Best Pressure Washers For House Siding 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

Your house sidings need proper washing regularly to maintain its appearance. House sidings outside your house have to withstand the outdoor environment and harsh weather conditions. If you want your house sidings to remain clean and tidy against the harmful elements, then you must consider buying a pressure washer. Dust and dirt can often spoil the outlook of the sidings and make it look disgusting. If you are annoyed to see the dirt situation and other filthy elements stuck on the sidings, then gas pressures will surely be able to help you with tidying up all the mess. Hiring cleaning services for cleaning sidings can also cost you a massive sum of money, and not everyone can afford to invest that much on such a task. Buying a pressure washer is the best investment you can make to keep your sidings tidy and clean. We will be introducing you to the three Best Pressure Washers For House Siding that change the look of your house sidings and satisfy all your cleaning needs.

Best Pressure Washers For House Siding (Comparison)

Pressure WasherPSIGPM 
Westinghouse WPX270027002.3

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SIMPSON Cleaning CM6091224002.0

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WEN PW310031002.5

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Westinghouse WPX2700

Westinghouse WPX2700

The legacy of the Westinghouse brand makes this gas pressure unit reliable and trustworthy. It can be the ultimate solution for your house siding cleaning needs. The outdoor power equipment can help you to make sure that your house siding stays safe and clean from all the environmental hazards. The machine is reliable and will prove its brilliance from time to time. Your cleaning tasks will become a lot easier and quicker if you purchase the gas pressure by Westinghouse. The gas pressure is made by using high quality and groundbreaking technology that helps you enjoy a compelling cleaning job. The design of the pressure washer is modern and functional at the same time and can help you deal with all the cleaning tasks. The manufactures of this gas pressure are dedicated to making your life better and easier, and the WPX2700 gas pressure unit is the proof to that claim.


The gas pressure is made from a genuine and powerful engine that can help you to experience the ultimate performance. The unit comes equipped with super-fast water flow and can allow you to perform high end and heavy-duty tasks. The vigorous water flow makes it easy for you to complete the cleaning task in a few minutes.


The gas pressure is made from robust steel framing that protects the surface of the gas pressure. The design of the product is modern and is abrasion-resistant. The scratch-free surface makes it a gas pressure unit that can last with you for a long time to come. The materials used in the production of the gas pressure unit make it a dependable cleaning system.


The gas pressure unit is custom designed and offers functionality. It is an adaptable and adjustable gas pressure unit that can help you to perform various cleaning tasks. It is portable and lightweight and can be carried from one place to another easily. The compactness offers secure storage so that you don’t have to look for ample space for keeping the product. This gas pressure is the most convenient and useful pressure washer that can be your best companion for dealing with any cleaning task.


The product comes equipped with super powerful and versatile features that can allow you to perform various cleaning jobs. The three quick-release heads are easy and convenient to use because they are color-coded. It also comes equipped with a soap line that can clean the grimiest and toughest stains. You can do the cleaning job effortlessly in a few seconds.

Safe Shut Off

The engine gives off an intense blast to clean away the dirt and debris stuck on your house sidings. The spray gun contains a safety shut off feature that makes the engine stop when you are not working with the machine. The locking trigger is an additional feature that ensures safety shuts-off after you are done cleaning.

Easy Transportation

The heavy-duty wheels can help you to deal with the transportation purpose efficiently. The wheels are reliable and provide you with easy portability. You can move the gas pressure unit quickly because of the flat and convenient wheels.

Auto Shut Off Features Saves EnergyHose Connector Tends Prone To Leakage
Long Power Cord For A Broad Reach




SIMPSON Cleaning CM60912

SIMPSON Cleaning CM60912

You can clean most effectively by using this SIMPSON Cleaning’s CM60912 gas pressure washer. It comes fully assembled, and you don’t have to work extra hard to install the product. It can be used instantly the moment it arrives at your doorstep. The compact and lightweight gas pressure is easy to use and is even suitable for beginners use. It is easy to store because it is compact and can fit in a small place. The machine can deliver the most dominant performance and can give you the best cleaning experience. You have to set it up, and the product is ready to clean your house siding. The machine comes equipped with extraordinary features that can allow you to give a powerful cleaning performance. It is corrosion resistant and is designed with a steel frame that is resistant free. The flow down the handle of the machine can help you to store it in a compact space, and you can easily store it by using minimal space. The wheels of the pressure washer don’t ever go flat and come with an added benefit. The gas pressure can allow you to clean the most intricate and hard to clean areas.

