How To Setup Your AV Receiver?

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2020)

Once you have bought an AV receiver for your home audio or video system, you will think about how to set it up correctly and get the best of experience. There are a lot of wires, and each one has to be placed in the right direction for proper setup. It is not as complicated as it seems to be because the modern receivers have plenty of useful features. Here’s how you can set up your AV receiver without any issues.

Finding The Correct Spot

The AV receivers tend to get hot. When they get extremely hot, they have an automatic feature due to which they shut down. To protect the receiver from damage, this is highly useful, but when you are watching some, it will be troublesome. You have to place your handset in a ventilated place, so it doesn’t get hot unnecessarily.

Graphic User Interface

The graphic user interface will make a lot of difference when it comes to setting up your receiver. You can set up the receiver in front of your couch so you can watch the television screen easily. Some receivers have built-in graphic interface which allows the user to set up the receiver spot with proper instructions.

Using The Right Inputs

When you have bought a receiver, you should get a proper introduction with every input and your sources. You can always prefer to have an HDMI rather than RCA inputs or plugs. Using a digital coax/optical information can turn out to be a good option for setup. If you are interested in integrating a gaming system HDMI will be a great choice too.


Connecting speakers with the AV receiver is quite simple, but it depends on how the manufacturer has made them. You need to plug the speaker in the appropriate cables, and everything will fall into place. The large speakers will bring out a better sound quality as compared to small ones. Some speakers have additional soundbars which make the listening experience even better. Most of the speakers have microphones too, which can be used if you want to enjoy music separately.

Wiring Labels

If you wire the labels and keep each one of them clean, the setup process will become smooth. There are wires of different colours which can get tangled easily. Keep a distance between all of them so you can handle them all. When all your wires are organized, it is easy to connect them in the right cables. Most of the professional installers also use this method to hold the wires. You can either label or differentiate them with different stickers and keep track of them all.

Connectivity Features

It is essential to see what connectivity features your receiver is offering. Some receivers have streaming options which also promise high-quality audio experience. The receivers which feature traditional AM/FM listening are no longer in trend. The setup and connectivity features vary from one receiver to the other. You can look for integrated streaming audio, Netflix, USB or different wireless interface as the best connectivity features.



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