. You can use this tire for mini skid steer, skid steers, subcompact tractor, backhoes, and other small industrial appliances. The size of the tire is 12-16.5, and the tread depth is 23 by 32. The PLY rating is 14, and the maximum loads that it can hold is 65Psi. The tire can also be used for industrial vehicles as it can work in almost every season. The heavy-duty construction of the sidewall will maintain an optimal shape of the tire.

Optimal Shape

The skid steer loader tire’s optimal shape helps maintain constant pressure while the operator is driving it. The rating speed is very high, and it can carry heavy loads without any problem. The tire can move on with high speed no matter how heavy the load is, and the large tread lugs will maintain contact with the tight or smooth terrains. The traction will increase, and the tire will work smoothly in winter, summer, and other seasons. The best quality tread will ensure that the driving can be done at a fast rate, and the driver will also remain safe.


The footprint of this skid steer loader tire will remain clean with the help of a high void ratio provided by the thread. The high void ratio and placement of the directional lug eject the rocks between them, and the snow or mud will be eliminated from the top. The footprint will also help the tire remain free of stone retention, which may appear on the casing, especially during drilling. Usually, the snow, mud, or rocks block the tire’s contact and the surface of the road.

Industrial Tire

Skid steer loader tire has a 14 PLY rating and is known as an industrial tire that can handle many projects. The treads are extra deep, which will provide a high level of traction and puncture resistance. It is preferred for underground mining as well as other industrial functions while providing safety to the workers. It has a unique and heavy-duty design, making it much more durable than other options available in the market. The tire will not deform or bounce even on slippery surfaces. The depth of the tread is wide and the overall diameter is 12-16.5 inches. It is much more stable than pneumatic tires and the inner tubes will maintain the air pressure well.


The lugs are placed in a constant direction, but that can be changed according to the work requirements. You can clear asphalt or concrete in a few hours and perform well on loose and strict terrains. No matter what type of terrain it will give equally good performance on mud, sand, and dirt. The lugs will propel the tire forward rather than moving backward and putting a lot of pressure on the driver.

Silica & Rubber Compounds

The industrial tire is manufactured using silica and rubber compounds, which are durable. It will slow down the wear and tear and offer a long-lasting service to the user. The tire can be purchased at an affordable rate, and the warranty offered by the manufacturers is also useful. The silica compound resists cuts and chipping while it will not cause any damage to the inner side of the tire. The heavy-duty construction increases the carrying capacity, and it will maintain the optimal shape.

Excellent TractionMay Not Perform Best On Rocky Surface
Puncture Resistant



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