Best Pull Behind Rough Cut Mowers 2022

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)

Sometimes a lot of mowing power is required to take care of massive duty operations. If you have a large scale mowing project and are looking for a high-quality pull behind rough cut mowers, you are at the right place. We have got some suggestions of best pull behind rough cut mowers that can work efficiently. They offer the best durability and also come with high-end features. Here are the Best Pull Behind Rough Cut Mowers available on the market right now.

Best Pull Behind Rough Cut Mowers (Comparison)

Rough Cut MowerPower 
Swisher FC14560CPKA14.5 HP

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Swisher RC12544BS12.5 HP

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Swisher RC18552BS18.5 HP

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Swisher FC14560CPKA

Swisher FC14560CPKA

If you have a large scale area with a lot of grass and needs mowing, then Swisher FC14560CPKA is the best option for you. The model has high-quality features and is perfect for large scale projects. It is also suitable for small areas like home gardens and small commercial lands. The machine has perfect features and can take care of your mowing tasks efficiently. If you have heavy-duty mowing tasks, then you need a Swisher Trail mower. It will help you to finish your tasks and complete them swiftly and smoothly. The machine comes with a powerful 14.5 HP (603cc) engine and commercial Pro 60 inch mowing capability that can work efficiently and make your task easier. The trail mower is designed to work efficiently and operates like a pro. You don’t have to do anything manually as the machine can take care of everything. The mower dramatically reduces the mowing time and completes your tasks in a few minutes. You can leave the machine, and it will do the job on its own. The Swisher trailmower is versatile and is compatible with all types of vehicles and trucks. It can get attached to ATV’s, lawn tractors, and most utility vehicles. It can cut large lawns and also cleans and provides you smooth meadows fast and quick. If you are looking for a high-quality commercial and industrial grade mower, then this Swisher model is the perfect option for you. It comes at an affordable price and would not break your bank if you choose to buy it.

Commercial Grade

The Swisher model of pull behind rough cut mower is equipped with commercial-grade features and works efficiently to finish the tasks efficiently. It comes with a cast iron blade spindles that are equipped with three G6 Gator blades. The blades are rough and powerful, and they can cut off the grass on all kinds of surfaces smoothly. The machine can handle the commercial and heavy-duty tasks and will satisfy you never like before.


The Swisher model of rough-cut mower comes with a powerful engine powered by a 14.5 HP (603cc). The machine is equipped with a Kawasaki Commercial Grade V-Twin Engine, a known engine that is popular for its efficient performance and the ability to allow the engine to perform heavy-duty tasks.

Cut Quality

The Swisher cut mower that the ability to give you an exceptional and smooth finish. The machine gives you a finish-cut quality, and each and every mowing tasks that you carry out with this mower gives you satisfactory results. The cut quality of this machine has second to none and is unmatchable. Not many other machines from similar brands are able to give such a smooth finish.


The rough cut mower comes with a 66 in. Side-discharge deck and allows you to cut vast swaths. The best thing about this machine is that it spreads the grass out that helps to avoid the choking of the machine. The cut mower gives an outstanding performance and beats most cut mowers available in the market.

Floating Cutting Deck With Side DischargeTow Bar Is A Bit Short
Electronic Safety Switch




Swisher RC12544BS

Swisher RC12544BS

The Swisher RC12544BS is a perfect Trail cutter and is perfect for handling big mowing jobs. The mowing jobs can be dealt with this machine with extreme convenience. It comes with substantial duty features, and it can help you to do the mowing tasks efficiently. Swisher is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing industry-grade premium rough cut mowers. The machine is backed by the power of 60+ years because the manufacturers have great design experience and can take care of the cutting and mowing job efficiently. This mower has a great design and can reduce mowing and cutting time. It can help you to reduce mowing time and will help you to complete the tasks efficiently. The Swisher Trail cutter can get quickly attaches to your ATV and is also compatible with the lawn tractors if you are looking for an ultimate solution for your mowing tasks then this time saver for large mowing jobs.

Outstanding Features

This model of Swisher comes with a cut brush up to 3 inch in diameter and it can cut other surfaces efficiently. It also comes with two 16 inch pneumatic sealant filled tires that can help you to roll and move the cut mower quickly and efficiently.

Swinging Blades

The Swisher heavy-duty cut mower comes with two heavy-duty swinging blades that can help you to chop off the grass and other surfaces smoothly. The machine has a convenient single-point cutting height adjustment, and it can cut abundant grass with a height up to 4 inch range. If you have heavy-duty tasks to deal with and the bushes and grass are tall and high, this rough mower can be the best option.


