Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Hills 2022

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

There is a limited number of robotic lawn mowers available In the market; each mower can vary significantly when you consider the cost, acres of mowing, and hill climb grades. The robotic mowers come with innovative features and are perfect for making the hills clean and clear. The innovative features of robotic lawnmowers include GPS technology, anti-collision systems, and Alexa/Google Home connectivity.

Below, are the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Hills, we will be presenting extensive reviews of all of them so that you can have more knowledge about their functionality and performance.

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers For Hills (Comparison)

Robotic Lawn MowerNoise Level 
Husqvarna 315X60 dB(A)

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Gardena R80Li60 dB(A)

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Husqvarna 430X58 dB(A)

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Husqvarna 315X

Husqvarna 315X

Husqvarna is one of the best brands for manufacturing outdoor appliances. It is a Sweden-based brand that offers a variety of robot lawn mowers for hills. They come in different shapes and sizes. The Automower 315X is a high performing and high-end robotic lawn mower that is a feature-packed model. The 315X has excellent functionality and works well with multiple mobile apps. It comes with a well-designed mobile app that can help you to start and stop the machine using your mobile phone. This can be a convenient feature because you don’t have to go out of the way to learn how to use the mower. This can also help you to monitor its progress and see how it has been operating. The app will also let you create schedules that will allow you to set the schedule of operation for the mower. The mower will automatically start operating when the scheduled time begins. The map of your property will allow you to track the lawnmower, and you can find out where the machine is operating right now. Its user-friendly programming options make it perfect for use in the hills. It gives outstanding cutting performance and can make your operation fast and quick. The lawnmower has a quiet operation, which is a great feature because if you are using a machine outdoors, it can disturb a lot of other people as well. The quiet operation feature makes it one of the best machines for use in the hills and your private lawn.

Design & Features

The Automower 315X has a sleek look, and it is a stylish machine that would attract the eye. The machine has a two-tone plastic shroud equipped with slim and classy headlights for operation in the dark. It is also equipped with stylish wheels, and you can take it for an exotic race car. The lawnmower just measures up to 9.8 by 20.0 by 24.8 inches. The weight of the machine is 22.2 pounds, and it has been designed for lawns that are 0.4 acres or less.


The 315X robot lawnmower has an IPX4 weatherproof rating that means that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It can continue working in the rains and snowy weather and still deliver an impressive performance. You can leave it outside without having to worry about it being damaged. However, you must be careful as the 315X doesn’t come with a rain sensor. This could create issues, and the mower will begin charging when it detects rainfall. You will have no issues working with 315X in the rain, but make sure to keep the cutting deck without the wet grass clippings so that the machine delivers proper operation.

Control Panel

The robotic lawn mower by Husqvarna has one hatch that helps you to open up the control panel. The machine has an excellent cutting height adjustment dial and is also designed with a large red Stop button that can help you to stop the machine quickly. The control panel comes with 19 buttons, and the numeric keypad makes it easy to operate. The 2.6-by-1.5-inch color screen shows all the details of the operation.

Cellular Plan

The robotic lawn mower comes with a 10-year cellular plan that will help you connect the mower from a distance. This can be done using the Automower Connect mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

GPS Radio

The in-built GPS radio will inform the mower about the operation and where it has already cut so that the user doesn’t make it go over the same spot. It also uses Google Maps that gives you a satellite view of the cutting activity done previously.

Location TrackingNeed A PIN Security Code To Restart It
Excellent Cutting Performance




Gardena R80Li

Gardena R80Li

Like the commercial planes that can fly by them, there is a variety of self-propelled lawn mowers that can practically get your job done without you making any effort. Who could have imagined that robotic lawn mowers would be manufactured one day and could take care of your lawn so effortlessly? These machines have made things so much easier for people, and one such machine is Gardena R80Li robotic lawnmower. The lawnmower is oval-shaped and can help you to deal with medium-sized cover lawns. It has a cutting width of 17 centimeters. The best thing about the machine is that it can get charged in just 50 minutes, which is impressive because it can save you a lot of time. The charging station of the machine is highly equipped and can recharge the machine to the full quickly. The most impressive feature of this lawn mower is that it can continuously mow for an hour after you charge it once. The run time might get affected by the grass thickness and other things involved. The 4069 lawn mower by Gardena comes with an easy-functioning LCD that has a variety of settings options. It includes a timer, and the pivoting razor blades can help you make precise cuts every time.


