Best Pressure Washers For Car Wash Business 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

We all would agree that clean cars look very appealing, and that is why the car wash business is one of the most prominent businesses all over the world. Have you ever wondered what kinds of machines car wash businesses use to make your cars so neat and clean? Have you recently been to a car wash, and you were spellbound by their perfection in cleaning your cars? Employees at the car wash business are undoubtedly skilled, and we admit to that, but they are not the only ones who are responsible for your sparkling cars. Pressure washers play a significant part in making your cars look brand new. Today we will take a look at three of the Best Pressure Washers For Car Wash Business available on the market. If you are planning to start a car wash business or if you are just curious about which equipments they use to make your cars so clean, this guide might be able to provide you with all the answers.

Best Pressure Washers For Car Wash Business (Comparison)

Pressure WasherPSIGPM 
Greenworks GPW200520001.20

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Generac 692228002.40

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Greenworks PW180018001.10

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Greenworks GPW2005

Greenworks GPW2005

Greenworks GPW2005 is an advanced pressure washer system that allows you to perform all kinds of cleaning jobs. Even though you are up for a tough cleaning task or work for a car wash business, this pressure washer wouldn’t leave you disappointed. The machine is perfect if you own a car wash business and you will surely attract a lot more customers once you have this equipment. The product is efficient enough to deal with even the hardest cleaning jobs. Car wash businesses have to handle all kinds of cars, and it is their responsibility to satisfy all of their customers. This pressure washer by Greenworks wouldn’t let you down and will enable you to bring your customers back again and again. The machine is designed practically, and it has intense washer pressure, which can help you to clean within a few minutes. It can prove to be an excellent machine for you if you have a lot of customers lined up to get their cars clean. It makes it easy for you to clean mud, grease, oil, and all types of dirty elements. You can buy this machine with confidence because it will help you to flourish in your car wash business.

Universal Motor

The model from Greenworks comes equipped with a powerful motor that helps you to perform the cleaning tasks conveniently. You will be provided with a maximum cleaning capacity if you own this pressure washer model. The pressure washer allows you to deal with the toughest tasks in a short period because the motor generates extra power and water flow.

High Performance

The machine would allow you to experience the best cleaning performance ever. The machine can clean away all the dirt that has been stuck on the cars. It can even clean the stains that are hard to come off using any other methods.


The machine is equipped with sturdy wheels that make it easy for you to move the machine smoothly from one place to another. The device is mobile and swift because the high-quality wheels prevent it from getting stuck or obstructed on the way.

Detergent Tank

It comes equipped with dual detergent tanks that are removable and adjustable. You can remove the tanks and change the detergents anytime you want. You can also put any detergent and even change the detergent according to the need. You might need different kinds of detergents depending on the cleaning activity, so having dual detergent tanks is a great feature. The detergent tank also has ample storage space and can allow you to fill maximum detergent.

Power Saving Option

The best thing about this pressure washer is that it comes with a power-saving mode. When the trigger is not working, and when you stop working, the power automatically shuts off. This feature helps you to save energy and power of the machines, thus making it durable and long-lasting.


The machine is lightweight and easy to move around. People are interested in compact and lightweight machines these days because they are easy to use and also easy to store. The lightweight feature can help you to save more manpower, and only one person can handle the cleaning task alone.

Sturdy & Durable DesignYou Have To Buy An Adapter To Use Some Features
Easy To Use
Can Perform Various Cleaning Jobs



Generac 6922

Generac 6922

Generac 6922 gas-powered pressure washer is a perfect pressure washer for car wash businesses. It comes equipped with a nozzle tip that can help you to apply the soap on the car quickly. The unit also comes with a spray gun which has a cushion grip. The spray gun makes it easy for you to spray the detergent and water in the car. The cushion grip doesn’t let your hand slip when you are performing your cleaning job. The easy to pull the trigger can help you to reduce fatigue and make your cleaning task easy. The high-pressure hose can easily connect to the spray gun that allows you to reach far-reaching areas without straining your body. The powerful shaft engine gives you the maximum cleaning power. The gallon detergent tank is the perfect detergent storage that is needed to store your detergent to clean, sturdy and stubborn stains. When the detergent is added to the detergent tank, you can start your cleaning task and remove all the stains conveniently.

Cushion Grip Handle

The machine comes equipped with a cushioned handle that can help you to get a good grip on the handle. A comfortable grip is a necessity for car wash business employees because they have to use the machine for long hours. With the cushion grip feature, their cleaning job is made more comfortable and secure.

