Best Tires For Polaris Ranger 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Today, the Polaris Ranger is the most popular UTV in the market, outselling every other brand. Polaris Rangers are relaxed, quiet, and just plain enjoyable, just as they are at home on the field, job site, or trail. It is easy to customize your Ranger to suit your riding needs and personal style with a wide range of accessories. The stock Polaris Ranger tires and wheels have been swapped out by many of us for something with a tread pattern unique to our specific riding needs, as well as a more fantastic look.

Every year, UTV vehicles (side-by-side) and ATVs are becoming more common, particularly among individuals who wants to spend more time in the wild. These vehicles are useful for traveling through many different off-road terrains, making them the perfect choice for mountain or beach residents.

And, there’s no better UTV right now than a Polaris Ranger. The American manufacturer of motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles specializes in high-performance vehicles with go-anywhere capabilities, reliable mechanics, fun-to-drive dynamics, and outstanding comfort for their owners. There is no denying that the Polaris Ranger is a fantastic vehicle for almost any type of terrain. However, you’ll need a decent set of tires to get the best out of the Polaris Ranger. Tires, including one with the Ranger’s stature, can build or break a UTV vehicle. We have listed some of the Best Tires For Polaris Ranger below. Do check them out.

Not even the best Polaris UTV will give you reliable traction and solid grip in the corners with bad tires. In reality, bad tires will transform your Ranger from an intelligent machine to just a medium-sized vehicle that can’t do what you ask for.

Enough to say, it’s critical for your Polaris Ranger to always look for high-quality tires. However, you will need to think about what kind of tires to get, apart from finding excellent tires. For better traction over slippery off-road surfaces, some Polaris tires are made, while others are built to give you better handling on the street. There is no single tire in the market that can provide you with the best of the two worlds. Compromises will still occur. That’s why it is essential to determine the type of terrain in your region and buy tires built to operate on those surfaces.

The thing is, different Polaris tire choices are entering the market, some from reputable and well-known manufacturers, others from lesser-known businesses. This makes it a bit difficult to choose the right tires for your Ranger, especially if you are buying tires for the first time. Luckily, you’ve just arrived at the right spot to find the best Ranger Polaris tires. We will send you a curated list of the best products in the market in this post, including street tires, trail tires, and mud tires from Polaris Ranger.

We have produced a comprehensive purchase guide about Ranger tires for those who do not understand various types of tires. In the purchase guide, we will clarify the distinctions between different kinds of tires. To find the best choice for your driving style and the type of terrain in your area, we recommend reading through that section carefully. With the experience you have gained, finding appropriate tires for your Polaris Ranger would be much easier.

So, without further delay, let’s look at the three best Polaris Ranger tires.

Best Tires For Polaris Ranger (Comparison)

TireRim Size 

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SunF A033 PowerI12"

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Roadguider LB00312"

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A robust alternative made of 6-ply bias construction is the MASSFX MS UTV/ATV tires. The tires are a great choice that will serve you for a long time and provide you with excellent traction on wet terrain. The tires feature a lug design that offers excellent control over braking. They also feature a complex pattern of care that helps to provide improved traction and acceleration. You can never go wrong by selecting these tires with a 1⁄2 inch tread depth. This brand is synonymous with ATV tires, so you get a sense of confidence immediately that their product would be successful. The exciting thing about these tires is that they use a ‘Side Bite’ distinctive tread pattern. The maker newly implements this, and it implies that the sidewall is more concentrated. The consequence is that puncture safety is more significant than in any other tire-many would not concentrate too much on the sidewall, where many punctures occur.

Here, you get a 6-ply rated tire, which is common when searching for the best ATV tires, which adds to the durability and efficiency. The lug nature also helps boost the power you have when braking, giving you excellent traction in various terrains. If you’re someone who likes to race your ATV on the tarmac, then these are perfect as with hardly any wiggle from the tires at all, you can go over 50mp. But in the sand, gravel, and rough terrain, too, they still perform well. They don’t perform as well in thick, wet mud as some other items do. When they used to plow snow, though, they kept up very well, keeping that in mind. These are the most costly choices on this list, but a high-quality product is paid for by you. You will get a package of ATV tires that last an incredibly long time by investing just a little bit more than most of the others.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

1⁄2 Inch Deep TreadDon’t Work Efficiently On Thick Mud As Others Can Do
Durable 6-Ply
Dynamic Tread Pattern Better Traction



SunF A033 PowerI

SunF A033 PowerI

If you use your all-terrain vehicle for a particular reason, such as farming or merely searching for a wild adventure, it is essential to choose ATV tires. An outstanding model available at a low price is the SunF A033 PowerI ATV/UTV Tire 6 Ply. This tire provides the solid construction and reliability you won’t find in the more costly currently available ATV/UTV mud tires.

