How To Determine Head Shape For Motorcycle Helmet?

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2020)

Every person has a different head shape, so buying a motorcycle helmet can be challenging. Being a bike rider, you can’t take any risks and save yourself from all possible accidents. If you follow the right ways, you can get the perfect fit for your helmet. In this informative buying guide, we will tell how you can determine the head shape for a motorcycle helmet.

Exact Measurement For Head Shape & Size

You have to take a measuring tape to measure the head size and shape of your head. If someone else takes the measurement, it will be correct. Keep in mind that you have to measure the fullest part of your head above the ears. In short, you have to measure your forehead. The measurement should be taken by placing the measuring tape one or two inches above the eyebrows. If you go to a shop, they have a motorcycle helmet chart size, which will give you a good idea about the dimensions. Many brands are manufacturing different types of helmets, keeping in mind the thickness and interior padding.

Different Head Shapes

Each person has a different head shape, and the manufacturers of motorbikes know how to cater to every individual’s needs. The oval-shaped head is common among people, so most of the helmets are formed in an oval shape. If we talk about a round-shaped head, it is a lot wider in the middle, so if you have a round head, you can choose a round helmet. An egg-shaped motorcycle helmet is full on the top but narrow towards the bottom. You can choose the one which feels comfortable and secure for your head shape.

How To Measure Your Head?

The primary purpose of a well-built helmet is to save you from injuries. If the fit is perfect, that will mean nothing can harm you even if you fall on the ground. Skull is very delicate, and it can be injured if you are not wearing a helmet. When you measure the head size correctly, you can get a perfect sized helmet. It is essential to know the shape of your head before starting with the measurement process. The best thing is that each brand has comprehensive details and size charts, which can help you, determine the head size and shape. Once you measure the size of your head with a measuring tape and select an extent, it is essential to try the helmet. The helmet should fit well on the head and shouldn’t roll to any of the sides. If the helmet is shifting to one hand, it means that the size is enormous. If the mask should be placed above eyebrows and doesn’t bring any pressure to the neck that will mean that the size is right. The chin fastening strap should not be lose or tight either as it can suffocate you. You need to check the brim of the helmet and make sure that it sits two inches above the eyebrows.



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