The Swisher model comes equipped with a remote operator control console, and you can conveniently operate the machine using the remote operator from a distance. This enhances the safety features and can protect the users from all risks and dangers of getting injured. This feature will let you safely engage in operating the machine. You can also stop the machine from distance and stay safe all through the operation.

Floating Deck

The machine comes with an authentic floating deck that reduces the scalping and allows you to enjoy professional mowing results. This machine works correctly even on tricky terrain and can move smoothly on rough surfaces. The large deck can help you to cut large amount of grass at one time.

Adjustment Handles

The mower comes with a cutting-height adjustment handles that makes the machine easy to control. It makes the right cut and can help you to complete the tasks smoothly and efficiently. The handles have a good grip, and you can hold the machine without any slippage during your operation. The handles can allow you to move and carry the machine from one place to another easily.

Key Starter

This Swisher rough cut mower comes with a handy 12-volt key starter, and starting the machine is the most straightforward task. The universal articulating hitch can attach to any hitch system and will let you mow and maneuver comfortably on every terrain land.

Rear DischargeCutting Down Corn Stalks Is Challenging Using This Mower
Heavy Duty Stump Jumper



Swisher RC18552BS

Swisher RC18552BS

Swisher RC18552BS tow behind cut mower is 52 inches in size and has a powerful engine of 18.5HP. The trail cutter is a perfect choice for doing any big mowing job without any difficulty. Swisher is a prominent brand, and they have been producing rough cut mowers for about 60 years now. The rough cut mower has been designed to reduce the time of mowing, and it will make things very easy for the user. The best thing is that it can attach with ATV or lawn tractor and is the ultimate mower for saving time when it comes to large mowing jobs. The cutter will cut down 3 inches bushes or trees in a matter of few hours. There is a 2 inches ball coupler that will adjust left or right so you can easily navigate the mowing. It comes packed with many accessories like inset, which is 13 x 5 inches. There are six hollow matic tires, which will make the cutter easy to move on tough terrains. The two heavy-duty swinging blades make cutting smooth, and the operation is vibration-free. The cutting height adjustments feature 2.5 – 7 inches so users can adjust it according to the working field’s requirements. The heavy-duty stump jumper has two breakaway swinging blades that will move when you cut trails or bushes. It is a perfect solution for commercial purposes and can also be used to keep the yards clean and neat.

Built For Trail Cutting

Swisher RC rough cut mower built for cutting trails through the woods quite quickly. It will work well if you want to clean fields and ditches, and you will be surprised to see the excellent performance. The mower can cut stems and woody materials that are at least 3 inches in diameter. The jump starter and break away blade feature will help the user cut without making any noise or vibrations. The best quality of the jump starter is that it automatically stops the mower if it hits an unexpected moveable object and protects it from getting damaged. The tires are puncture resistant and made of hollow matic and rubber.

Powerful Engine

The rough cut mower features an 18.5 HP engine with a 12V electrical start system. There is no recoil back up, though, but it still works quite well. There is a good battery required for it to work in the best way. The rough cut mower features throttle controls, ignition, and PTO switch. The remote console mounts are compatible with most of the tow vehicles. You can get closer to fences and buildings while mowing at a fast or slow speed. The tow mower is compatible with an ATV and can even be connected with a lawn tractor.

Steel Cutting Deck

The Swisher rough cut mower has a 52 inches thick welded steel cutting deck. Two heavy-duty stainless steel blades swing right and left for clean cutting. The electric clutch can be used to remove and appropriately engage the blades. The ball coupler ball will adjust left or right and is two inches wide. The four wheels constructed with rubber are durable, and they can slide through any surface without wasting any time.

Remote Operator Control Console

The rough cut mower has a remote operator control console, a unique feature not seen in other mowers. It will give the operator full authority over the mower and adjust the cutting blades into different directions. No matter how big the mowing job is, you can do the task, keeping in mind the deadline for your project. The rugged tires can quickly move onto the rough terrains without damaging the base of the mower.


The rough cut mower is available at an affordable price, but it has got powerful features. It is an ideal pick for significant landscapes that are a golf course or an athletic field. The best quality is that it is easy to maintain, and it is not entirely mechanical either. It doesn’t require any gas or frequent oil changes and can work well with a good battery. The heavy duty construction and stainless steel make it durable.

Perfect For Big & Small Mowing JobsDesign Needs Improvements
Easy To Adjust Blades



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