Tips For Finding The Right Skid Steer Tire

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2020)

The skid steer loader is known to be the king of versatility as it can work in a wide range of applications and attachments. Landscape contractors commonly use the machine, but they have to choose the correct size of tires so it can work well. Suppose they are working in excellent conditions, the turf may be damaged, so they have to find the right tires for the skid steers. In this buying guide, we will give you some valuable tips for finding the right skid steer tire.

Tire Terms

There is a variety of tires available in the market, so getting to know the general terms is essential.

Tread Patterns

The tread patterns refer to the groove design of tire or lugs. Mostly four-tire patterns are used for construction purposes. The diamond lugs are used on the harsh terrains, while swept lugs can be used for dirt.

Tread Depth

The tread depth is the length between the grooves and lugs. The depth is usually 0.75 inches, but if you are working in rocky conditions, a much deeper length will be more suitable.


Evaluating The Requirements From Tires

The landscapers and their needs may differ depending on the kind of projects they are handling. If they want to have the best performances, they should choose a tire that can cater to the needs of their projects. The skid steer has to work in different environmental conditions, and the tires should be chosen accordingly. If the user has to clear snow on a winter day or heavy transport loads across the turf, there should be fewer voids between tread blocks. Choosing the right design will help the contractor reduce the nuts when the material is transported from one place to the other.


Tires For Landscapers

The landscapers make use of the skid steer machines in different environments, so determining the correct size of the tire may be challenging. Many users feel that a turf tire may be the right choice as this tire features a tight and non-directional tread pattern while the voids between them are round edged. It will cause less damage when you are working on a skid steer machine. The turf tires are suitable for traction in the dirt and mud, but they are a little high priced than other tires.

Adding Tracks

If you are working on a landscape, adding tracks maybe a better choice than tires. The compact track loaders are becoming a prominent choice among users, but their price is generally very high. The rubber tracks can also be attached with a skid steer machine, and the traction will be high even in intense conditions.


Check For Wear

You need to check the tires after every use, and cleaning the debris is very important. Choose the correct size of the tire by determining the work you are going to handle. If the tire is too big, it will not let you operate the machine efficiently. Maintaining the air pressure and protecting it from cuts and abrasion will increase the life span.



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