Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $2000 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Amplifiers are a basic need if you want to boost the sound and volume of your music system or home theater. Most amplifiers are expensive because they come packed with some fantastic features. Some high amplifiers have all the necessary features and are also available under $2000. An integrated amplifier must be a part of your Hi-Fi audio systems. If you want to rock the sound of your music systems speakers, then you must invest some amount of money. The experience of listening to a theater-like sound quality can be unforgettable. We have compiled some of the Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $2000 do check them out below in this publication.

Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $2000 (Comparison)

Marantz PM80062 x 70W (8 Ohms)S/PDIF Coaxial

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Sony TA-A1ES80W (8 Ohms)Optical/Coaxial

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Peachtree Audio nova150150W per channel @ 8 Ohms
250W per channel @ 4 Ohms
S/PDIF Coaxial

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Marantz PM8006

Marantz PM8006

If you want to enjoy quality music and audio quality and want a flexible operation, then PM8006 integrated amplifier by Marantz can satisfy your needs. The model is made of a corporate and exotic design that can be the best fit for any interiors. The aluminum front panel promotes smooth operation. The controls are organized horizontally on the front structure of the amplifier that allows easy access to it. It comes packed with some fantastic features that can help you to control low, medium, and high frequencies. The connecting speakers are well built and help to enhance the performance of the system. The power amplifier is easy to use and makes it possible for you to experience an unforgettable musical experience. The model can deliver brilliant musical quality. It is suitable to fill up large and small rooms with loud and clear sounds. Many amplifiers don’t have the capacity to fill up rooms that are large and wide, but this amplifier can even fill up a large room. You can enjoy the quality and clear playback music from all kinds of stereo sources. The audio distortion is low, and you can hear the loudest and brightest music. You can integrate the system with a large number of devices. It is compatible with your large home theater and can even be suitable for a small stereo system. It comes with endless connection possibilities to make sure that you can use the device to its fullest.

High Quality Music

If you are tired of listening to a low sound and low-quality music, then this integrated amplifier would be able to satisfy your hunger. The amplifier delivers a music quality that is brilliant and clear without any distortions. It can produce a loud sound and can fill up a large room with its high-quality sound.

Improved Clarity

The system is robust and delivers a performance that has improved and clears sound. The audio distortion is at the lowest rate, and a clear and disturbance-free sound is produced. If you want to listen to a detailed sound from any source, then this amplifier could do the job for you. Whether it is from a CD, Television, or some streaming website, you can enjoy listening to the highest of quality.


Enjoy endless connection possibilities with this incredible device. You can integrate it with various stereo systems and can also connect it to a home theater. You can also connect it to two other high-quality speakers in another room to enhance the volume and quality of the music.

Headphones Output

The device comes with a headphone output feature, and you can enjoy hearing music from the headphones without disturbing anyone else. You will have full control over your headphones and will be able to enjoy high-quality sound and music directly into your ears. You can enjoy listening to quality music from the most demanding headphones and have fun on your own.

Great Design & A Functional OutputLacks Power & Isn’t Sufficient For Power Hungry Speakers
Good PerformanceBluetooth Connectivity Is Weak
Stable & Durable Build



Sony TA-A1ES

Sony TA-A1ES

TA-A1ES integrated amplifier by Sony comes with some great features that can help you to get an unmatchable sound. The intelligent BIAS control allows you to adjust bass and delivers a balanced and quality sound. The operation of the system is secure, and you don’t have to call out a customer support service team to learn to operate it. Sony has been creating integrated amplifiers for years now, and this model from Sony deserves to be in this list because of its endless features. This amplifier is one of the best-integrated amplifiers in the market that can be bought at under $2000. If you want a powerful integrated amplifier that comes with some basic features, then this could be the perfect buy for you. The system can perform dynamically under any situation and volume control. It can deal with even the most difficult speaker loads. The amplifier allows you to enjoy various digital outputs and can connect to a wide range of devices. The amplifier delivers a powerful performance and wouldn’t disappoint you. It balances the low frequencies and enables us to hear a crisp and clear sound.

FET Input Buffer

The amplifier has an inbuilt FET input buffer, which helps to reduce any obstruction or destruction in producing the sound. It enhances the sound quality and provides you with a high-quality sound. If you want to enjoy the high-resolution sound, then the amplifier by Sony can be the best choice for you.

Secure Connection

The inferior component connections can affect the sound quality and can make it difficult for you to hear refined music. The device comes equipped with a pitch jack that can ensure that the connectivity is done tightly. The secure connection can reduce the chances of low-quality sound quality.

