Best Budget 4 Channel Amps 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

If you want to improve the sound quality of your stereo system, then you must look for an audio amplifier. The good news is that amplifiers are available at affordable prices, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money and can still enhance the sound and volume of your music system. Some people can’t go on without high-quality music, and for such people, a budget 4 Channel amplifier is a must thing to have. If you are looking for the best budget four-channel Amp, then we may be able to help you with that. If you want to customize your car audio system, then you can check out 3 of the Best Budget 4 Channel Amps that we have mentioned below because they might be on your next buying list.

Best Budget 4 Channel Amps (Comparison)

Kicker CX360.4720 WAB

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Pioneer GM-A67041000 WD

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Rockford Fosgate R250X4900 WAB

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Kicker CX360.4

Kicker CX360.4

CX360.4 amplifier by Kicker is great for boosting sound and voice quality. It is an excellent amplifier and works excellent with all kinds of kicker speakers. The amplifier can out good power and produces the best sound quality. It comes with a unique power supply and wouldn’t disappoint you with its performance. If you want to enjoy music that is loud and clear, then this amplifier will work best for you. It helps you to twitch the sound of the music system and gives you the best listening experience. The sound magnification this model produces is efficient, and it is also compatible with several kinds of speakers. If you are looking for a budget-friendly amplifier that is full of power and durability, then this one is for you.

Sound Quality

The amplifier can produce quality sound without any disturbances. It decreases any distortion you might experience and improve the sound quality of your music. It can provide a better sound quality as compared to pure class amplifiers. The amplifier has the ability that reduces the distortion, and your sound quality is increased indefinitely.


The amplifier can generate so much power that the system automatically enhances the volume. It can power up all kinds of speakers and subs with all types of channels. The amplifier is stable and can produce more power that makes the volume increase automatically.

Work With Multiple Head Units

The amplifier has high and low inputs because this amplifier is flexible. You can use this amplifier to build your car stereo system and customize it. It doesn’t matter which head unit or speaker your car has because it can work well with all types.

Energy Efficient

The amplifier requires less power and current to operate and is an energy saver. It is durable because it can save energy, making it possible to last for long. The peak power of this amplifier is neat, and it doesn’t get heated or out of control even after long hours of use.

World Class

The amplifier comes from a world-class and recognized brand and has a lot of positive customer reviews on Amazon. It comes packed in a compact package and is easy to use and install. It has classic styling and boasts of some incredible features that are sufficient for you to build a customized music system.

Comes With Thermal ProtectionHeats Up When Played For A Long Time
DurableBass Boost Is Not Variable
Easy To Install & Use



Pioneer GM-A6704

Pioneer GM-A6704

Pioneer GM-A6704 is the best amplifier for people who are looking for a bass boost in their music. The amplifier is perfect for all the bass lovers and also enhances the volume and quality of your music. The amplifiers from Pioneer have improved from the previous models, and this model can generate a powerful sound. The performance it delivers is superior to many other amplifiers similar to this model in the market. It comes in a compact size and is space-efficient. It can fit in compact and small areas and can add a lot of conveniences. The installation of this amplifier is flexible and can be installed without the help of a professional. It can be easily installed in various car cabins and can allow you to custom build your car stereo system. It comes with an automatic signal sensing and turns on automatically when you intend to work with it. The bass boost is adjustable, and you can adjust the bass of your choice in the music you are listening to.

Thermal Dispersion

The amplifier is powerful and can deliver a splendid performance. The best part about this is that it doesn’t heat up after extended use. The thermal dispersion technology helps you to prevent your amplifier from getting overheated, and you can increase the life of the system.

Operation Modes

The amplifier comes with exceptional operation modes that help you to adjust and configure your system for a high-quality sound. The reproduction results you get are amazing, and you can enjoy a fantastic sound. The operation modes also make it easy to use and install the system.

