What Is The Difference Between Stereo Receiver And An Amplifier?

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2020)

If you are not a sound engineer, you will probably be confused between the stereo receiver and an amplifier. Each home theater will consist of a speaker and a stereo receiver. It may look the same but serve different purposes and have various features as well. You can buy whatever is suitable, but for that, you have to know the primary difference. Here are some significant differences.

Sound Amplifications

The primary function of this system is to amplify the sound. From different sources, it will get audio signals which are then transferred to the speaker. The power of an amplifier is measured in watts, and the performance will depend on it entirely. If the watts are higher, the sound of the volume will be better as well. It can receive both audio and video signals, but the output doesn’t have to depend on power.

Audiovisual Edge

A receiver will generally receive both audio and video signals from a wide range of sources. It is packed with many regulators for volume and sound. You can use them conveniently to control audio and video, which you are playing. The amplifier can control the audio-only.

Quality Music

The amplifier has a unique design that will deliver a better audio quality as compared to the stereo receiver. It is a suitable option for most musical arrangements or requirements. Amplifiers give out a healthy level of current to the speakers so they can amplify the sound quality. They will be available in multi or two-channel.

Surround Sound

The stereo receiver has five built-in amplifiers, while a standard amplifier has only 2-built in amplifiers. The receiver can give you surround sound in almost every direction while the amplifier can give you surround sound in the left and right speakers only. Many people are happy with a well-built receiver because they are generally suitable for home or Room Theater. You will not have to worry about the ins and outs and handling different components. The receivers are updated with multiple features every year, and it can save up a lot of money as you won’t need an amplifier in this case.

Tech Compatibility

The stereo receivers provide both analog and digital sound. It will give you a good option when you are streaming your favorite songs or movies online if we talk about amplifiers, they have the analog option only, which may not be convenient for many people.

Radio Limit

The stereo receiver comes packed with a built-in radio tuner, and it can control different types of frequencies related to the radio. The amplifier doesn’t have any built-in radio tuner, and this is one of the main differences between the two. If you are interested in spending a lot of money, then getting a power amplifier will be a good idea. It will give out a theater-like sound. There is no interference or distortion in the quality of sound, which is a significant advantage. The amplifier can deliver 1000w inside the speakers and will make your music system a lot more powerful.



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