Perfect Water Flow

The gas pressure comes with powerful water flow and also comes with an adjustable mechanism. The unique spray wand can help you to modify the flow rate, and you can twist the nozzle by switching between spray types.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The auto shut off feature comes in handy because it can help to improve the life of the motor and the unit. The safety feature can prevent any leaky features and makes sure that the pressure washer can perform correctly.

Powered Motor

The pressure washer comes equipped with a powerful motor that can deliver the quality cleaning that you have always desired for. The powerful pump can allow you to clean your house siding correctly. If you are looking for efficient cleaning of your house sidings you should consider buying this gas pressure. The rate of water flow can manage heavy-duty tasks easily.

Detergent Tank

The gas pressure by Simpson comes with a built-in detergent tank and provides you with a large storage compartment for storing soap and detergents. The large and spacious detergent tank can help you to use quality detergent to clean the stubborn stains that makes your house siding dirty. If you are looking for a compact and versatile gas pressure that has a large detergent tank, then this model by Simpson can be the perfect pick for you.

Equipped With A Versatile Washer SystemRubber Wheels Can Make It Hard To Move On Rough Surfaces
QuietDurability Issues
Lightweight & Compact Design



WEN PW3100

WEN PW3100

WEN PW3100 is a beautiful gas pressure washer which can help you complete various cleaning tasks in a short time. It can deliver a pressure of 3100 PSI and is an excellent choice for commercial use. You will mostly see these types of washers with professional cleaners as they boast of high-quality features. Cleaning sidings has never been this easy, and your search will end on this beautiful gas pressure washer if you are anticipating perfection.


The engine of WEN PW3100 is potent, and it can quickly pump up 2.5 gallons in one minute. You won’t be able to find this quality in electric pressure washers, though, because they are typically used in homes. When the gallons of water are collected so smoothly, you can imagine how powerful this stroke engine is. The motor of the engine is 208 cc and can cool down the high pressure of air pretty smoothly. You don’t have to worry much about the cost as it’s in the normal range and can fit in your budget easily. The mixture of gasoline and water can emit harmful gases, so you need to take care of yourself while using the pressure washer.

Adjustable Nozzles

The quick-change nozzle in the gas pressure washer is easily adjustable and can be customized according to the work requirements. The changing of nozzles won’t take much time, and you have slid it from one corner to the other. You can lance one nozzle and pop it in the other as there are five options available for your convenience. You can easily clean your House Siding. Even the backyard or front yard can be cleaned properly when you have this pressure washer. The lance of each nozzle is easy to handle and can be changed in a matter of a few seconds. You have to refill the machine with oils so a smooth working can be achieved.

Flat Wheels

The flat wheels are one of the most convenient features ever for the user. Each wheel is 12 inches, and you can transport the washer from one area to the other easily. These wheels never go flat no matter what type of surface they are moving on. The wheels are heavy-duty as they are constructed with good quality rubber. The 30 feet long hose is adjustable and will allow you to reach awkward spaces while cleaning out different things. The two-year warranty given on the wheels and nozzles will help you get them repaired in this time frame. The 3100 PSI is suitable for washing bigger sidings. It is ideal for professionals, the beginners won’t be able to understand the working without proper instructions.

Soap Tank

The soap tank in WEN PW3100 gives you an option to put detergent in case you are managing tough stains. No matter how hard the dust or grime is, you can clean it off with high pressure of water. Make sure that you don’t let the stress of water hit your face or any other part of the skin as it can cause allergies or skin tissue damage. The weight of the pressure washer is about 75 pounds, and that makes it compact and portable. The axial pump has a reliable spray gun in which the spray can increase the lifespan of this gas pressure washer. The pump can control the pressure of water and regulate the amount it gives out in one wash.


WEN PW 3100 offers high-quality performance and has got incredible cleaning power. The toughest of stains will look natural when you have this pressure washer with you. Keeping the machine distant from the working area is a must. Make sure you follow the rules correctly, so you don’t injure yourself. The gas pressure washer can give out some of the most amazing benefits to you while cleaning. It will only take a few minutes to clean the sidings, and you will be surprised by the excellent performance.

Suitable For Tackling Heavy-duty Cleaning JobsHose Connector Can Leak Out After Long Term Use
Easily Adjustable CordIt Doesn’t Have An Oil Drain Plug
Adjustable Water Pressure




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