No Distortion

The amplifier uses a low voltage circuit to operate, and as a result, the distortion in the music is minimized. You will be able to enjoy a clear sound even at the highest volumes. The sound quality is also enhanced, and the music system generates clear and distortion-free music. The amplifier is made up of high-quality materials that allow you to make secure connections. The result it produces is flawless music.


The high-level inputs can allow you to hook up the amplifier to any stereo system. If you want to boost the performance of your factory system, then this amplifier might work well for you. It is compatible with almost every system and comes with versatile inputs that can help you to connect easily to various kinds of stereos.


This amplifier has been proved to be the most efficient and powerful one as compared to other amplifiers in the market. The reduced distortion and robust sound quality allow you to witness exceptional sound quality.

Highly Durable

The amplifier comes with a lot of durable features that make this model the best value for money. You can turn the amplifier to any degree to match the sound and volume of the music you are currently playing. The cast aluminum prevents it from overheating, and the Amp remains working well for a long time.

Comes Equipped With 2-4 Channel ModesNot Suitable For Speakers That Demand Too Much Power
Hi & Low Pass Filters Are VariableMight Not Be Ideal For People Who Prefer A Warm & Subtle Sound
Subsonic Boost Is Great




Rockford Fosgate R250X4

Rockford Fosgate R250X4

Rockford Fosgate R250X4 4-channel amplifier delivers maximum power of 250 Watts. You can bridge it with on rear or front channels as it has 2-ohms and 4-ohms stereo attached to it. The select punch bass feature you can tune the frequencies according to your requirements. It will protect your speakers by giving out feed to the bass of each subwoofer. Rockford 4-channel amplifier will provide you with the best of both worlds. It features both Class A and B output stages, which means good quality audio delivered to the user. The amplifier is ultra-modern and classic as it features the newest technology. It will enhance the audio quality like never before. Each speaker is given equal power, and amps can be customized in the dash, front, or rear-end efficiently. The best thing is that you can take control of each feature and the price is quite economical too.

Clear & Loud

Rockford 4-channel amplifier helps you to enjoy powerful music and sound. The audio will be clear and loud but controls the frequency and vibrations. Punch bass is a unique feature that is not commonly seen in other amplifiers. The beat of the music will flow evenly due to the surround sound system. You can use your headphone or let the music flow naturally to enjoy it fully.


Rockford Fosgate amplifier will send out a maximum of 250 Watt power to each of the speakers. The front channel can be used for the front speaker. The rear channel can easily be bridged to a subwoofer, which delivers at least 40 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohm. You can bridge two amps to a 2-channel mode, and the four amps will provide power to subwoofer and front or rear speakers. It is an ultra-efficient amplifier that can power up to the full-range system. It can be optimized for the 4-channel system so you can power up the midrange in the dash or front and rear.


The amplifier allows you to fully take control of each feature as you can customize it the way you like. You can gain power by conveniently placing the crossovers. They are easy to use, and you can control each amp to get the best of experience. The performance of your system will reach the highest level. The amps can run within each driver installed in the deck or rear and front without any glitches.


Rockford amplifier is one of the most durable speakers available in the market today. The two-three position phases will allow you to turn and adjust the amps successfully. You can set each amp from 0 to 180 degrees, depending on what you like. It can match up to any speaker system; no matter it is the car or home audio system. The amplifier is made of sturdy aluminum, which prevents the system from heating up. When the amps don’t heat, its interiors won’t be damaged either. The amps will remain functional for a long time as heat is regulated evenly.


The amplifier may not be the smallest one out there but is compact and sleek. You can install it in a matter of a few minutes, and it can fit in any space efficiently. You can clean it with a pure fabric because using something else may cause damage to the amplifier because it’s delicate. The power is so durable that it can create a high level of efficiency in the entire audio system. It can work well with both factories installed and aftermarket sourcing units.

Quality Sound Without Any DistortionsHigher Distortion Level Compared To Some Other Amplifiers
Durable & CompactHeats Up Frequently If You Use It For A Long Time
High Power Efficiency



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