How Do I Connect Multiple Amps To One Set Of RCAs?

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2020)

If you install multiple amps to your car or home audio, it will improve the quality of sound. You can even add additional speakers or purchase market stereo unit heads for a smooth experience. Most of the stereos feature many RCA output connections, and they are located on the rear of the amplifier. The design is standard among external speakers as it helps in delivering excellent quality audio without any distortion. If you want to know how you can connect multiple Amps to one set of RCA then read on below:


You need to turn off the vehicle at first so you can begin the process. The next thing is to open the hood. If you are connecting your car audio to multiple amps, then remove the battery cable with a wrench. You have to read proper instructions so you can get to know about the head unit and the type and number of RCAs mounted on the rear. Some head units have only one, while others may have many. The RCA outputs are responsible for providing proper signals to the rear and front speakers. The subwoofer channel handles the frequency. You have to remove the bezel of the head unit efficiently, so it doesn’t break down. Once the bezel is removed, you will see removal key slots that are mounted on the backside of the amplifier. Again you will have to read the proper instructions before doing this task. The removal keys will insert inside removal key slots. You can locate them near the left and right edges in each head unit.

Amplifier Connections

Check the wiring of the power cable, which is leading towards the amplifier externally. Power cables usually run from within the battery or can be seen at the firewall of a car. Sometimes the wiring of the power cable is done under the molding carpet as well. If you want a good quality audio sound, then keep RCA cables separate from the power cable of an amplifier. They need to be placed in the opposite direction to work well. You will have to refer to your car manual for understanding the instructions relating to trim components or removing the dash cover successfully. The RCA cable should connect with appropriate outputs of the head unit so the trim bezel can be replaced without taking much time. The front channel of RCA cables has to communicate with front RCA –In jacks. You will see these cables located on the front side of the amplifiers, and this will give out maximum power to the speakers at the front. If you are connecting a 4-channel amp to your car audio, then connecting rear RCA cable at the front side of the speakers is a suitable choice. If you are using two different rear and front amplifiers, then rear channel RCA cable has to be your pick. If the amp is powered up by subwoofer, then choosing such RCA cable, which can correspond well with them, happens to be an economical choice.



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