Best Skid Steer Tires For Mud 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Are you looking for the best skid steer tires for mud in the market? Our team of experts has picked up the three best skid steer tires for mud in the market to make it easy for you to make the buying choice. We will be providing you with all the information that will be needed before buying the skid steer tires. The guide will provide you with a comprehensive view of the Best Skid Steer Tires For Mud available on the market right now.

Best Skid Steer Tires For Mud (Comparison)

Skid Steer TirePly Rating 
Carlisle Ultra Guard 56040312

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Judo SS Loader 1016512

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Mud & Snow 4395312

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Carlisle Ultra Guard 560403

Carlisle Ultra Guard 560403

The Carlisle Ultra Guard 560403 is ideal for people looking to ride their skid steer in muddy areas. The skid steer can get hard to run in areas where there is a lot of mud and dirt. Carlisle Ultra Guard Industrial Tire is a premium option for all people looking to tackle tasks on their farming lands. The industrial tire is also suitable for commercial and construction sites and can help deal with all kinds of tasks. The skid steer will be able to move and run smoothly on any surface if you buy this skid steer tire. The tires come in a set of four, but you can also buy a single tire if you wish to. A set of four might cost you around 100 dollars, so if you need it for large scale projects, it would be an excellent choice to invest this much money. The tires are durable, and you will not have to worry about the working of the tires in the long run. You would not need to get them to repair now and then as the tires are made with excellent quality materials and don’t wear and tear quickly. The tires can run efficiently on any surface and would allow you to work efficiently on your worksite.


Carlisle Ultra Guard Industrial Tire is built with a premium quality construction and is maintenance-free. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality industrial products and machines, and the customers are never disappointed with the performance of the wheels either. It is a high performing skid steer tire that will allow you to enjoy an excellent service.


The skid steer tires come with an open shoulder design tired and tested by the brand before launching the tires in the market. The tires are super rugged and are well constructed. The massive duty constructions of the tires are built explicitly for severe conditions. The tires offer durability and will allow you to work efficiently for hours.

Ply Ratings

The ply ratings of the skid steer model say it all. Carlisle Ultra Guard tires come equipped with a load range F, which means they are a 12-ply tire. They are tough and have heavy-duty construction, and they can’t get any tougher than this.

Puncture Resistant

Carlisle Ultra Guard Industrial Tire can run on any severe conditions and are puncture resistant. This feature is impressive because it can allow you to run the skid steer at any land and surface.

Tread Compound

The tread compound of the skid steer tire is highly durable. The tread is designed for regular hard-wearing use and also tread is abrasion-resistant. The skid steer tire model has an extra deep design those measures up to 1 1/4″.


The mounting of the tires can be difficult, but if you have the right tools, you can mount the tires to the skid steers conveniently. The tire is sturdy and has a 12 ply rating and can be heavy to carry without support. It would be good to call for a professional to get it mounted to your skid steer. The long-lasting and durable built of the tire will allow you to mount it just once because there will be no wear and tear. You will not require replacing or changing the tire often, so mounting is only a one-time procedure.

Tough Construction TireChallenging To Mount
Deep Treads



Judo SS Loader 10165

Judo SS Loader 10165

Judo SS Loader 10165 All-Terrain Radial Tire is a sturdy solution for your skid steer. It can help to move your skid steer smoothly on muddy surfaces. The premium design of the tires offers durability and long-lasting performance. The tires can satisfy your needs and provide a practical solution for your lands filled with mud and dirt. The tires are designed with functional rim guards that offer protection and safety to the tires. The heavy-duty construction of the tires ensures that the skid steer tires stay operational for many years to come. The rim guards have deep treads and patterns that make the tires more stable on muddy surfaces. The tires can be mounted to all types of skid steers and can be perfect for farming and landscaping purposes. Every farmer and construction site owner must consider getting Judo SS loader tires because they are high performing tires that will stay working efficiently for prolonged hours. The tires are suitable for rough and muddy surfaces and wouldn’t get stuck when your skid steer runs on the surfaces. The muddy terrain surfaces are not an issue anymore because the tires can run conveniently. The tires have a ply rating of 10 and are super rugged and efficient.


The Judo SS loader has an overall diameter of approximately 30.4” the section width is 10”. Furthermore, the tread depth is 26”. The structure of the tire helps to mount it easily on any skid steer model.


