Best TVs For PS2 2022

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2022)

Previously, you could just put your game system into the aerial plug of a portable CRT television and be ready to go. Without a doubt, a happy moment, but one that has been committed to history books.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is comparable to gaming PCs in terms of specifications and performance, with 120 frames per second gameplay on a 4K resolution screen. While this level of performance is impressive, finding a television that lives up to the standard might be challenging.

To assist you in finding the television that will maximize the power of the latest console generation, we’ve compiled a list of the top gaming televisions. Here you’ll find televisions with great feature sets and systems enabling visual and acoustic perfection in contemporary gaming. There are budget-friendly alternatives that include vital game-enhancing technology and high-end versions for gamers with significant money.

Much of the terminology feels more akin to the jargon associated with PC gaming displays than with the approachability of intelligent TVs. While it may seem difficult at first, everything quickly falls into place. We have listed some of the Best TVs For PS2 below. Do check them out.

Best TVs For PS2 (Comparison)

Toshiba MV13L213-inches

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Panasonic PV-C1352W13-inches

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Sony KV-13FS10013-inches

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The PlayStation 2 televisions featured in this article were chosen independently. The ranking is determined by the quality, performance, and features of the product, as well as customer reviews and ratings. In the following part, we’ll discuss some of the important aspects of each of the PS2 televisions so you can quickly select the one that’s right for you.


Toshiba MV13L2

Toshiba MV13L2

Are you limited in space? Are you on the lookout for the ideal something to enhance your time spent cooking? Toshiba MV13L2 13-inch Color TV/VCR combo provides small home entertainment. The MV13L2 combines the capacity to watch television, play VHS tapes, and record off-air programming and camcorder footage into a single compact device. The monaural, two-head VCR provides an eight-event, one-month programming schedule.

Digital auto tracking continuously adjusts tape alignment to ensure the best possible image quality. High Definition Image Technology: This TV/VCR fitted HQ is equipped with VHS High Definition technology. A built-in detail enhancer boosts the recorded signal and ensures the highest possible image quality on playback.

Front-panel audio/video ports make it simple to attach video game consoles, camcorders, or DVD players, while auto-repeat is useful in trade exhibitions, retail locations, daycare centers, and preschools. With V-Chip, violent or sexually explicit material can be discovered and prevented, preventing young children from viewing. One-touch record (one button initiates recording and allows for record duration adjustment), trilingual onscreen display (English, Spanish, French), Closed Caption Decoder with full-text mode, auto rewind, auto power-off, and the always-useful auto clock set simplify setup and operation significantly. A front-panel headphone jack allows for discreet listening.

With today’s digital over-the-air broadcasting, an antenna TV receiver requires a digital-to-analog converter box; this box connects directly to the coaxial cable connection on the cable or satellite box. EIA NTSC color standard

This is a pretty beautiful two-head TV-VCR combination. Toshiba makes an excellent 13-inch television. One explanation for the extraordinary image quality is that the electron gun can maintain extremely precise control on smaller screen sizes, resulting in crisper and cleaner images. VHS tapes look fantastic. It includes a headphone jack and audio-video inputs on the front. You’ll have access to the front-panel menu, an onscreen display (OSD), and channel recall. It includes a sleep timer and an automatic clock. Remote control is included. The VCR is equipped with auto-tracking, stills, fast-forward, and rewind functions.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Integrated Two Head VCRCostly
TV/Game Switch And Audio-Video Inputs On The Front Panel
Programmable Timer With Eight Events/One Month



Panasonic PV-C1352W

Panasonic PV-C1352W

Panasonic’s PV-C1352W, available in white, features VHS recording and playback capabilities as well as the viewing capabilities of a 13-inch television. Your camcorder or game console connects directly to the set’s front panel, and a headphone jack allows for private listening.

