Best 4 Channel Amps For Sound Quality 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you are planning to build your audio system, something that you would necessarily need is an amplifier. Four-channel amps are preferred by most people who are making their stereo system. The custom stereo system might need a lot of components to be built appropriately, but the essential elements that you would need is a practical and useful 4 Channel Amplifier. The four-channel Amps can help you to power up to four or two speakers at the same time. Many people are eager to build a stereo system for their cars, so we thought of helping you out by discussing with you about three of the Best 4 Channel Amps For Sound Quality that are available on the market today.

Best 4 Channel Amps For Sound Quality (Comparison)

Rockford Fosgate P600X475 Watt x 4 (4 Ohm)

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JBL Club 70470 Watt RMS x 4 (4 Ohm)

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Pioneer GM-A6704190 Watt RMS x 2 (4 Ohm)

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Rockford Fosgate P600X4

Rockford Fosgate P600X4

The Rockford P600X4 is a quality amplifier that is well rounded and comes with an entirely modern and functional design. It can deliver 40 to 50 watts per channel. The watts per channel would depend upon the speakers you intend to install. The model comes with all the essential features that you may require to build a stereo system. The current and temperatures sensor can make it possible for you to prevent the device from getting damaged and increases longevity and durability. The aluminum chassis makes it easy for the device to dissipate heat and prevents it from getting overheated. The input and the speaker level is robust, and it can help you to connect the amplifier to multiple speakers. It is compatible with all stereo systems and can work well with a variety of methods. If you are looking to build a standard speaker, build up, then this model of audio system amplifier is ideal for you. It can work well with four speakers and can also be helpful if you want to add a subwoofer to the existing pair of speakers.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of this amplifier is clear and stable and allows you to enjoy a great sound without any disturbances. The sound hangs and balances a lot more as compared to other amplifiers. The striking and stunning sound will blow your mind away.


The four-line outputs and headphone port can help you to enjoy loop recording. The device offers multiple connectivity options and allows you to connect the amplifier to various devices. You can connect to a laptop and other electric gadgets and also use an adaptor for connecting if you feel the need to.

Phono Stage

The magnet Phono stage that is moving is very responsive and can help you create a killer sound system. This feature deserves to get a 5-star rating because it makes the amplifier stand out and beat the rest of its competitors.

Digital Inputs

The model allows you to enjoy various digital inputs, including the blue tooth. The 60 watts out per channel will enable you to enjoy enormous power. This feature is excellent for all listening scenarios and can let you have a lifetime experience.

Supports All Sound Genres

The sound quality of this device is of high quality and beats other amplifiers. The amplifier is transparent and stays calm and composed when the sound takes a high and loud beat. The presentation style of this amplifier is compatible and suitable for all kinds of genres. The demanding listeners can get satisfactory results with the help of this unit.


The amplifier can deliver phenomenal performance and help you to enjoy a captivating performance. The sound performance provided by this device is outstanding. The sound balance is impressive and can let you enjoy the sound. The strong dynamics of this amplifier helps you to experience subtle sound and the superb timing of the amplifier to balance the sound is dynamic.

Supports Multiple Operations Of 2 to 4 ChannelThe Boosting Of Bass Is Not That Simple
Compatibility With All Stereo Connections
Overheat Protection



JBL Club 704

JBL Club 704

Wattage is something that is in demand the most when people are looking for a quality amplifier, but the clarity of the sound is outstanding too. Club 704 amplifier by JBL is a king when it comes to sound clarity. The high-performance amplifier will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and durability. If you are looking to enjoy a full range of frequency, then this device could be the ideal buy for you. This is one of the best four-channel amplifiers that have a significant wattage. It can handle the power well and can help you to enjoy an ultimate sound experience. The peak limiter features help you to enjoy a sound that is disturbance-free and prevents the audio from cracking up when it experiences any disturbances. The power output of this device is exceptional, and it comes with a voltage control feature that controls the device from overvoltage and under-voltage. The high wattage amplifier can help you to connect and pair up with multiple kinds of speakers. The speakers are compatible with the device and don’t have any risk of getting damaged. You can push the volume up as much as you want to because the amplifier would be able to protect the speakers at all costs.

Audio Processor

The digital and integrated audio processor allows the amplifier to deliver outstanding performance. It gives a peak power rating and helps you to enjoy an incredibly clear sound. The device shines brightly because it has the maximum signal clarity, and you don’t get disrupted.