The Judo SS loader industrial tires are designed with deep treads and allow them to resist burrowing out and wearing. The tires have an ideal G2 pattern and are also designed with stepped shoulder lugs. The natural rubber compound design helps the tires to move smoothly on muddy surfaces.

Damage Protection

The skid steer tires come with reinforced sidewalls that prevent the tires from getting damaged. The side walls also allow the tires to give long lasting and efficient performance.

Traction Treads

The skid steer tires come with a deep traction tread pattern that is perfect for a muddy surface. The deep traction treads are a perfect feature if you want to run the skid steer on a muddy surface. The tires will attain perfect traction and are long-lasting and durable.


The flat-proof nature of the tires makes them versatile and allows them to run on all types of lands and surfaces. The tires have a no slippage heavy-duty construction and can run smoothly on muddy surfaces. They can be easily mounted to all kinds of the skid steer. The users can accomplish a wide variety of tasks using these tires.


The comfort for the operator is the most crucial factor when it comes to a skid steer tire. The tires work effortlessly in any applications. They can be used for demolition purposes, and asphalt and concrete can be quickly demolished using these tires. They are even beneficial for lawn work and can be used for home gardens as well. The tires are resistant to tearing and will run smoothly on muddy surfaces.

Reinforced SidewallsBouncy Response
Equipped With A Rim Guard
Durable Tread Pattern



Mud & Snow 43953

Mud & Snow 43953

Mud & Snow 43953 set of 4-skid steer snow tires meet the standards of durability and do not fall short of anything. The tires and wheels are easy to mount, and you get four tires at an affordable rate. It happens to be the best replacement tire and wheel for skid steers of different sizes that are 12-16.5 or 10-16.5. The tire can move smoothly as it is narrow, and this whole set up is perfect for plowing Snow in the winter. The tires will offer excellent traction and handling in the best possible way. You can set up the tire with 12 PLY, which is massive as most of the other tires are suitable for 10 PLY or 8PLY. You can easily fit in the eight bolts on the eight bolt patterns provided for the skid steer. The pilot hole is six inches, and it will work well with the eight bolt patterns. If you don’t know how to fit these tires with the loader, the manufacturers offer excellent services to the users. They are just one call away and will help you solve the issues. Understanding how to measure the bolt pattern is a must because only then will the snow tires work efficiently. The tires are designed to meet the demands of work requirements, and it offers excellent service, traction, and a comfortable ride for the operator. The tires have got most substantial tread lugs, which will provide severe traction and a long lifespan. There is a massive void in the patterns of treads, and it will clean out different materials pretty quickly.

On Site Serviceability

Mud and Snow set of four skid steer snow tires are suitable for picking up mud and Snow. It consists of serviceable tire segments that are easy to replace. It can be customized or changed with a wrench as the segment is ¾ inches wide. The tires offer maximum compression and will reduce the fatigue of the operator. The width and height of each lug are wide enough to accommodate work on different job sites.

Comfortable Ride

The skid steer snow tires are designed to give the user the best of experience. The tire won’t bounce and remain in the same direction. The tires are designed in such a way that they will compress and stand up heavy loads efficiently. The rubber compound used for making these tires won’t stress or crackdown and provide comfortable operation. The best thing is that the tire is compatible with various four-tier tractors like Bobcat and many other brands.

Superior Traction

The skid steer snow tires come in a pack of four, and they offer super traction. The tire lugs are tall and wide, which are not easy to find in the industry. The void space is increased while there are no center wear bars to disrupt the fast performance when removing the Snow. These tires have raised the bar to a new level. The operator will not feel burdened as the tires run smoothly and won’t cut down during intense conditions.

Unmatched Wear Life

The tread design of these tires is unique and innovative, and the best thing is that the tires are constructed with high-quality rubber. It can break wear life records when compared with other such tires. They are not only the best tires for mud but most suitable for removing Snow too. They are durable, and the customers can expect a lifespan, which is three times more than others. The tire is pneumatic, and the skid steer tire can work for many hours altogether.

Tread Depth

The depth of the tread is centered on the middle of the tire and is half inches from one side to another. There is a special rim guard that makes the vertical and horizontal movements on tough terrains. These entire four tires will fit perfectly on these rims as they are available in different sizes. The small holes in the center of the tire will maximize the compression and reduce cuts and abrasions. The tires can keep the skid steer machine stable no matter what the weight is, and the thickness of these tires ensure that they aren’t punctured.

Can Do Well On Different TerrainsThe Tires Could Have Been More Flat
High Traction



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