How Much PSI Pressure Washer Is Enough According To Your Needs?

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2020)

As a homeowner, a standard pressure washer will be good enough for cleaning decks, patio, driveways, and pools. If you want a pressure washer for commercial use, then you will require something more. Let’s discuss how much PSI pressure washer is enough according to your needs.

How Often You Will Use The Pressure Washer

If you need a pressure washer for daily use or 100 hours a year, then you should consider buying a commercial appliance. You are advised to purchase a commercial washer only if you are going to use it at least two times in one week. For routine cleaning processes, a less powerful or less expensive washer will suit the needs.

Determine The Tasks For Which You Need A Pressure Washer

For every job, different application and different levels of pressure are required. If you plan to wash your car, then a pressure washer, which delivers 700 PSI, will be quite useful. For cleaning the deck or exterior of the house, you will require a pressure washer that can produce 1500 PSI. If cleaning the driveway is one of your requirements, then 3000 PSI pressure washer will be okay.

Choose Between Electric Or Gas-powered Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are powered by gas, electricity, diesel, or hydraulic power. You may not be aware, but hydraulic power is suitable for mining or agriculture processes. Diesel is required for heavy-duty washers, which are used commercially. A gas-powered pressure washer is a good alternative if you don’t have an electric appliance. No doubt, electric washers will become the most preferred choice for many as it can run smoothly on electric power. If you are cleaning out clogs which don’t forget to disconnect the nozzles first.

Consider If You Need Hot Or Cold Water For The Pressure Washer

Most of the pressure washers that are available in the market require cold water. If you need to use hot water, then it’s better to purchase a washer that has a heating coil as an accessory. If you need to sanitize some of the products, then using hot water will be a better option. The heating coils are designed in such a way that you can quickly put in boiling water inside the washer. Such washers require proper care and will require a lot of fuel to operate in the best form and give the best performance. Look for some additional accessories which can make cleaning easy despite whatever PSI a washer will have.

How Much Pressure Does Each Cleaning Task Takes?

If you learn how much pressure is required for each cleaning process, you will easily buy a suitable washer. The pressure washer PSI comes in various ranges, which goes up to 4000 PSI at the maximum. The cost of the washer will keep increasing as the PSI increases. Usually, a 2000 PSI will wash the tough stains and dirt from cars or motorbikes easily. If you are not a professional, then going for a lower PSI is better because the heavy-duty washers can be handled by experts only.



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