How To Measure Rubber Track Size?

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2020)

Measuring the rubber track’s size is a straight forward method, but only if you know how to do it. You need to know the rubber track’s correct size as you have to fit in with your machine. If the measurement is not done well, your machine will not perform well and cause a lot of inconveniences. For measuring the correct size of a rubber track, you should have a ruler or measuring tape to measure it. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to measure the rubber track size.

Measuring The Width

It would help if you placed the measuring tape on the rubber track’s top so a correct size can be determined. Note down the size well, so there is no chance to have the wrong size. The measurement you will get is in mm, and if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can use a ruler too.

Measuring The Pitch

When it comes to measuring the pitch it is not very challenging .You have to measure the center of one lug and move towards the center of another lug. In this case, the measurement will also be given in mm, so for example, if the measurement is 53.5 mm, it will be the correct rubber track size for your machine.

Count Quantity Of Links

The number of links can be checked inside the tracks, and sometimes there are more than one pairs inside the track. You can mark one link and start counting from the same link to know the exact number. The counting will go on if you check the links around the track’s total circumference and come back to the link which has been marked. There may be six or more links in each track.

Measuring The Gauge

When you measure the gauge, you need to start measuring between both the lugs. You can start with one lug and move towards the opposite side of the lug. The measurement you will get is usually featured in mm, which gives a good idea about each rubber track. You need to understand that this step is required only for 300 to 350mm and move up to 400-450mm full tracks.

Check The Tape Of Roller Fitted

Checking the tape of the roller fit is a necessary step on the 300-400 mm full tracks. Usually, these tracks have an outer rail type roller, while other tracks don’t have this feature. The roller style fitted feature can work wonder when it comes to handling big projects.

Look For Markings Carefully

If being a user, you are going through difficulties and cannot handle the measuring task; the best way would be to look for essential markings carefully. It is worth looking as it will help you identify the right size of the rubber track. Almost all the rubber tracks have the size stamped or printed into the rubber, and you can check it out for convenience. It will be found at the base of a rubber track while these numbers will also represent width, pitch, gauge, and even the number of links available inside.



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