How To Pick The Perfect Tow-Behind Mower?

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2020)

The tow-behind mowers are a perfect choice for cutting rough trails and maintaining large or small plots of land. You can build the field of your dreams, and the mower can complete any task without any problems saving a lot of time and effort. Usually, there are three types of mowers available: gang reel, finish cut, and rough cut. They are designed to meet the needs of many users, and they have to be towed using a riding mower, TV, or UTV. If you want to pick the perfect tow-behind mower, you have to understand the towing vehicle’s capacity as well. You cannot tow more weight than the tractor, or other vehicles are allowed to handle. In this buying guide, we will discuss how to pick the perfect tow-behind mowers.

Rough Cut vs. Finish Cut Tow-behind Mowers

The rough cut mowers are designed to cut thick brush and weeds without any effort. If this isn’t enough, they can even hack different sizes of saplings. On the other hand, Finish cut mowers can cut abundant grass smoothly, and they can also be attached with a garden tractor, which will increase the cutting length. It can reduce the time mowing takes and finish the work according to the deadline you have in mind.

Gang Reel Mowers

Tow-behind reel mowers will be the right choice if you want to mow extensive golf courses, athletic fields, and many other areas with an open range. All of these commercial places require a quality cut, but like most mower types, the gang reel mowers don’t have an engine. It is accessible to tow them from behind by attaching it with a tractor or ATV. It can speed up to four miles per hour, and they are quite easy to maintain as well. They will not require any frequent changes in the oil. The ultra-wide mowers feature 3-7 reels and can stretch up to 11 feet wide. They can handle a large field up to 5 acres of land, and it has been observed that gang reel mowers cut like scissors, and the cuts are immaculate too. However, you cannot cut high grass and weeds with it.

Rough Cut Mowers

If there is a property where a lot of wild grass has overgrown, you will need a trail cutter. The two behind rough cut mowers are also known as trail cutters, and they feature one or two steel cutting blades, which are very sharp. They have got powerful engines and can clear thick brush without any effort.

Finish Cut Mowers

Finish cut mowers are also known as trail mowers, and they can easily mow areas with abundant grass. They have a modern design and look more like lawnmowers. The powerful engines help them work smoothly while they have a large cutting deck too. It will be easy to clear trees shedding twigs or pine cones, and you can cut them into small pieces. You can mow 30-32 acres of land in a day as the cutting width is 5 feet long.



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