To provide a smooth ride and protect the sidewall of the tire, as well as the rim of your car, these sleekly built ATV tires, add extra lugs on the shoulder section. With the SUNF all-terrain tires, you get a complete set of four tires for a more than competitive price. This is immediately a bonus as you don’t have to fork out tons of cash to buy them all personally. These are sold as tires you can use on a range of terrains, as the name implies. They perform exceptionally well on rough and abrasive trails, with the grip holding up very well and showing excellent traction. Getting up trails that you probably wouldn’t be able to do with your ATV manufacturer’s stock tires are fast. Not only that, but many people also claim that these tires also work well in the snow. Therefore, if you have an ATV snow plow, you may want to use these tires.

On all-terrain, part of the reason these tires perform so well is that they are made from quality rubber. Its extremely high-quality material and traction and skid control are also specially enhanced. Another advantage of this is that the tires are also tricky—they are rated 6-ply, making them very thick. This ensures that with ease, they avoid punctures and any rips or tears. So, you don’t just get a set of tires that delivers outstanding traction over various terrains; you also get some that you can count on without any punctures to stay in excellent condition. The only downside is that, in extremely muddy environments, they do not work too well. They’re all right in a little bit of mud, but if you’re continually crossing thick, wet, muddy places, they might not work for you. Nonetheless, the right ATV winch will fix this problem. But, over rocky plains, desert sand, grass, snow, and more, they’re fantastic.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Strong Resistance To PunctureNone That We Could Find
Adaptable To Diverse Terrains
Sleek & Polished Look



Roadguider LB003

Roadguider LB003

Today’s ATVs are precisely for what they are made of: crossing all manner of highways, surfaces, and other solid fields. ATV is a vehicle used with low-pressure tires, defining the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). (Most manufacturers recommend 2.7 psi to be the lowest and ten psi to be the highest). However, these street tires should be rugged and accurate enough to cope with all sorts of roads where the ATV has to fly.

The dynamic tread pattern of the Roadguider LB003 offers incredible pace and traction—versatile designs of tread work well under soft to complex conditions. The configuration of the Lug allows better control of the braking. Heavy 6 ply rated nylon building avoids punching and abrasion.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Grips Very Well In Gravel, Mud & RockNone That We Could Find
Heavy 6 Ply Rated Nylon



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are ATV/UTV tires?

For such vehicles, ATV and UTV tires are specifically made. Their size and dimension are different from car and truck tires and usually don’t suit other vehicles. While there are all-terrain tires used for general use, they are made for the terrain they will be driving on. It is best not to waste your shopping efforts on other tires not built for ATVs.

What kind of ATV/UTV tires do I require?

More generally, if you use your ATV or UTV on all kinds of terrain, then all-terrain tires are the best choice for you. However, special tires are designed for that reason if you regularly drive off-road, on the muddy ground, or in snow. To retain traction in mud, keep the tires clear of dirt, and allow you to get around better, Mud-terrain tires are made. For snow tires, the same goes.

How can you read the tire scale of an ATV?

All you need to do to read the size of an ATV tire is to take a look at the tire’s side. When buying new tires, there will be many numbers that signifies what you need to remember.

What do they mean by the numbers on an ATV tire?

We’re going to use an example: 22 x 8-11. The first digit, 22, is the tire’s height. The second number, 8, is the tread width. And the last number, 11, is the diameter of the wheel.

What is an ATV radial tire?

To be more durable than other tires, radial ATV tires are made. They reduce corrosion of the tread caused by daily usage, improving the tire’s lifespan. Thanks to the flexible sidewalls, they’re usually easier to treat. For further traction, radial tires often have belts of steel fibers around the tires.

Significant Consider Features

Truck tires are expected to have a few significant features. When picking ATV/UTV tires, here’s what to consider:

Size. It’s essential to check what tire size your vehicle uses before you buy any new tires. The tires might not fit if you buy an incorrect size; they might lead to accidents even if they do. By reading the numbers on the sides, you can check the size of your current tires, and matching those numbers to the new tires is the best way to get the correct fit.

Terrain. You’ll want a different type of tire, depending on the type of ground you’ll be driving on. For mud, to give yourself excellent traction, you can use mud tires, and the same goes for rough terrain. The tires would be thicker and more protected against stones in some situations. Buy an all-terrain tire if you’re in question, as they can get through most terrain appropriately.

Weight. Your car will be heavier if you purchase heavier tires. And the heavier the tires, the more effort your engine has to put in to drive the car smoothly. You’ll want to make sure not to buy tires that are too heavy if you have a small engine, as your car would have trouble dragging them along.



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