The Basics Of Tire Grooving

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2020)

There is a difference in the traction between an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire. It is because of the tread pattern and the way a tire is set up. If there is no tread pattern, you have to make one on your own. Grooving the tire can make the tractions easy, and it is an ideal tool. In this buying guide, we will talk about the basics of tire grooving.


The handheld Groovers are manufactured so that they will give the user an easy, efficient, and long-lasting operation. There is a solid head brass that will keep a constant and robust heat on the blade, and the material that is to be cut will be heated rapidly. The pistol grip handle on the top makes grooving easy. The heating capacity will have either 110 or 220 Volts. The adjustable blade will handle the depth of the cut in an appropriate way. The good thing is that the brass heads and razor-sharp blades are available in nine widths and sizes. Each head has a matching blade that is easy to adjust and use.

The head will determine the cutting width while the blade will adjust the depth as well. Ensure that the blade is not installed upside down so the Groover can be used to sipe the tires. Changing the blade isn’t tricky, and there are many half inches square clamps on each grooving heads. The grooving heads will be easy to adjust according to the requirement of the work. If you want to attach a grooving blade, it will be easy to loosen the clamp screw. The blade will be pinched and slipped between the clamps, and the cutting will be relatively easy.

Cutting Rubber

One of the biggest things while grooving the tire is to keep you safe. Here are some quick safety tips.

  • You should wear protective gloves because Groover can get extremely hot. The blades are sharp too.
  • Safety glasses should be worn regularly.
  • Installing the head and blade is easy when the unit is turned off and cool.
  • Use a grounded outlet for the Groover.
  • Keep the unit unplugged when it is not in use.
  • Start working with the Groover in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t touch any part of the Groover except the handle.
  • Each head has a matching blade.


Final Cuts

When you are making the final cuts and using the Groover, make sure that the knife’s head should stay on the tread block. Let the Groover warm up for a while so the blade can quickly move through the tire’s rubber. For making deeper cuts, you can work your way to match up with the depth of the tread block and the tire. The tires are meant to be a safety item on the vehicle, and they need to be treated very carefully. When the tires get wear and tear, its time you use the Groover and make the tires new and easy to use.



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