How To Make A Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2020)

Our heads have different shapes and sizes, and so does the helmet. If you want to make a Motorcycle helmet fit better, it is quite easy. You have to consider measuring the circumference of your head and the shape too. Our heads have different shapes like round, oval, and intermediate oval. In this buying guide, we will discuss all the tips and tricks so you can know how to make a motorcycle Helmet fit better.

Cheek Pads Should Be In Good Condition

The motorcycle helmet comes packed with many accessories, and the most important one is the cheek pads. The pads have to fit well on your cheeks, ensuring that the helmet is fit. If you are wearing the helmet for a long time, you should know that these cheek pads can wear out. They should be made up of soft materials; otherwise, they won’t be comfortable. Females need to be more careful when it comes to cheek pads as they have delicate skin.

Select Right Size Of The Helmet

Many people ignore to check out the size of the helmet as they are only interested in buying something stylish. The helmet should not move sideways and stay in one place to give the best protection. You can measure your head with a measuring tape and later try the helmet to see if it fits well.

Position Of The Helmet

You need to check the helmet’s position, or else it will move onto the sideways and disturb when you are riding the bike. Your helmet should be loose or too tight, or else it will keep moving. If you still don’t know how to do it, you can check some useful videos online to see how the process can be done. It doesn’t matter what terrains you are driving or how intense the weather is an excellent helmet that can save you from all the disasters. If the position of the helmet is settled well, you will feel relaxed and fresh throughout your favorite bike adventure.

Side Straps

Side straps come handy when it comes to fitting your helmet correctly. The right and left straps should be set below the ear. They are easy to adjust because they are made with soft rubber. The side straps should not obstruct the ears, or else it will become an issue. If you know how to fit it correctly, you will never get into an accident. If the side straps are made of some other material it’s better not to purchase the helmet.

Fixing The Chinstrap

The chin strap happens to be an essential feature which ensures that the helmet is a perfect fit. You can check the fit by placing one finger inside the chin strap. If the only finger goes inside and the other finger fails, it will hint that the fit is quite good. The chin strap and side strap work together to provide the perfect fit to your head. Safety is the first thing that crosses a rider’s mind, especially when they have an intense race session.



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