What Is The Difference Between AV Receiver And Stereo Receiver?

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2021)

When you are trying to set up a home audio system, you will have to purchase a receiver. It determines the quality of sound a user will experience. There are two types of receivers which you can buy that are AV receiver and Stereo receiver. It will also determine how you can use your audio system. Both the handsets have some similarities, but the differences are more in numbers. You can choose the one that fulfils your requirement.

Difference Between AV Receiver & Stereo Receiver

AV receiver is also called the home theatre receiver, and it is a fantastic choice for TV and Movies. It controls the audio and video needs of your home theatre system. A stereo receiver is mostly used to enhance the listening experience. AV receiver has got five channels which are amplified at regular intervals. It is focused on both surround sound and audio of your favorite videos. There are multiple input formats, but the configurations are more complex. All the input formats are suitable for home theatres, and there is an HDMI support feature too. There is also a subwoofer which will further enhance the video quality as the resolution becomes high. The Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity will be compatible enough to create a connection between the internet and other devices. You can even get direct streaming from Bluetooth and Airplay devices.

A stereo receiver will give a great musical experience to the music lovers. In short the Stereo receiver is designed specifically for music. There are mainly two channels which can match up to the stereo and its music recordings. Although there is limited connectivity for inputs of videos, the audio quality is top-notch. The audio quality is right, and there is no distortion in the sound. The music connectivity becomes easy because of secure configuration facilities. If you are looking to enhance the sound of your music system, you will not need an AV receiver. The stereo receiver has only two built-in amplifiers while the AV receiver has a total of five channels which can be connected with any amplifier. Stereo receivers are restricted to analogue audio connections while in an AV receiver there are multiple analogues.

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Difference In Features

A stereo receiver is also known as Integrated Stereo amplifier. You can amplify multiple audio signals while there are many additional features like volume control, stereo inputs and a radio tuner in many models. You have to understand that you cannot connect the stereo receiver to any significant video output. It is designed for proper interfacing of audio quality. AV receiver happens to be one of the best electrical components, which not only controls but drives your home theatre efficiently. Viewing experience will polish up like never before, and no doubt it is known as the hub of the home theatre system. It can take in both audio and video signals from a variety of sources which can be connected to different outputs. Most of the AV receivers which are available in the market feature an HDMI pass-through which further makes things easy.



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