How To Select The Right Tracks For Your Track Loaders?

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)

There is no doubt that compact track loaders are like real workhorses, and they can work non-stop to give the user great performances. It depends on what type of tracks they are running on, which will determine how well they perform. If you have the compact tracks loaders that will mean that your machines can work smoothly without any hindrance. When you are selecting the right tracks for the track loaders, the first thing is to consider applying the machine with which you are going to use these tracks. If the machine you are working with is mostly used in turf applications, the tracks need to be sturdier. At the same time, some of the machines are commonly used for demolition purposes. It would help if you also kept in mind the weather conditions you have to work in because it can influence the tracks you select. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to select the right tracks for the track loaders.


The broader tracks with deep treads can perform well in snowy or icy conditions compared to the average and standard tracks. They have an increased level of traction while the ground pressure is also on the lower side. Usually, the manufacturers also advise that users purchase those track loaders where there is little or no tread for turf damage. You can use such tracks on golf courses or manicured lawns, and they will look elegant and clean. The standard tracks are much more effective and useful for some of the most common applications.

Style Matters

ASV user rubber tracks are very suitable and versatile for almost all the applications. If the rubber tracks are equipped with metal pieces and a steel cable, it can increase the versatility and durability. You have to choose the correct style track for the specific machines you are using for your daily tasks. The best idea is to check the equipment manual so you can pick the right size of the tracks. The turf tracks do not have any tread for the minimal amount of turf damage in highly manicured areas like golf courses or lawns.


If you want to ensure that the track’s quality is the high end, you can buy the product directly from the manufacturers. If you go to a lower quality dealer, they will most certainly give you something that won’t last long. You can choose to have those tracks which contain co-polymer cords that have extra strength and are constructed with high-level technology. There are three styles of rubber tracks that come packed with either zigzag or C patterns. It should handle tough terrains well while the standard quality of the machine is useful for everyday use.

Operation Is An Important Factor

No matter what kind of work you are handling, the operator has a vital role to play. If the operation is improper or aggressive, the machine’s quality will come down to a low level. If the user is making counter rotations or sharp changes in the direction, it may cause the tracks to wear and tear very fast.



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