How To Adjust And Use A Rotary Cutter?

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2020)

No matter what type of land you are taking care of, there are giant bushes, rough weeds, or tall grass challenging to handle. There may be a lot of pasture, but handling the tall and wild cross around would be difficult to take care of. The rotary cutter which is mounted with a tractor, can solve all these problems. Controlling the overgrowth of these plants and keeping the pasture neat and clean will become a necessity. If you don’t know how to adjust and use a rotary cutter, things can never be smooth. In this buying guide, we will give you some useful tips regarding a rotary cutter.

Adjusting & Using A Rotary Cutter

Using a grooming mower for cleaning the garden or a field is a thing of the past now. The rotary cutters have taken over as they make the cleaning jobs easy. It is designed in such a way that it can cut rough plant materials. The thick pasture grass and tree saplings with trunks are up to 1-inches (2.5 cm). The cutter has an adjustable height from ½ to nine inches (4-23cm). Once the material is cut, it will be left behind on the surface because the cutter is exceptionally tall and rough, to begin with. The grooming mower is suitable for small tasks, and it gives better results when you use it for the home garden. For commercial purposes, a rotary cutter is more prominent, and it can work well in a pasture.

The 2-quick coupler of the rotary cutter is compatible with a tractor and can be mounted easily. The cutter will offer a width of 4 to 7 feet and are fit or compatible with all the utility tractors. If the tractor has a PTO ranging from 18-90 horsepower (13.4-67.1 kW), you need to determine what size of the cutter will be the right choice. The decision should be based according to the PTO horsepower of the tractor, while the width between the tires outside of the edges should also be checked. The width of the working of the cutter should be vast and compatible with the distance between the outside edges on the tires. The tractor shouldn’t drive over the materials where the cutter is not ready to reach.

Make sure that the cutting blades are sharp enough to balance all the cutting capabilities. You can remove or sharpen the blades according to your convenience, but this isn’t a routine task and should be handled by an expert. When the blades are chipped or worn out, they should be replaced at the right time, and it can cause an accident. The user’s safety is essential, and you should refer to the manufacturer’s manual to deal with such issues. You should know what type of land you are going to work on and move the tree stump or large rock efficiently. If you are cutting tall and thick vegetation take out some time and keep checking the radiator screen of the tractor.



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