Detergent Tank

The cleaning detergents are the essential elements of the cleaning job. For storing detergents, a detergent tank that is spacious enough to hold massive detergent is a must thing to have in a pressure washer. The Generac pressure washer has ample space to store different kinds of detergent to serve your cleaning job.

Flat Wheels

Regardless of whether your pressure washer is traveling on terrain and rough surface, the convenient flat wheels can help you to move around the pressure washer quickly. The machine has perfect kind of wheels that allow you to maneuver the machine easily in the car wash area.

Gas Engine

The gas engine is designed with the latest technologies, and it can allow you to perform the cleaning job efficiently. The high-performance gas engine is perfect for cash wash business and other indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. The company doesn’t compromise in terms of quality, and they have equipped this pressure washer model with a high-quality gas engine.

Power Gun

It comes equipped with a powerful gun that is adjustable and makes the cleaning tasks easier for you. The gas pressure helps you to remove dirt and grime and offer maximum cleaning services. The engine is of good quality and wouldn’t let you down when you are performing your cleaning job.

Handle Is Non- slipperyDoesn’t Come With A PSI Regulator
Efficient PerformerShakes When Operational
Good Quality Wheels



Greenworks PW1800

Greenworks PW1800

Greenworks PW1800 is a suitable choice if you have own a car wash business. It gives out a maximum pressure of 1800 PSI, and water consumption is 1.1 GPM. If you have made up your mind that you want to purchase this washer, your work will become easy. It is powered with different features and a cost-effective choice as well. Once you place an order, it will reach your house packed in plastic wrapping safe and secure.


If you are looking for a machine which can deliver excellent and fast performance, then Greenworks is a good option. You won’t have to compromise on the excellent quality even though it’s available at a low price. You will not complain about its power or water consumption capacity either. The cleaning capacity of this washer is 50% more than other electric pressure washers in the market. The cord length is 35 feet, and you can adjust it according to your cleaning requirements. The turbo nozzle can deliver up to 3000 RPMs, which is massive. You have to be careful with the nozzles because if you don’t set it up correctly, it can damage the cars.

Nozzles & Motor

The washer is attached with nozzles, which are highly customizable and adjustable for the user. The power spray gun can remove the dirt and stains quite effectively. The powerful engine and its motor will ensure a high level of cleaning power. The hose and pipe are additional accessories that will be useful when you are washing the car. The universal motor boasts of 13 amps, which are a lot higher than other models. You can wash a car or strip paint or do other cleaning tasks. There are four nozzles available that are different in size and can be used for many purposes. The size 25 nozzle is suitable for cleaning decks or driveways, while 40 sized nozzles are suitable for washing cars, motorbikes, windows, and so on. The turbo nozzle happens to happen to be the most durable choice for every cleaning task. The best thing is that it works 50 percent faster than all the other traditional nozzles.


Once you buy an electric pressure washer, you have to make sure that you read the manual and its instructions carefully. Dealing with a pressure washer can be dangerous, and if you don’t take proper safety measures, you can injure yourself or harm your valuable belongings. You have to wear one pair of gloves and wear a dress which can protect you from the high pressure of water. Make sure that you don’t use this washer in the rainy season as the machine is working on electricity. You have to hold the spray gun with both hands so the water can be equally distributed while washing or cleaning goes on. You should store the machine in a dry place so the excellent performance can be maintained for a long time.

Water Source & Soap Tank

The hose adapter is straightforward to set up. You can attach it on one side of the washer and remove it when the machine is turned off. Putting a good detergent in the soap tank will ensure a high level of cleaning facilities. For a proper water source to come out, you have to select the right nozzle. If you are a first time user, then following the instructions will be useful. The soap tank which is attached to the front side of the Greenwich pressure washer will automatically mix up water and soap detergent. When you use soap, your car wash will give out a professional touch even though you are doing it at home. Attaching the soap tank with a 40 sized nozzle can work best for anyone.


Greenwich PW1800 comes packed with a three-year warranty. Whatever defects the washer will have can be replaced or repaired by the mechanics. The compact size and easy portability are some other notable features that can’t be ignored. A quick-connect wand is an additional accessory that can work best for cleaning.

Soap tank & Four Adjustable Nozzles For Handling Various Cleaning Tasks Are Top-notchInstructions About Assembling The Washer Could Have Been Better
Portable & LightweightNozzles & It’s Attachments Can Be Confusing At Times
Suitable For Commercial Use



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