Which Amp Fuse Do I Need?

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2020)

Placing the amp fuse the right way is one thing, but you need to select the correct size for it to work. If the size of the fuse is tiny, it will probably blow off even during regular operation. At the same time, if the fuse is large, it will not only harm your devices or appliances, it can also cause an electric fire. So the question arises which Amp fuse do you need? If you want an answer, keep reading below.

The Right Size Of Amp Fuses

If your amplifier comes packed with an internal fuse, then the amp fuse shouldn’t be significant. If you have a 20 amp as an internal fuse, then you will require 25 or 30 amp. If both inner and outer amp fuse is 20, then the best tip is to add both the numbers for finding the amp fuse size. It will prevent you from dangerous situations, and you can feel at ease. Some amplifiers don’t have any internal amp fuse. If this is the case, then you need to check the power ratings of the amp so you can determine the right size for the amp.

In case you are dealing with such an amp that doesn’t have any inner of outer fuse, you need to purchase a fused block of distribution. The internal fuse protects the device from damage, while a fused distribution block will directly protect the amps. You have to connect the amp into a fuse box correctly, but it is a much better choice than purchasing a new power cable. The best tip is to never join the amp into an existing circuit or fuse; otherwise, it can cause harm. When you are swapping the amps from a big to small size, then the fuse box should be empty. The correct quantity of fuse will make sure that it protects the circuit fully in case a sudden blow interrupts the circuit.

Types Of Fuses For Amps

The amplifiers which come powered with internal fuses can be used in cars and many audio components. Almost all the speakers give you an option where you can connect them with any device. The input options are multiple, but if the amplifier has wireless connectivity, then you would require a smaller amp. No matter what amp you choose, you need to select a fuse holder that can meet your expectations. A 30 or 25 amp is suitable for most users and will protect the amplifier perfectly. You can use the same size as the amp for the audio system in your car. There is a need for a separate power wire which runs from the battery to the amp. If all the electric cables are tangled together, it can cause an electric shock. If there’s a power cut off between battery and fuse, then it won’t be able to give any protection at all. If you plan to use a barrel fuse, then you require being more careful as the construction of this fuse is done with a plastic tube.



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