Best AV Receivers For Gaming 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

There are endless options of AV receivers for Gaming, and choosing the right one for you can make your head spin. It is complicated because you must get a receiver that has all the features that can help you to enhance your gaming experience. All you want to have a thrilling and ultimate experience of Gaming and you must understand what kind of receiver can be a suitable buy for you. Our job is to introduce you to some of the best AV receivers for Gaming that can help you to enjoy the gaming experience that you have always wished to possess. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find three of the Best AV Receivers For Gaming that might be the next item on your buying list.

Best AV Receivers For Gaming (Comparison)

ReceiverPowerHDMI In/Out 
Sony STR-DH790145W4/1

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Yamaha RX-V685150W5/2

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Marantz NR171050W5/1

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Sony STR-DH790

Sony STR-DH790

You can now give your gaming console cinematic upgrades because the STR-DH790 AV receiver by Sony will help you do that. It is made with the latest technology that can enhance the overall experience of Gaming. You can enjoy three dimensional sounds and can enjoy the thrilling and exciting sound and background music of the game. It also comes equipped with 4K ultra HD quality and can allow you to enjoy a phenomenal video experience as well. Get ready to get engrossed and lost in the action-packed games and beat every level of the game like a star. The 360 degree surround sound can allow you to enjoy a splendid and stunning sound and the sound is positioned accurately at every angle. The Sony AV receiver provides you with a rich and clean sound that you have never experienced before. The multidimensional sound can allow you to enjoy the maximum sound, and the audio decoding feature is on another level. The cinematic sound this AV receiver creates a sound that is similar to a theater-like sound. If you are planning to enjoy Gaming like never before, then the AV receiver by Sony should be a must-buy for you.

Cinematic Sound

If you are looking forward to experiencing a quality sound experience, then this AV receiver will satisfy all your demands and needs. The cinematic sound that the receiver produces is phenomenal, and you might experience a sound that you have never listened before. The speaker system is robust and develops a powerful and clear sound as you have never experienced before.

Full Resolution Sound

The receiver can allow you to relax and enjoy full resolution sound and let you enjoy a splendid sound quality. The receiver comes equipped with immersive and impressive audio formats. The Dolby sound that you miss enjoying at home can now be possible for you to experience at home. You don’t have to use an alternate media source and can produce a quality sound without routing and connecting using wires.

Virtual Sound

Most people complain that they are not able to fill up the room and surround the music sound in a large room. The S force Pro allows you to enjoy a virtual sound that surrounds all over your place and lets you enjoy a revolutionary and unique gaming experience.

Powerful Amplifier

The amplifier is powerful and can produce a quality sound that is crisp and clear without any distortion. A gaming sound that has distortion can spoil the fun and excitement of gaming experience. Still, this amplifier generates high-quality power and perfection and develops an extraordinary sound for your Gaming.

Supports Channel Surround SoundLags During Bluetooth Connection
Supports Sound Encoders Like Dolby & DTS: XReplacement Remote Is Hard To Find
Comes With Various HDMI Inputs




Yamaha RX-V685

Yamaha RX-V685

Yamaha is one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of creating audio equipment and products. The AV receivers by Yamaha have become quite popular with gaming lovers, and many gamers have purchased the RX-V685 AV receiver to enhance their gaming experience, and they don’t have any complaints. The musical sound this receiver produces has is best, and you wouldn’t be able to experience this sound quality with any other AV receiver. You can connect the device wirelessly and connect it easily to multiple devices. You can enjoy Internet radio and can listen to all the internet radio channels using this AV receiver. You can also stream music from various online music platforms wirelessly in a more convenient way. The receiver is easy to set up and can allow you to enjoy quality sound and music easily. You can enjoy a theater-like sound and play your games with an overwhelming and clear sound. The wireless streaming features can let you enjoy the best gaming experience with an extraordinary sound. You will be able to enjoy a realistic sound that is clear and without any disturbances. You can transform your living room into an exclusive and powerful gaming environment. You can play games like never before and can enjoy playing your favorite games like never before.

