Wheels vs. Tracks – What’s Better For Snow Removal?

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2020)

Most frequently, people ask this question of whether a wheel or track skid steer will perform better in snow. There is no doubt that the tracked machines have the upper hand compared to wheeled machines, which is why they are sold in much higher quantities. Apart from all these things, it depends on how many snow layers are there to be removed. If the ground has a lot of pressure, it has to be optimized to remove the snow. Any of the machines can drive on the snow’s piles, but if the surface is sturdy, the removal may seem a little harsh. In this buying guide, we will be discussing the pros and cons of both Wheeled and Tracked skid steer so you can understand which can work better for the removal of snow.

Pros & Cons Of Tracked Machine

A tracked skid steer machine’s pros will depend on what kind of work you are handling with it, especially in the summer season. It is a fantastic choice for floatation and will be a clear winner when working in the mud of wet areas. You will be surprised to know that it can be a perfect choice when you want to handle grading or work on grass, slopes, and uneven terrain or even in the sandy conditions.

The biggest con is that the price is very high, and it may pressure the user as the budget will be disrupted. The maintenance cost for sprockets, idlers, rollers, and replacement tracks is sky high, disturbing the users. The best advice would be to use the tracked machine in the summertime and clear the snow on a snow specific track for maximum efficiency.

Pros & Cons Of Wheeled Machine

If we talk about the most significant advantage of wheeled skid steer machines, the cost of maintenance and purchasing is affordable. It is an excellent choice for contractors interested in using it on a paved or hard surface or in the removal of snow. No doubt, it will be the best choice for the removal of snow, no matter what kind of surface you are working on. There is no specific con as such because it can probably work on different types of terrains.

However, few features are less superior to the tracked machines. In case you are a landscaper, a wheeled tracked machine will be the right choice once again. If there is heavy rainfall, this skid steer machine will bring you the best of results. The most significant layers of snow will be removed in a matter of a few hours. The contractors can do so because they can equip the machine with some tires, especially if the winter season has approached. The ideal tire for snow removal has to be at least 8 inches wide, increasing the pressure of ground.


If you are using skid steer loader on pavement or snow removal, the best option will be the wheeled tracks. The wheeled skid steers have standard tires, and they work well to remove layers of snow no matter how hard they will be.`



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