High Resolution Audio

The device can produce high-resolution audio. This feature can enable you to listen to a music quality that is on another level. The analog music is converted to digital music, and you can hear a sound that is better than music coming out of a CD. You will be able to enjoy music similar to a studio recording.

Optimum Volume Control

The electronic volume has control, and with the discreet volume feature, it enhances the sound quality overall. It reduces the gain error experiences and allows you to listen to a quality sound.

Sound Quality

The sound that this system delivers is bold and authoritative. The bass is deep and balanced, and you can listen to the vocals. The beat and loud volume of the music can help you to enjoy music on another level. The soundstage is exceptional, and you can listen to all the instruments used in the music. If you want to listen to an engaging and immersive music, then this amplifier by Sony can be the best option for you.


The amplifier by Sony sports a classic and modern design and can be very appealing to the eye. It can add up a lot of beauty and elegance to the interiors of your home. The smooth and polished surfaces make it visually appealing. The design is also reliable and well builds and makes the amplifier durable.

DurableLacks Power
Deep & Quality SoundGets Hot When Experiencing Heavy Load
Wide Range Of Connectivity Options



Peachtree Audio nova150

Peachtree Audio nova150

Peachtree Audio nova 150 has changed the landscape of amplifiers. It is integrated with DAC and is compatible with almost every music system. You can convert it from digital to analog while the USB input is high quality too. The best thing about USB inputs will accept the digital connection from Mac or even PC. The computer audio feature is an ideal choice for music lovers, and you can adjust it according to your requirement. The integrated amplifier has been designed to give quality listening experience to music lovers. It doesn’t matter what input resources you are using; it will ensure that the audio quality is not hampered. Each of the functions provides exceptional performance, and all the components give a dedicated performance. The design of this amplifier is beautiful as it boasts of a peach tree. The finishing on the amplifier is done with titanium, and a real wood cabinet is used in the manufacturing. The integrated amplifier has been designed and built in North America. You can purchase it and make your listening experience worthwhile.


Peachtree Audio nova 150 has a headphone amplifier section, which is discrete. No matter what type of headphone you put inside, it will ensure excellent audio quality. Your listening experience will be enhanced twofold. You can listen to each rhythm and beat of the music you have played. Usually, the headphone amps which are available in the market are quite expensive, but when you have this dedicated amp, everything will go in your favor. The left and right speakers provide a typical surround sound making the beats of music pleasing to the ears.

Analog Phono Preamp

The best thing is that you don’t need any outboard box for this amplifier. The Novo analog phono preamp works like a real analog. It will reproduce the collection of vinyl very faithfully. Additionally, it is user-switchable to a standard level of input.

Digital To Analog Converter

nova 150 DAC amplifier is designed in such a way that it accepts all formats of media. The compressed, uncompressed, high resolution or ultra-high-resolution forms are widely accepted into it. You can feel at ease as the amplifier can take them all without any hassle. The DAC switch is powered by electric supply, and it won’t stop working. It will provide the most natural sound, and no doubt, this is the best DAC ever constructed.

Connects A Subwoofer To Your System

You can use nova 150 to your audio system, which ensures that a powerful and efficient subwoofer has been added to your system. Loop feature is one of the most useful features which can coordinate between class A and B connection inside out. There is a home control by bass and volume control bypass, which can be connected with any source device. You can select the music and control each setting using a remote.

Best Of Both Worlds With Home Theater Bypass

There’s no doubt that you can get the best of both worlds with this integrated amplifier. It has got a multiple channel processor or a preamp. It is an excellent receiver which can provide good audio and video signal to your home theater and audio system. It has a powerful and endearing sound when compared to other amplifiers in the market. The ultra-noise free feature will allow the listener to experience a quality sound that is free of distortions.

Remote Control Convenience

You can control your nova 150 Audio amplifier with remote control. It gives out maximum flexibility, convenience, and durability. The input LED on the front side of the Nova will light up. You can even use it in the darkness and control the volume settings. The visual reference becomes comfortable with the LED lights. You can also adjust the color brightness of the home theater while the control buttons will help you pause and play the music collection. The best thing is that this handy remote is compatible with all devices.

Durable & Easy To UseComparatively Heavy
Delivers Power Up To 150 Watts Per ChannelNo Built-in Networking Offered
Integrate The Amplifier Into A Home Theater System Or Connect With A Subwoofer



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