How To Setup Your AV Receiver And Get The Best Sound?

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2020)

If you are planning to buy a home cinema amplifier, you should know that the AV receiver is known to be the powerhouse of a great cinema experience. It binds together the speakers, sources and your viewing experience. Setting up an AV receiver may become challenging as there are lots of connections and sockets. We will give you some tips to set up an AV receiver and experience the best sound.

Plugging Everything In

Once you have purchased a suitable AV receiver, it’s about time you start the installation. There are many connections on the backside of the amplifier, and you have to set them up in a proper manner. It would help if you kept the amp off when you are plugging speakers and subwoofers with sources. It will prevent circuit shortage and other possible damages to the receiver. The best thing is that the amps are labeled correctly. If you want to play 4K HDR content lookout for the HDMI inputs which are marked as HDCP 2.2, you will have to plug in Blu-ray player into one of these inputs. It is recommended that you use the wired connection instead of wireless one as its more stable. If your amp is compatible, you can store your files in the USB stick.


The calibration happens to the lengthiest process while setting up the AV receiver. Many receivers which are available in the market have a built-in microphone. It can measure the size of your room and speakers. You have to set up each speaker, keeping a distance from each other. Once you have plugged everything, it will be better to plug the calibration a little later. The sound system of the receiver would not be apparent or smooth until you have finished with the calibration. When you place the microphone inside, you will get readable instructions of the screen. The instructions are easy to follow, and it takes much time to understand them. Many people take just a second to take all the necessary measurements. If you are a first time user, it may take five minutes to complete the calibration. The case may be different if you have Atmos Dolby speakers because it may take more time to calibrate. For that, you will have to check the settings on the speaker manual. You will have to measure the height of your ceiling before adjusting Atmos speakers. If you are using one or two subwoofers, you have to change the calibration first. Adjusting the sound and bass will become easy. The new technology calibration systems are accurate and easy to understand.

Surround Sound Modes & DSP

You have to consider setting up either the surround sound mode or DSP when you play your 4K Blu ray. The options may vary from receiver to receiver, but it promises to deliver the best sound and video quality. Each of the sound modes is labeled with different colours and connecting it inside the cable takes half a minute.



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