The amplifier is compact and portable and is ideal for building sound systems of cars, boats, and other systems. It prevents corrosion and enables you to enjoy a sound that doesn’t crack. The model has a respectable and useful power profile, and the digital clarity makes it ideal for your use.


If you are looking for an amplifier that is compatible with your speakers and matches the resistance of your speakers, then this amplifier might be the perfect pick for you. It is ideal resistance and can work well with almost all the speakers.

Premium Features

The amplifier comes with all the significant features that can help you to develop an extraordinary sound system. The device doesn’t let noise affect the sound quality and filters the noise to help you enjoy the best sound. Once you have done the wiring, you can enjoy durable and pleasant sound.

Raw Power

If you are interested in enjoying the raw power of an amplifier, then this system might be perfect for you. If you need a clear sound that is crystal clear, then you will be impressed after using this model of the amplifier. This one can be considered as one of the best car audio amplifiers, so if you are looking to build a car stereo system, then this model can be helpful for you.

Wide Frequency RangeMust Be Careful While Bridging Channels
CompactConnectors Are Designed For Specific Devices
Great Signal Output



Pioneer GM-A6704

Pioneer GM-A6704

Pioneer GM-A6704 amplifier is a perfect pick for our readers. It has a maximum power of 1000 watts, and the automatic signal sensing can suit the needs of users. The electronic signal can turn on and off without giving any pressure to the Amplifier. The high pass filter and adjustable bass boost are of good quality. It is available in two colors that are red or black, and whatever suits the decor of the room or car cabin, you can purchase it. The amplifier gives out a superior performance when compared to the previous models. It is updated with more power-packed features and the latest technology. The best thing is that it is available in different sizes because of which it has become highly flexible. You can install it in any car cabins as it is compatible with almost every model out there. The weight of the amplifier is 4.9 pounds, and you can place it anywhere you want to.


Usually, Wattage is considered the king when it comes to amplifiers, but it doesn’t mean that clarity should be ignored. The range of frequency should be perfect so you can enjoy good sound. The maximum wattage of the Pioneer GM amplifier is 1000 watts, and it delivers a smooth sound. The frequency will overflow with practical details, ensuring the audio comes out without any hindrance.


The best thing about Pioneer Amplifier is that it is light in weight. You can squeeze it into any thin space without worrying about anything. You can install it behind the dash or mount it with another primary amp. The weight of the amplifier is 4.9 pounds, which makes it compact and easily portable. The design is clean and packed with all essential features even though it’s light in weight. It can fit in your budget because it’s less expensive than other amplifiers available in the market. You can position it the way you want to because it can work well both vertically and horizontally.


The amplifier delivers a power-packed performance due to unlimited features. The range of the signal is evident, and there won’t be any distortions in them. The automatic signal can turn on and off giving maximum protection to the amplifier. The bass boost is adjustable and can be set according to your requirement. Surround sound system makes the voice quality pleasing to the ears. It gives a flexible performance and is much better than the previous models. The peak power of GM pioneer is three to four times faster than other amplifiers.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The blue tooth connectivity is excellent, especially if you are interested in offline streaming. You can connect the amplifier with a lot of devices or sources of audio.RCA connections are useful for bass boost and are impressive. You can use a headphone if you want to listen to anything privately. You can mount the amplifier behind the car seat or dashcam because it can squeeze into any place. Pioneer GM is bridgeable, and this is one of the rarest features found in amplifiers.


The amplifier is perfectly designed for the car audio system. The amplifiers come out in different classifications. The Pioneer amplifier is a D class amplifier that’s why it’s more compact than other models. Class A or B amplifiers have lower efficiency. The set up is easy as the RCA wires are easy to handle. You have to install the RCA right next to the power cable. You will get a sound signal when the wires are placed correctly.


Pioneer amplifier delivers a fast, agile, and rhythmic sound. It will render the perfect rhythms and bass of the sound, giving out an enjoyable experience to enthusiasts. The liveliness and energy in the sound are addictive to the ears. The speakers are perfect, and that is why audio clarity is top-notch. The built-in headphone also delivers good quality sound in your car or home. You can power 4-door speakers with this amplifier, and it will continuously give perfect audio.

Wide Frequency RangeYou Can Boot The Bass On The Rear Channels Only
Aluminum Construction




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