Best Tires For Rock Crawling 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

As the popularity of rock crawling has risen over the past decade, rock crawling tires have developed dramatically to meet the new, increased demands of off-road enthusiasts. Some of these tires are highly specialized equipment designed to do one thing only: to exclude anything else, provide optimum traction and puncture resistance over rough terrain. However, these tires are relatively rare, always need to be custom-ordered, and on the road, they are practically unusable. Even their hallmark features have made their way onto plenty of off-the-shelf off-road tires-large, widely-spaced tread blocks with lots of variabilities, soft rubber compounds, and firm biting edges.

There are plenty of gifts when it comes to Best Tires For Rock Crawling, bending and deflecting their wide tread blocks quickly to grip on unyielding hard surfaces. At the same time, with a high degree of variability, their extremely asymmetrical tread block patterns increase the chances of finding traction on the ground; throw out enough crisscrossing vertical edges, and indeed one of them is bound to bite. Instead of a radial design, many of the best rock crawling tires often use bias-ply construction, giving them greater sidewall power, puncture resistance, and greater longevity under elevated loads, at the cost of on-road modes.

Thinking about getting your off-road rig with a new selection of meats? Here are our choices for the best currently on the market for rock crawler tires:

Best Tires For Rock Crawling (Comparison)

TireRim Size 
Milestar Patagonia M/T17"

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Toyo Tires Open Country R/T16"

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Sedona Rock-A-Billy14"

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Milestar Patagonia M/T

Milestar Patagonia M/T

Many off-road enthusiasts may not be familiar with the Milestar Patagonia M/T, but it is a very capable tire in several conditions. For our long-term test outcomes, check out our analysis below. Enthusiasts often greet the arrival of a new off-road tire with anticipation. The interest is much greater when the latest item is an entirely new brand. Most off-roaders, let alone their parent company, Tireco, have not heard of Milestar. That’s a shame because, with a tire that needs some publicity, they have hit the market.


The Milestar Patagonia M/T instantly captures your attention. You can’t confuse it with any other tire because of its famous center block band, shoulder bar design, and memorable name (boldly emblazoned on the sidewalls). The following eye-catching attribute is probably the sticker price, above the visual personality of the tire. At just over $200 per street price for a 315/70r17, Milestar has entered a competitive market standard.

Tire Compound

This tire has an improved tread compound that enhances its rigidity and strength to withstand any form of the road surface. For rugged conditions, it has more excellent resistance to chips and cuts. To have more biting grip skills, silica particles are also added. Underneath the tire, steel belts and full-width nylon are mounted to improve stability.

Tread Design

A tire’s overall performance depends significantly on the tread pattern present in the compound of its tire. The following tread designs are available for this tire: deep voids, staggered geometry of the tread block, angled biting tread designs, 3-ply sidewall, several sips, and stone blockers.


One thing consumers are often looking into before buying is the after-sale operation of any tire. In qualifying circumstances, this one provides the regular warranty program.

Efficiency Off-Road

This tire’s general off-road performance rating is approximately 98 percent quality. The characteristics of the tires will show their incredible outcome. Deep mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rocky surfaces cover the off-road output. This tire model has improved rigidity and toughness to withstand the chips and cuts from sharp and rough surfaces.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Excellent EfficiencyNot Much Potential To Minimize Noise
Deep Voids
Stone Blocker



Toyo Tires Open Country R/T

Toyo Tires Open Country R/T

The Toyo Tires Open Country R/T is a rough terrain tire that incorporates both M/T and A/T tire’s beneficial aspects. The aggressive tread pattern gives it the toughness and traction needed in off-road driving situations, and when you drive on the road, it also provides a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride.

A significant number of Toyo Open Country R/T tire owners have found that the tread on these tires wears uniformly and is extremely difficult to puncture, even when sharp objects are penetrated, thanks in part to the compound Toyo uses 3-ply and cut and chip resistant.

In various off-road terrains, expect to find superior traction, handling, and grip as this tire copes well with rocks, mud, gravel, sand, and other debris as effectively as the Open Country M/T tire. These R/T tires are just as capable as A/T tires on the road and deliver a remarkably smooth and quiet ride for light trucks, SUVs, and other 4-4 owners. A large number of different owners have reported this as well.


The Toyo Open Country R/T features an aggressive and durable design that is good-looking and designed to provide the required traction and efficiency for all kinds of trucks, SUVs, jeeps, and other 4-4s. This new Toyo R/T (Rugged Terrain) fits between the A/T and the standard M/T in the company’s tire lineup and is designed to perform very well in off-road conditions while offering good on-road drivability without the noise that you find on the M/T.

