What Is The Difference Between Integrated Amplifier & Power Amplifier?

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2020)

If you are planning to get an Amplifier for your car or home audio applications, you have to consider a lot of factors. You should know the basics of each amplifier and how they differ from each other. In this buying guide, we are going to discuss the difference between integrated Amplifier and Power Amplifier. It will help you out in making a quick purchase decision.

Power Amplifier

If we talk about the Power Amplifier, it is a basic amplifier. It can take the signal inside and amplify it according to the requirement of the speakers. It distributes equal power to both the speakers ensuring they remain safe. There are various models of basic amplifiers available in the market which delivers power within 2-1000 watts. You have to select the power according to what suits best for you. It can handle the speaker loads of which feature 2-16 frequency range. They are an economical choice but boast of many exciting features. Power amplifiers can control volume settings. It sets up the voltage and current according to the level of the signal. The speakers will become more powerful and deliver quality and distortion-free sound. The best thing about the power amplifier is that it can amplify signals for musicians and audio engineers. Some of the essential features of a power amplifier are:


  • The power amplifier consists of powerful amps
  • It is a beautiful gorgeous tube power amp
  • It is a simple 10-watt amp kit which an individual can build for their need.


Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers are the ones that are integrated with other powerful components. The preamps, switcher, and a radio tuner are the components which are typically integrated into these powerful amplifiers. These amplifiers are commonly known as receivers, which are used to amplify or trigger a signal. You can incorporate power amps with mixers, and they will deliver a versatile option for every user. If you are a traveling musician, the integrated amplifiers will serve great purposes. They are less potent than other amplifiers but perform well to give you many benefits. The integrated amps usually have a watt range between 100-500 Watts. They will handle only a narrow range of speakers and may not work well for other speakers. The car stereos are generally known as integrated amplifiers. You can control volume while the input switching is made with high-quality materials. If a phono preamplifier is included in the integrated amplifier that would be even better. The tone control balance and speaker switching make it a convenient choice for professionals and ordinary people alike. Here are some essential features of integrated amplifiers.


  • The integrated amplifier is known as a great receiver which can handle a wide range of signals
  • There are many bells and whistles attached to the receiver and provide quality sound
  • You get a typical mixer with most of the integrated amplifiers
  • The tuner is adjustable, and you can control volume settings according to your requirement.



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