Wireless Surround Speakers

The wireless surround speakers let you enjoy the best gaming experience ever. You can get clutter-free and clear sound without any issues. The wireless surround speakers will help you to connect to various devices wirelessly. You can surround the sound in your entire room and can enjoy the ultimate listening experience while gaming.

HDMI Support

The AV receiver offers you compatibility with the latest HDMI technology and lets you enjoy great music sound. It also supports a high dynamic range, which can help you to adjust the sound of various kinds. You can also enjoy a Dolby vision video of your game with the help of this system. If you want to enjoy smooth and vibrant colors in your gameplay, then the AV receiver by Yamaha can be the perfect pick for you

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Compatibility

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity would allow you to enjoy streaming from various online platforms. You can use a wireless router to connect to multiple devices and enjoy a compelling gaming experience. The Bluetooth device allows you to connect within the receiver and also outside the receiver to another device that is compatible with Bluetooth. You can also use a pair of headphones to connect wirelessly and enjoy the gaming sound without disturbing anyone else.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth ConnectivityHeavy
HDMI ConnectivityDifficult To Navigate Through
Surround Sound Feature




Marantz NR1710

Marantz NR1710

If you aren’t familiar with AV receivers, you may not have heard about Marantz. They have been producing well equipped and designed products over the years. The products range from entry-level to more expensive units like Marantz NR1710. The receiver looks sleek and is packed with powerful features. You get an amplifier and separate components along which are easy to adjust. It is small in height but features seven channels that can be connected with Atmos speakers. You will get height virtualization, which will become perfect with this receiver. If you don’t care about the height of virtualization and need five speakers, you have other models to choose from. The dynamic EQ feature gives a great visual and audio experience, and if you are interested in gaming, it will cater to your needs. The HDMI inputs and compatible surround sound system will give you a quality experience at an affordable rate.

Slim Profile

The profile of Marantz NR1710 has a compact and slim design, which means you can install or transport it easily. The traditional AVR’s have a great height, but this comes out at half the height. It can deliver the best audio and video quality to make your gaming experience better than before. The amplifier delivers the highest power of 50Watts, which may not be the tallest but helps the AV work correctly. You will get 5.2 surround sounds, and once you have your headphone, you will be immersed in the game.

7-channel Discrete Amplifier

No doubt, Marantz NR1710 is a powerful receiver that comes packed with a lot of power. It has an additional seven-channel discrete amplifier. The level of current and frequency remains equal in the seven channels. You can connect your speakers in any channel, and the audio or video quality will remain the same. Each channel will be delivered with the highest power at 8 ohms. You can control each speaker with the drive capability feature to get a crystal clear voice.

Connectivity & Streaming

The best thing about this AV receiver is that it can stream popular music from different sources or devices. Getting in touch with Spotify, Pandora and Tidal become easy due to the full range of Bluetooth. The built-in multi-room listening system helps you enjoy music and play games. The connection is wireless, which means you don’t have to deal with unnecessary wires. You can play a game or song in one room and share it among different places altogether. The connectivity and streaming features are customizable and can be controlled by the user.

User Friendly

The AV receiver is user friendly, and it is easy to operate too. The graphic user interface is another exciting feature that guides you about the instructions in a perfect manner. When you understand the step by step instructions, you can connect any audio resource with the amplifier of the receiver. The installation process is precise, and you need only five to ten minutes for it. The handset is compatible with Alexa and Siri app, and you can stream unlimited music or download games.


The AV receiver and its amplifier are compatible with all sources, including 4k Ultra HDTV. The picture quality is Dolby digital, and the thrilling surround sound is suitable for competitive games. When you are playing your favorite game, it will look real, and your experience will be enjoyable. There is an extra subwoofer that can spread equal bass and frequency all over the room. There are surround sound speakers on every side of the amplifier, making things even better.

Surround SoundUI Is A Little Challenging To Navigate
Compact50 Watt Of Power Is Considered On The Lower End When Compared With Other Receivers




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