Best Pressure Washers For Decks 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Pressure washers can be great for cleaning and work magically for cleaning decks. Decks are a significant part of the outdoor interiors, and the pressure washers can help you to clean them correctly. If you are considering buying a pressure washer for cleaning your deck, then you must look for specific features in the pressure washer. There are many kinds of pressure washers available in the market, and buying the one that is suitable for cleaning the decks is essential. A pressure washer is a lot more beneficial than a garden hose and can clean even the most stubborn stains. We have searched some of the Best Pressure Washers For Decks that are the most suitable models for cleaning your decks.

Best Pressure Washers For Decks (Comparison)

Pressure WasherGPMPSI 
Sun Joe SPX30001.762030

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SIMPSON Cleaning ALH34252.503600

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Stanley SHP21501.402150

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Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 is an electric pressure that helps you to clean all the mess on your decks. The powerful machine can clean away all the dirt and debris that is making your deck look unappealing. The electric pressure washer can perform a variety of cleaning tasks, including cleaning your decks most effectively. This model is the best selling item of the Sun Joe brand and can satisfy your cleaning desires. It allows you to enjoy the maximum cleaning power and make it a point to make your deck look new and clean. The pressure washer is designed to make your decks more beautiful through the year and under any harsh weather conditions. Whether the snow falls heavily or the sun shines brightly, if you have Sun Joe SPX3000, you don’t have to worry about your decks becoming dirty or destroyed. The powerful unit allows you to do your cleaning job correctly and simplifies your heavy-duty cleaning tasks into simple and easy tasks. Most people find it hard to keep their decks clean because they are outdoors, and you can’t prevent the outdoor area in your home from getting dirty. With Sun Joe SPX3000, your outdoor cleaning chores are completed within a few minutes.


Sun Joe SPX3000 boasts off a powerful motor that allows you to enjoy maximum pressure during your cleaning task. You will be able to deal with all kinds of cleaning jobs conveniently because the powerful engine can generate maximum water flow to clean any mess. Whether you want to clean indoors or want to clean your decks in the outdoor area, this electric pressure unit gives the best performance ever.


This electric pressure washer model is the best model of Sun Joe and has the best cleaning power. It allows you to clean even the dirtiest surfaces within a few seconds, and you can save your time and energy. You can enjoy an incredible water flow, and the outcomes are outstanding. Your decks look like they were never dirty, and you feel as if you have just bought a new deck today.

Easy Fix

The best thing about Sun Joe SPX 3000 is that it comes assembled, and you don’t have to install and assemble the product. The pump runs for hours, and you can clean multiple things in less than an hour. You don’t have to call out a professional to fix the pressure washer because it is an easy fix. You can handle it on your own and get the pressure washer work like magic.

Dual Detergent Tanks

Some stains cannot be taken off from just pure water. You might feel the need of a suitable detergent to eradicate the stains. Sun Joe SPX 3000 comes with dual detergent tanks that have effective cleaning agents that can help you correctly clean your deck. The tanks are removable, and you can easily add or replace the detergents of your choice without any issues. The dual tanks have ample space, and they can store multiple detergents at the same time, making your cleaning job more effective. You can tackle all your cleaning tasks without fail because the unit will allow you to enjoy the best performance.

Safety Lock Switch

The Sun Joe SPX3000 comes with a safety lock switch that shuts off automatically when you are not using the machine. The total stop system control button shuts off, and you don’t have to worry about the energy getting wasted. This automatic shut off feature allows you to enjoy a longer pump life and also saves energy.

Doesn’t LeakIf The Spray Hose Is Pressurized The Unit Switches Off
DurableThe Machine Is A Bit Loud
Safety Lock Feature Saves Energy




SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3425

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3425

The SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3425 gas pressure washer is on our list because it is not just a powerful pressure washer, but it also checks all the boxes of an effective pressure washer for decks. It generates a compelling pressure that is a must to have features if you want to clean decks. The Simpson pressure washer engine comes from the company Honda, and the pre-built engine can give a powerful performance. It can also be perfect for commercial use, and it can keep up with all the demanding cleaning jobs like cleaning the deck in your outdoor area. It does the job like a professional, and your deck looks sparkling and shiny. The gas pressure washer is low maintenance, and you don’t have to replace the oil of the machine every other day. Simpson is known for high quality and durable products, and this model is no different. It is easy to use and also easy to install, which makes it an ideal buy for every house owner.
Connection System
The unit comes with a quick-connect feature that can help you to connect the hose to the machine. The aluminum frame of the unit makes it easy to use. It is lightweight and can be carried around easily. The product is made from high-quality materials that are durable and also keep the weight of the unit down.
Rubber Wheels
The rubber wheels are large and can make it easy for you to move the pressure washer around. The rubber wheels are durable and can be moved easily on terrain and rough surfaces without any obstacles.
Metal Handle
The pressure washer is designed with a metal handle that allows you to have a tight grip on the handle. The round design of the metal handle prevents your hands from slipping down, and you can complete your cleaning job successfully without any breaks.
Control Buttons
The five control buttons of the machine are located right below the metal handle, and you can conveniently use those buttons to change the pressure settings. This feature makes it easy for you to operate the machine efficiently.
Deep Clean Mode
Some tough and annoying stains don’t go away quickly. You need to use extra detergent to eradicate the dirt, and deep clean mode by Simpsons is the best solution for you in such situation. The deep clean mode allows you to add an extra amount of soap to the water so that you can clean more deeply.

Versatile Gas Pressure WasherPump On The Washer Cannot Be Adjusted
5 Nozzles Providing Multiple Spray OptionsPrice Is A Bit High
Durable Rubber Tires



Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150

Stanley SHP2150 Electric pressure washer has some of the best quality features. It can make your dangerous cleaning jobs look easy. With the special spray, gun water will flow with the right intensity, and you can clean your car, boats, decks, patio, and many other things. It will deliver a 2150 PSI, which makes it a suitable choice for outdoor and indoor use at home. You can even handle commercial purposes with great success. If you are interested in getting the best of everything, don’t think twice about buying this pressure washer.

High-pressure Foamer

Stanley electric pressure washer is designed like a detergent bottle and cleans efficiently. The inclusion of high-pressure foamer will remove the most stubborn stains. Even if there is a substantial piece of dust, the pressure of water will loosen it up.

Cleaning Force

The cleaning force of this electric pressure washer is top-notch. It is perfect for cleaning valuable household belongings like furniture and decks. You can also clean the cement pavement in a matter of a few seconds. If we talk about bigger and heavier products like cars, RVs, trucks, it will help you clean all of them with ease. If garbage is surrounding your street, you can use this washer to clean it off. The animal cages which are placed in the yards will look neat and tidy when you wash them with this pressure washer. You can clean off the foam by blasting high pressure of water. The electric pressure washers are generally considered to be an excellent choice for home use. You can use it indoor or for outdoor cleaning, and it will deliver the best of results.


The electric pressure washer has particular leak-proof connections, and they come packed with many other professional accessories. The garden hose is made of high quality and durable brass, which features a connector that boasts of 22mm connections. The cord hook is easily adjustable, and you can remove it without any difficulty when it’s not in use. The washer gives out a maximum pressure of 2150 PSI, which is more than the usual appliances which are available. The machine is designed in such a way that it won’t leak out or malfunction even during intense cleaning sessions.

Set Of Attachments

The best thing about Stanley electric pressure washer is that it comes with a set of attachments. They can handle any cleaning project quite easily. Pressure washer gun and a pressure washer spray are perfect. There is a detergent tank where you can fill up the detergent, which can remove tough stains. The pressure hose is 25 feet long, while different connecting nozzles make things a lot easier for the users. The o-ring replacement kit is another beautiful addition which can come handy if you want to repair something. You can expect a long-lasting performance with this washer. It is portable and compact so you can carry it around without any problems.


The new pressure washer will come packed with a two-year warranty. The best thing is that it covers a guarantee for every necessary attachment, including the pump, nozzles, and other parts. You can also contact the customer care support if you are confused about something, and they will help you out. As the washer is designed with durable materials, there are fewer chances that it will need a repair or replacement.

Easy Setup

You can easily set up the washer machine by attaching the connector of the water inlet. If you don’t set it up in the correct way, water will start leaking from inside. There is a unique guide that has proper instructions written inside, so you have to follow that. The plastic connector on the right side of the machine will help you adjust the pressure of water. The nozzles are like a rotator, which means you have to change them according to your requirements. The washer will deliver a 1.4 GPM, which is good enough for the pool cleaning and ATVs as well.

Cleans The Toughest Stains EasilySpray Gun Could Have Been Better
Powerful & Efficient



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