The Gardena 4069 gives a clean cut every time, and the operation of the machine is quiet. The machine would not disturb you and your neighbors. It might not be the fastest machine, but it can cover a lot of area in 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, you might need another charge. The device can return to the charging station and can start working again the moment it is charged.

Ease Of Use

The high-tech robot is easy to use. The menu navigation, the installation, and the operation of this mower are easy. The programming of the mower can be done quickly. You might need some assembling and installation, but that is not hard to do.

Cut Quality

The device is perfect for medium-sized yards and hills. The Gardena 4069 comes with high cutting power. The mower has an active operation even on lawns that have obstacles and are involved. The quality of the cut of this device is outstanding. You have to adjust it to the cut level and can sit back to watch the machine precisely cut the grass in your yard. The Sensor Cut System of 4069 can form fine and organized lawn strips and cuts the lawn in an even manner. The device gives the lawn a cross-section and makes the area look clean.

Safety Features

The Gardena 4069 robotic lawn mower has a safe existence and working. It comes with anti-theft protection and alerts the user if someone touches it. It can only run when the user programs it, so you don’t have to worry about the 4069 running on its own.

Safe & Secure To UseNo Rain Sensor
Excellent Cutting ResultComparatively Slow
Easy To Install




Husqvarna 430X

Husqvarna 430X

Husqvarna Automower 430X is a robotic lawn mower that works quietly and efficiently. It will give a better finish than any other mower, and the typical charging time of the mower is about 65 minutes. The sound level measurement is 57 dB (A), and it is massive. The best thing is that it is equipped with GPS navigation, which gives out a very efficient mowing, even the demanding lawn areas. The robotic lawn mower is suitable for areas that are up to 0.8 acres that are 34,000 square feet. The lawnmower can also handle steep slopes with an incline of as much as 45%. The smart technology used in the making of the mower can adapt to the amount of moving with the rate of lawn growth. The mower will help the user spot mowing in areas where the grass is longer, and it can also move through narrow passages quite quickly. There is a large, user-friendly display, but you can also adjust it according to your requirements. Whenever you like to mow the machine, you can use the display to accommodate the settings. There is an Automower kit that is sold separately, and the overall weight of the product is 29.1 pounds. The powerful battery of the Automower has Li-ion battery, and that makes the machine much more durable. It will take care of your yard just like you take care of your family.

Automower Connect

The Husqvarna Automower connects the full control of the mower to the user. You can also check the performance by connecting it with your Smartphone. It will be easy to send stop, start, and park commands through this useful feature. There’s no doubt that it will save your time and effort as well. The Automower Connect doesn’t only receive alarms but can also track the position if the Automower is lost or cannot be found in the house. Adjusting the settings according to your requirement will be accessible when you get data on your Smartphone. The lawn mower is user friendly and you can take it anywhere with you.

LED Headlights

The Automower robotic lawnmower is equipped with LED lights which are efficient and give excellent control even if it is dark. They will give better visibility to the users if they are working at night. The light automatically starts to flash if the machine malfunctions or has some other issues. The battery of the lawnmower is made of Li-on, which is very powerful and sturdy so that it can run for many hours altogether. The mower will help the user spot mowing in areas where the grass is more prolonged, while it can also move through narrow passages quite quickly.

Superior Interaction

The best thing about the robotic Automower is that it is compatible with many applications that are Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You will have to give a command to the speaker, and the voice command will help the mower start working directly. The overall weight of the machine is 29.1 pounds, and the machine is very durable and long-lasting. It can handle steep slopes and move into the most delicate areas.

GPS Navigation

The robotic lawnmower is equipped with GPS navigation and gives you a map of the overall garden. The smart technology can adapt to the amount of mowing according to the growth of the lawn’s rate. You can easily cut the grass no matter how long it is, and the sound level is 57 decibels. The best thing is that you can maintain your yard without doing much hard work. Technology in this mower will make your life easy, and the advanced mowing machine can indeed make your big tasks look easy.


The robotic lawn mower will work efficiently, and the best thing is that the operation is entire. The lawnmower delivers what it promises and gives the user a better outcome than other mowers. The working area capacity is 0.8 acre, which is 34,000 square feet. When the steeps are inclined as much as 4%, it can easily mower through and cut them efficiently. It can work well in every season and will make your life a lot better than before.

GPS NavigationThe Manual Is Not Comprehensive
Compatible With Automower Connect



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