The four-head architecture of the PV-C1352W enables smooth slow-motion playback (forward and reverse) and crystal-clear still-frame images. Commercial skip indicates the start and finish of each commercial break, allowing you to skip advertisements while watching recorded programs (rolls past three minutes of commercials in about 25 seconds). Index search enables you to quickly navigate to predetermined index points. The trilingual on-screen display (English, Spanish, and French) facilitates setup and provides information on the tape’s state and location.

Panasonic has equipped the PV-C1352W with Ready-to-Play functionality, which means that as soon as you put it in, the combo automatically sets its own time and local television channels. A 24-hour power backup ensures that settings are retained throughout the majority of power outages.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

2-channel Monaural TV/VCR Combo UnitIt Is Insufficiently Large For Your Primary Television
Includes An FM Radio & An Alarm Clock
Commercial Skipping Enables You To Quickly Skip Ads During Playback



Sony KV-13FS100

Sony KV-13FS100

How on earth did they fit this 13-inch flat-screen TV with so many features? The flat-screen reduces glare and distortion for a more realistic image, while the three-line digital comb filter produces sharp, clear photos. The front A/V input makes connecting a video game system or a VCR simple, while the back A/V input conceals connections. This TV’s appealing silver finish and slim, compact form make it ideal for any room.

Vertically and horizontally, the Sony Trinitron KV13FS100 WEGA television is flat, resulting in a precise three-dimensional image that is practically distortion-free. This 13-inch set is ideal for use in the kitchen or at the family holiday cabin. It features a 4:3 aspect ratio, a three-line digital comb filter (a feature that is sometimes reserved for higher-end models), and a component video input.

Sony’s three-line digital comb filter compares consecutive horizontal scanning lines within a video frame and makes modifications digitally, resulting in an exceptional picture with sharp, crisp edges and almost no dot crawl. Additionally, the KV13FS100 incorporates a dynamic image processor that preserves image information in each scene’s extremely bright and dark regions.

The integrated stereo speakers are located on the side, and each provides 3 watts of power. The KV13FS100 is equipped with a rear component video input, a rear RF input, two A/V inputs (one front and one rear), and a headphone jack.

Without purchasing a PVM, this is easily the best tiny CRT for old gaming. If you’re not a classic gamer, there are many less expensive televisions available. This 13″ Flat CRT includes a slew of capabilities that were previously unheard of. Along with the flat FD Trinitron image tube, it features high-quality stereo speakers and, maybe most significantly, a Component video input. I link my ancient consoles through RGB SCART connections to a RetroTink RGB to the Component transcoder, and the results are stunning. I captured a few screenshots of 16-bit video game title screens to demonstrate the image quality. The colors are vivid and true, with no bleeding or crawling, and the fine details are crisp and clean. Additionally, this TV features composite video inputs, which I primarily use for convenience but are useful if you lack a way to connect your consoles to the component input.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Portable & LightweightNone That We Could Find
Front-panel Audio/Video Inputs
Stereo Speakers



Frequently Asking Questions (FAQS)

Is PS2 more enjoyable on a CRT television?

Ans. The majority of what you’ll play on the PS2 will appear better on a CRT than on an HDTV, as they were designed for CRT televisions. Of course, playing with Components will look significantly better on both televisions, but on an HDTV, you’ll notice a more vivid image between the two inputs.

Can we play PS2 games on an older television?

Ans. The PlayStation 2 S-Video cable includes an S-Video connector as well as Red and White audio connectors. RF – This is the worst method for connecting a PlayStation 2 to a TV or VCR, as the image quality is the poorest. The RF connection is made via the coaxial input of the television or video recorder (the same input you would use for an old cable box or antenna).

Is it possible to link a PlayStation 2 to a smart television?

Ans. Unfortunately, the PS2 does not play well with modern high-definition televisions, as many of the PS2’s video modes are not supported. Thus, the device is self-explanatory: one end plugs straight into the PS2 while the other end features an HDMI output. You can connect the wire to an open TV port.

Can PS2 be connected via component cables?

Ans. When utilised with today’s more advanced video equipment that takes component input from high-end gear such as the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, component AV cable ensures perfect, distortion-free image quality.



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