Best Amplifiers For KEF LS50 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Do you own a pair of KEF LS50s, and you want to get the most out of it? If you don’t want to break your bank by buying expensive amplifiers, then you are in the right place. If you want a reliable and durable amplifier that won’t cost you much money and still last long, then we might be able to introduce you to some of the most durable and functional amplifiers of all time. If you want to modernize your KEF LS50 and are not satisfied with the original performance of the speakers, then you must buy an amplifier that can help to boost the performance of your KEF LS50. We are going to introduce you to three of the Best Amplifiers For KEF LS50 that can be the best device to enhance the sound quality of KEF LS50.

Best Amplifiers For KEF LS50 (Comparison)

Peachtree Audio nova15032-Bit/384kHz

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NuPrime IDA-8Up to 384kHz

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Outlaw RR216020Hz - 20kHz

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Peachtree Audio nova150

Peachtree Audio nova150

Peachtree Audio nova150 is an advanced and integrated Amplifier that comes with the DAC feature. The device has an inbuilt DAC and also comes with a USB port that can help you to connect to a PC or MAC book. The device can play any file type and format and can fill the room with a loud sound. It has a modern and amazing looking design that makes it appealing to the eye. The best part about this amplifier is that it doesn’t cost much and is available at an affordable price, unlike other amplifiers available in the market right now. It will allow you to get an outstanding listening experience, and you can enjoy your favorite music like never before. It doesn’t matter what the listening methods or input method are the amplifier can provide you with a quality sound. The device has been designed in North America and boasts a modern and attractive design.

Easily Drives Your Headphones

The Nova 150 comes with a headphone amplifier section, which enables you to enjoy an ultimate listening experience using any headphones. You can hear the best quality of music and can listen to the sounds in your favorite music that you have never heard before.

Analog Phono Preamp

You don’t need any outboard because the Nova 150 comes with an inbuilt Phono Preamp. It can quickly reproduce your vinyl collection into a form that the artist might intend to. If you don’t collect records, then it doesn’t matter anymore because the phono input is switchable to the users.

Digital To Analog Converter

The nova 150 is designed to accept all kinds of file formats. Whether your audio files are compressed or uncompressed, the device can handle all types of formats. The DAC keeps on operating because a high power supply backs it. The output is natural and is the best DAC any amplifier can ever produce.

Home Theater Bypass

You can easily integrate the device into the audio/video receiver of your home theater, and you are in for a treat. The Nova 150 can generate a better sound quality than any AVR. The nova 150 is powerful and very easy to use.

Remote Control

The Nova 150 comes with a modern-looking remote that looks great while you are holding it. The remote allows you to use the system with flexibility. It adds more convenience and helps you to enjoy using the device with peace. It comes with an extensive range of buttons that allow you to use the Nova 150 with comfort.

High Sound QualityMight Not Be A Good Match For All The Speakers
Stainless Steel Design



NuPrime IDA-8

NuPrime IDA-8

NuPrime makes affordable and useful products and has been in the market for a long time. The home stereo can allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and music in a sound that you have never experienced before. The device is compact and has a small size but has all the power to provide you with all the convenience of a wires audio amplifier. The high-performance amplifier can allow you to enjoy the ultimate sound experience at an affordable price. The cost-effective amplifier comes with a headset amplifier section that will enable you to enjoy music using any headphones. The device keeps the audio signal in a digital domain and produces quality sound. If you have extensive experience by using digital equipment, then you would find this amplifier an extraordinary performance.

Look & Feel

The first thing that might catch your attention of NuPrime IDA-8 is the small and compact size of the amplifier. You might be skeptical about how this low sized amplifier can perform so well, but this compact amplifier will prove you wrong. The materials used in developing the amplifier are of high quality and make it easy for you to enjoy the durability.


The digital amplifier allows you to listen to music in a variety of ways. The device comes with a built-in blue tooth, and it is also compatible with all kinds of audio devices. You can easily listen to music from your android phone without having to worry about the amplifier is compatible with your gadget.


You can pair it up with a variety of speakers, and it will allow you to experience fantastic sound quality. The sound quality would be dynamic, and the sound stage after pairing the device with the speakers is excellent.

Sound Quality

The music would sound clean and upbeat after using this amplifier. It doesn’t sound flat or disturbing, and the quality of the sound can surpass any audio system. You will get satisfying results and would be able to enjoy some great music. The amplifier would let you enjoy a clear voice even though the volume of the music is low. You will feel pure joy by listening to music by using this amplifier.

Budget FriendlyProblematic Volume Knob
The DAC Can Process Almost All File Formats



Outlaw RR2160

Outlaw RR2160

Outlaw RR2160 Retro Stereo receiver gives out a beautiful sound when compared with other receivers or amplifiers. You will get a 110Wpc, which helps in providing continuous power. You get 24-bit/192kHz with PCM and DACs, which is good quality. There are additional items like HD radio tuner, inputs, and a high-resolution USB input. The headphone amplifier will deliver a precise volume control for the user. The brass management is configurable, and you can customize it the way you like. When you have this stereo receiver at home, that means 100% good music is guaranteed for the music lovers.


The receiver is supported by a large transformer, which sinks the level of heat when it’s working. There are two channels where one is 110wpc ohms while the other is at 165wpc ohms. The transformer works pretty well for a broad and full range of loudspeakers as compared to other receivers. This is classic and has an analog supply that doesn’t create any noise. It is compatible with servers and different types of sound cards. You can connect it with optical and coaxial inputs that are packed inside. The front and back USB ports are portable and compatible with every music system.

Front Panel Jack

The analog of the RR 2160 retro stereo receiver has six RCA inputs. There is a front panel jack, which is 3.5 mm in length. You also get a processor loop that is external and gives out an excellent service to the users.


The design of the RR2160 Retro Stereo receiver is strong and sturdy. The outside is thick and layered while the inside has aluminum on it. The price is economical, but you get a lot of features and accessories in this receiver.

Complete Control

If you want to have a customized sound quality in your environment, then this stereo receiver will work best. You will get full control over volume and tones. There is a front panel defeat switch, which is used to turn off the receiver quickly. It happens to be the only receiver with the equalization of sound that is adjustable. The volume is given a bass boost with octaves, and the real beat of music and sound can be heard. The compact and bookshelf speakers are made with high-quality materials. If you are interested in listening to music with a headphone, they will work very well. The headphones have a loop where you get the option to adjust the volume. You can control the level of volume at your convenience. There is 120 Voltage supply given to the receiver, and the power consumption is 400 W.

Details That Make A Difference

RR2160 comes packed with a variety of features that are missing in most of the receivers. The two remote triggers are useful for those who want to control amplifiers. The external speakers are connected to in and out jacks that are again adjustable. The powerful USB ports can deliver five volts each time they are working. They can power up any streaming adaptors quite easily. The speaker terminals are also updated with powerful features. There is a removable cord which can help you to get a clear sound and the remote can be used to control the receiver. The remote has a lot of control buttons that help to make this system easy to use.

Good Quality Aluminum RemoteNo Home Theater Bypass
Phono Output Is ExcellentDigital Inputs Are Not Compatible With Few DACs
Internet Radio & High-performance HD Radio FM Stereo Tuner Is Adjustable



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