Best AV Receivers With Phono Input 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

An AV receiver is a product that helps you to enhance the volume and sound of the stereo systems and home theatre system. If you just bought a receiver, you might not know what role a phono input can play in a receiver. Without the Phono input, you wouldn’t be able to get quality sound. Large and powerful speakers require a Phono input to be able to connect to the AV receiver. If you are looking for some of the Best AV Receivers With Phono Input, then we might be able to suggest you with some of the best receivers.

Best AV Receivers With Phono Input (Comparison)

Yamaha RX-V683BL150 W

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Denon AVR-S640H150 W

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Marantz NR171050 W

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Yamaha RX-V683BL

Yamaha RX-V683BL

Yamaha uses the latest and innovative technologies to improve the stereo receiver with Phono input. The receiver comes equipped with wireless communication with vinyl and also supports input port for your Smartphone. The Yamaha RX-V683BL is made with innovative technology and guarantees quality. The receivers can produce the best sound quality that you might have never experienced in your life. It comes with Bluetooth and Airplay players that allows you to stream audio from various devices like Smartphone, tablets, gadgets and other devices. The Ethernet connection can help you to download audio from the internet directly, and you can share endless content with other devices. You can also easily manage the device with your Smartphone. The AV receiver by Yamaha comes with some extraordinary features that can help you to enjoy the best listening experience. You can now bring high quality sound to every nook and corner of your room and can enjoy listening and streaming your favorites in peace and comfort.

Record Player Amplifier

The receiver comes with a record player amplifier that can allow you to achieve maximum power and performance. You can conveniently increase the audio lengths and enjoy quality sound that you have never experienced before. The energy loss is reduced, and you can enhance the sound quality and also increase the life of the amplifier.

Wireless Connectivity

If you have playlists and your favorite songs scattered in multiple devices, then wireless connectivity of the AV receiver is all you need to enjoy your favorite audio in loud and clear sound. You can listen to your favorite audio tracks that are stored on your laptop and your Smartphone by connecting the AV receiver wirelessly to devices.

Lower Noise Level

The best and high definition sound quality is now at your disposal with Yamaha AV receiver. Analog and digital signals are separated from each other, and you can enjoy top quality sound without any disturbances. The quality of sound is increased, and you can enjoy the best audio quality. The high definition sound lowers the noise, and you will enjoy a clear and crisp sound.

Optical Inputs

The Yamaha AV receiver comes with optical inputs. The optical inputs can help you to soothe and clear the reception of the sound. The audio that is in the digital domain can get cleared, and you will be able to achieve a clean and dynamic sound.


The design of the AV receiver by Yamaha is futuristic yet straightforward. It has an elegant design and would be able to fit perfectly in any interiors. The AV receiver has a moderate size and is lightweight enough to move it from one place to another. The frame and the design of the AV receiver can help you to reduce the vibration and releases the sound pressure to provide you with a bright and clean sound.

Minimalistic & Modern DesignSome Accessories Included Are Not Of Good Quality
Access To Various Platforms Like Deezer, Spotify & Many MoreInstructions Provided With The AV Receiver Are Not Clear
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity




Denon AVR-S640H

The AVR-S640H AV receiver by Denon will be able to satisfy the demands of all the user’s if you like playing games or love listening to high quality sound and watch movies the Denon AV receiver can serve all types of people well. The Av receiver comes equipped with some of the best features that are upgraded and boast of new technology. It can allow you to enjoy video and audio at the highest of the level. The system supports all the new features like Hi-resolution audio and HDMI input. It comes with various ports that can allow you to connect to multiple devices wirelessly. If you have been craving for a theatre like sound and a receiver that is easy to use then Denon AV receiver could be the best option for you. The analogue sources make it possible for you to transfer the audio to speakers wirelessly and enjoy a seamless and fun experience. It comes with a unique network management features that help you to enjoy audio streaming from various devices.

Exceptional Video

The AV receiver by Denon isn’t only capable of providing you with the best audio quality. It is also equipped with some of the best features that can allow you to enjoy bright, clear and dynamic picture quality. You will be able to experience now the perfect theatre-like experience with the best audio and video experience. If you have been missing the theatre and want to watch your favorite movies, then Denon can help you get the best theatre like experience inside the comfort of your home.

Easy Setup

Denon has an easy on-screen set up that allows you to assemble and use the device properly. It helps you to get the knowledge about the instructions on how to use the AV receiver and how to connect it. It will also guide you well about how to optimize your sound.

