When Is It Time For New Skid Steer Tires?

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

Skid steers can be tough on tires, whether it is sharp turns, intense conditions, and spinning wheels. The skid steer tires have a certain lifespan, and you cannot use beyond that, or else a lot of money will be invested in replacement. The downtime and efficiency will also come down if the tires you have chosen are not durable. In this buying guide, we will share some tips for knowing when it is time for new skid steer tires.

Visual Inspection

One of the easiest ways to see if your tires need replacement is to check it visually and inspect every area. You can purchase a new tire if the old one shows signs of cracking or has missing chunks. If the tread is damaged, it means your tire has become useless and cannot function properly. Keep an eye on the sidewalls, and if they have any cuts, it is an indication of purchasing a new tire. It would help if you were cautious enough to purchase the best quality tires for remaining in use for a long time. Low-quality tires need more repairs and replacements often. Excessive flat tires can cause unnecessary downtime or loss of productivity, and this is why most professionals purchase solid tires.

Tread Depth

Monitor the tread depth, and if it is not in good shape, you need a new tire. If the tire has worn it’s tread by 80% to 85%; there is a high risk of an accident. Traction and efficiency will also decrease if the tread depth has decreased. If you are regularly monitoring the tread depth, the tires won’t wear out entirely, and little repair can save your time and money.

Uneven Wear

If the front tires are wearing out faster than the rear, it is not uncommon; it’s about time you need a new tire. Sometimes if you rotate the tires, the problem may get solved, but buying something brand new will be better. If the front side of the tire has damaged, replacing it will not solve your issue as you will have to replace the front and rear. You can do it yourself or get an expert to eliminate this problem. If you have followed all these tips and are still confused when to replace your tire, you can get in touch with the dealer. They will give you the necessary knowledge and let you know when the tires need to be retired.

Consider Solids

Pneumatic tires are durable and can deliver excellent performance at the job site. There are certain conditions mainly paved, rocky, or full of debris, and such tires will wear out quickly. Solid tires can be a better choice if you want to remove dust, debris, concrete, or snow. You can also work inside the farm, and the solid tires will provide much more comfort. By purchasing the most robust tires in the market, you can feel at ease as the lifespan is much longer than many tires.



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