How To Maintain Your Pressure Washer In Pristine Condition?

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

Once you have purchased one of the best pressure washers, you will like it to last longer than expected. When we talk to the manufacturers and power washer fanatics, they give out the following tips to maintain the pressure washer in pristine condition.

Get A Pump Protector Product

When you leave water in the pump, it will build up residue and minerals, which will affect the pressure washer and its performance. To protect the pump, you have to buy a pump protector, which gives out an anti-freeze solution. The pump will remain lubricated and won’t build up any corrosion or harmful particles inside. It will also work as an adjustable pressure regulator to maintain your pressure washer for long.

Maintain The Pressure Washer By A Hose Extension

The pressure washers which are used for residential cleaning purposes feature a 25 feet hose. While cleaning the deck, you have to move the appliance from one place to the other. It’s better if you shut down the machine when it’s not in use or being transported. If this doesn’t work for you, then purchase a 50 feet hose extension and keep the washer placed in the same area. The quality of the pressure washer will remain intact when it’s not going to move frequently. The extra hose can handle additional pressure keeping the high intensity for cleaning harsh surfaces. You also need to have proper pressure washer accessories like nozzles, adaptors, general pumps, and a telescoping wand.

Use Detergents Which Are Suitable For Pressure Washer

There are special detergents that are designed for pressure washers exclusively. If you use another type of heavy-duty detergent that contains bleach can destroy the pump. When the pump of the pressure washer doesn’t work, you won’t be able to maintain your pressure washer for a long time.

Pull The Pressure Washer Trigger Gently

If you want to keep your pressure washer in the best of condition for a long time, then you have to be careful. When you turn on the pressure, you have to pull the trigger slowly. Before starting to clean the pump should release a little tension. The engine will become more resistant and will start the machine without any issues. These kinds of tips will work best if you have a gas pressure washer.

The Safety Of The Pressure Washer

You need to take care of the pressure washer safety if you want it to deliver high quality and long-lasting performance. If you place the pressure washer close to the structures, it will be harmful to the machine. It can cause damage in less than two minutes. If you are cleaning the garage floor, make sure you don’t place the gas pressure washer in the garage. You have to keep it at least five feet away from the house. The carbon mono oxide which comes out of the machine can create poisoning if you aren’t careful. You shouldn’t use a firm spray to remove dirt from the windows, as it can cause water damage most extensively.



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