Compatible With Alexa

The Denon AV receiver is compatible with Alexa and allows you to control the AV receiver with the voice control feature. You don’t have to reach out to the remote every time you want to listen to your favorite tracks. Changing the track and adjusting the volume has never been this easy before. The Denon AV receiver allows you to enjoy the best relaxing experience.

Quick Select Buttons

The front panel consists of 4 quick select buttons that allow you to operate the AV receiver efficiently. You can store and save your preferred settings and also manage the system by using the select buttons. You can switch between the buttons at a quick rate and use the system with extreme comfort.

Quality Sound

The Denon AV receiver uses Japanese precision technology that lets you enjoy the best sound quality. The multidimensional surround sound fills up a large room and allows you to enjoy a super bright and loud sound. It also supports 4K ultra HD picture quality which can enable you to view your favorite movies in HD quality. The AV receiver is perfect for enhancing the picture and sound of your home theatre system and other stereo systems.

Digital-analogue ConnectorTakes Up A Lot Of Space & Is Not Lightweight
Tone & Bass Control Technology Lets You Enjoy Clear SoundIrregularities In Bluetooth Connectivity
USB Port



Marantz NR1710

Marantz NR1710

Marantz NR1710 AV receiver features a 7.2 channel amplifier. It is small, and lightweight and the design is sleek as compared to the traditional receivers, it is also lower in height. The handset can give a rich sound, and you will be much satisfied with the quality. The power amplifier is durable and features a discreet and high current to all the seven channels. Each channel will get a power of 50 Watts for 8-ohm speakers. The superb speaker control has a frequency in the range of 20HZ. You can stream from different online services such as Spotify, Pandora and Tidal, to name a few. You can stream videos via Bluetooth, Airplay and other HEOS apps. You can set up this receiver in any room and enjoy unlimited high quality sound experience according to your taste. There is a multi-room streaming option, and you can play a different song for each room. The optional configuration option will allow you to enjoy a surround sound with a 5.2 channel. You can connect your speakers to this receiver and start using it.

Slim Profile

Marantz has a sleek and compact design and is smaller in height as compared to traditional receivers in the market. NR1710 UHD receiver gives out a perfect and quality surround sound in all the rooms of your house. The process of installation is easy as its wireless and you don’t have to waste your time in adjusting wires.

7-channel Discrete Amplifier

The receiver has a 7-channel discrete amplifier where the flow of current is even among all the speakers. You will get quality audio and video for your favorite songs and movies. Each channel receives the power of 50 watts and speakers which feature 8 ohms is the most suitable option. The frequency of this receiver is 20Hz. Sound quality is refined, crisp, vibrant and pleasing to the ears.

Connectivity & Multi-room Listening

You can stream anything you like from different sources and connect them via Bluetooth. Listen to your favorite songs from Pandora and Spotify. There is a separate 5.2 channel which gives out a surround sound. You can play songs of your choice in any room you like thanks to the multi-room listening feature.

Amazon Music HD

There is high-quality warmth in this receiver as it is built with the latest and newest technology. The combination of Marantz and Music Ultra HD will be your highest resolution. It will give you access to millions of songs or movies in an instant. The receiver is four inches tall, and the sound is immersive and room-filling. The sound and video quality are vibrant and rich. The microphones are good quality as well.

Smart TV Connectivity

There is a remote control which will help you to control the smart TV connectivity. You have to set HDMI control as ON, and the receiver will start working. The home screen on the Smart menu will give you an option to browse many videos and songs. You can adjust the settings of the AR setup menu according to your requirements. There are four smart selects which make things easier for the user.

Complete Home Entertainment Box

The Marantz receiver comes packed with powerful features and additional accessories. There are 8 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port, a phono input. The connectivity options are unlimited as you can stream high quality sound with a wireless connection or plenty of other audio sources. It is compatible with 4K Ultra HD TV. The vision is Dolby and gives cinema-like vibes to your home theatre.

Hands-free Operation

The best thing about the receiver is that it doesn’t require hard work from your hands. You can give commands to Alexa or Apple Siri and stream from accessible sources like Spotify. You can also tune your Netflix and stream movies and videos of your choice. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection are fast so you can stream anything you want and enjoy it to the fullest.

Easy SetupRequires Regular Maintenance To Be Performing At 100%
Provides A Clean & Crisp Sound, Atmos Works Very WellComparatively Expensive
Elegant & Modern Design




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