The Toyo Open Country R/T is built to give you improved toughness, traction, handling, and grip while driving on the road or navigating through demanding off-road terrains, offering a 3-ply construction and a more rough cut and chip resistant tread compound.

Traction and grip are improved even further by scalloped shoulder blocks that are the main feature of these hybrid tires when driving off-road. Self-cleaning and ridding itself of stones, mud, and other debris is an excellent task, challenging when using low off-road tires. Thanks to its distinctive tread pattern and dual sidewall design, the Open Country R/T adds a touch of class to a rig in addition to providing an aggressive look. Compared to M/T tires, noise is less of a concern, and reviewers of this tire have found that you get a smooth and easy trip when you drive on the road or off the beaten track.

We would like to see Toyo sipping these tires on the negative side for improved traction on wet pavement. While not bad by any means, they do not have the extra traction that sips can have. This comes into play on hard-packed snow and ice as braking and acceleration are a little less than on several top hybrid competitor tires. Our idea would be for them to drink in the shop. It’s inexpensive, and the performance will satisfy you. Overall, a hybrid model tire ranks among the best in class for the Toyo Open Country R/T. Most other 4-4 owners agree that this model provides the same output level off the trail as offered by the M/T tire, whereas driving on the road is equal to that of the A/T tire. It’s a mix that works for this tire very well.


On the Open Country R/T, Toyo offers a 45,000-mile tread warranty. For the first 1/32 inch wear, tire uniformity is guaranteed.

Materials and workmanship are assured for five years, and the first 25 percent of wear requires free replacement. A prorated quantity is given for the remaining period or down to the final 2/32 inch tread depth. Toyo also includes their 45-day, 500-mile trial promise with No Regrets. You can refund them or replace them with another model if you are not fully happy with the tires.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

In All Types Of Terrain, Outstanding Off-road TractionNeeds Improvement In Handling & Braking In Snowy & Icy Weather
Unexpectedly Quiet & Relaxed Trip
45K Miles Warranty




Sedona Rock-A-Billy

Sedona Rock-A-Billy

Sedona Tire & Wheel manufactures products that provides high-quality, cutting-edge technology and real-world performance for today’s new ATVs, UTVs / side-by-sides, and off-road motorcycles. Sedona Tire & Wheel jointly develop its tires through meticulous research and testing to offer the highest quality and most technically advanced products on the market by partnering with one of the biggest tire factories in the worldwide. They like to push the limits to find the perfect ride for your machine at Sedona Tire & Wheel. Sedona Rock-A-Billy is 8-ply radial puncture-resistant. The new tread compound is designed to outlast, out-grip, and outperform the competition in difficult riding conditions with integrated side luggage. It consists of integrated rock ejectors in tread design. Built-in rim guard for added safety. They design it to meet the high horsepower, high-speed specifications of today’s side-by-side.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Great Tire HandlingNone That We Could Find
Perfect For Mudrock Crawling




Rock Crawling

If there is one field between wheelers and experts that remains highly disputed, it is which tire in the rocks is better. A broad, consistent tread pattern gripping the rocks equates to more traction in high-traction areas like Moab, Utah. The all-terrain is an excellent option for this purpose. Moab is extremely special, however. There’s also a mix of loose dirt to contend with the rocks in other areas of the country like Texas and even the famous Hammer Trails in Southern California. A mud-terrain radial, such as the Trail Grappler, is the better option for this purpose.

Sure, every tire out there has its strengths and weaknesses; mud tires are never replaced by tires designed for challenging pack trails, and a plain turf tire is utterly useless in the desert. But it requires a scarce collection of qualities to find traction over rough, slippery rock faces reliably For ATVs and UTVs, the best rock-crawling pneumatics tend towards huge, violent strands with wide empty areas and lots of bending edges. Mud-terrain tires also appear to succeed here, with their compliant, well-spaced tread blocks able to “grab” the rock like the fingers of a rock climber effectively. Of course, any set of tires must also be built to hold up to be decent, with robust casings to withstand punctures, tough rubber compounds that are not susceptible to shredding or tearing, and, ideally, wide shoulder lugs to protect the sidewalls.

For today’s analysis of tires for rocks, that is all. Hopefully, from this great mix of specialized rock crawlers and flexible all-terrain tires that works exceptionally well on rocks, you will be able to find an ideal choice for your unique needs. Remember to keep variables such as tire size, weight, and tread pattern in mind as you narrow down your choices. You’ll want something that can match your bottom, with its engine having a reasonably manageable weight. As for the tread pattern, the variations may be limited but critical to efficiency among the options reviewed in the article. Ideally, depending on the kind of trails you sometimes ride on (i.e., whether they are purely rough or include other types of terrain), you’ll want to choose this. The best of luck!



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